Sunday, January 31, 2010

{A Million Miles. . . }

I found myself today rather irritated with my snow bunnies. I was trying to find Mr. Hobbs something for his birthday, my three little shoppers were carrying on like something you'd only see in the movies. . .
They sounded as if they were being tortured. They were "starving" since they haven't eaten in days. . .Their legs ached from walking a "million times" around Kohls. Really? A Million.
After picking up some sort of gourmet grilled cheese (had to be for the price) from Sweet Bay, I felt compelled to pull over.
THEM-I CAN THINK OF SOMEONE BESIDES MYSELF. . . they couldn't get it military chanting style, which is what I was after, but they tried.
Me-Keep saying it until I tell you different.
When I arrived at the intersection of Massard and Zero, I changed the chant. . .
Kids are wonderful, spirited little creatures. So innocent, and honest. But at times the same ole' sinful nature that I have, is evident that it strikes them too. Jesus lives in their heart. So, I know the same devil that attacks me. . .
attacks them too. And I remind myself. He hates my kids. He hates me mothering and teaching my kids. He hates the fact I am trying to raise 3 strong and brave warriors to fight against him. And he is doing all he can to discourage me.
The "chanting" stopped when we reach Gen Darby (I love that street name), and I asked for silence.
I feel disappointed when I know if we were at the movies, birthday party, or ballgame nobody would've been starved, in pain, or miserable.

They just were having to do something they didn't want to do. Something that didn't interest them, or bring the level of excitement they've grown to expect.
Speaking of expect. . .This is what i expect. . .
Philippians 2:4

Do not be interested in your own life,
but be interested in the lives of others.
Philippians 2:4
I fall short everyday.
I make mistakes, and I miss the mark.
I miss opportunities.
I get tired.
I don't have all the answers. And man, sometimes I wish I did.When do you tell them this?
How do you tell them that?
Should I explain this?
How much do they need to know about that?
I pray. And press on.

My hearts desire. . .

To not always please my children, but God.

Keeping my eyes on the prize,


Philippians 2:4 The Message

Put yourself aside, and help others get ahead. Don't be obsessed with getting your own advantage. Forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

{Like a dream. . .}

This snow has really been amazing!
It has brought much fun and excitement with it. . . My little "perfect weather girl", Lily sitting in the car as everyone was sledding around her. She made it for a little bit but was "frozen solid"!

We bought the last sled Yeagers had! They had a couple of wood ones but I am a little frightened by those. Is that the kind you use? I just wasn't to sure about them. Let me know. I'm game.

Clayton & Lauren

Buddy with a twinkle in his eye.
Don't you know this much snow to a kid is like a dream. . .

Friday, January 29, 2010

{Trickin' and Treatin'}

Hey! Ya'll think I died and went on to Hillbilly Heaven? Nah, I'm alright. The end-of-the-month can just be hectic with my work, and all. Nursery Schedule. Say.No.More. Well, other than God loves me. He really does.
So, I go to see Doc Barton, and for the first time in 6/7 months I have gained. I said, "Alright it's time for you to dig deep in that white coat of yers, and pull out some more tricks." He laughed (he really doesn't know how to take me.) He should have me pegged by now. . . just take me as I am. Anyways, he told me this day would come when me body is used to my "trickin'" and it ain't "treatin'" me anymore. . .

"Well, what are my options, besides diet and exercise?" I ask.

Well, blah blah and more blah blah, of course, a little surgery was mentioned. . . of all days I had my mom with me (because I had to have my foot "torched", I'll explain later). . . she nearly passed out (she 1/2's Tylenol), so we didn't talk much more about that. Anyways, it will take 2

months to get the meds out of my system, and then I might could play some more "tricks" on it.

ENUFF about that. . .
Goodness that stuff is just crazy senseless.
Let's talk about things that are easier for me to do. . .
I am going to get my hair cut.
I am going to buy me some rain boots.and. I. might. wear. them. everyday. so what?

I have been lookin' for lodging at Seaside. . . um, well, I am doubting it. um, $1400.00 3 nights, ouch. Does anyone wanna' run on over to that Cherokee Nation and win it big? Anyone?
Oh, relax. . . I'm just kiddin' ya'. I do not gamble. I know what the Good Lord says about it, and he says not to do it (just in case ya' didn't know). I even think those 50/50 drawings at the ballgames are gambling. . . see what I mean. . .
Good news. . .
The ugly protruding vein on my leg, isn't the kind that clots and goes to the heart. No joke. Thank you, Doc for letting me know today.

Interesting news. . .
Text at 1:35 to p/u my kids at 2:00 in snow and ice. Geeez.

Things that make me curious. . .
Teachers did get a choice as to which school they want. . .
Things I have enjoyed recently. . .
Remember When Antiques. Antiques make my heart beat fast. Kinda' like that typewriter up the top. You know my momma told me she passed up one of those at a yard sale last summer for $5. . . Mom, Seriously?
Baths. I love them.
Gospel music channel. This week I have watched documentaries on Sandi Patty, Any Grant, and Micheal W. Smith. You know they all have been through some serious valleys in their lives. I love to hear all of them talk about God's Grace.

And this last tidbit of information is the best of all. . .

When you girls talk about doing "The Shred". . . all I can think about is cheese. I love cheese. Eat it on everything.
Only me.
Love, Tonia
Scenes are from The NEST.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{Oh Hell, I've Gained. . .}

More later. . .

P.S. I figure I can say "Hell" since Ronnie said it from the pulpit once. Do ya'll remember that? He said people use that word loosely like "That scared the hell out of me!" Anyways, that next day in staff meeting we tried to explain to him there is a difference, but I really don't think he thought there was. Therefore, that's my green light to say it. LOL! Oh course, I am just kidding. . .so pardon my french.

{Chocoate Fever}

Clayton had a project in Mrs Walton's class called "chocolate fever". He looked so forward
to this project. They are reading the book, and this assignment went along with it. They were to pick out a wonderful chocolate recipe, and do as much as possible themselves.

I encouraged him to pick out an all chocolate recipe, but he was dead set on doing the Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies. So in lou of crushing his spirit. . . they were a great choice.

I put everything he needed out on the counter, and away he went. He really did do it all by himself. Including egg cracking. He did a wonderful job.

He is very precise. And tidy too. I'm kind-of a messy cook.

I made these cookies around Thanksgiving, and I must admit his were much tastier!

Clayton is really enjoying school this year. I am more than grateful. Especially after last year. No tears, all A's, and is up every morning with no fuss. Miracle.

I love "hands-on projects". I think they really are the best way for kids to learn, especially boys!

Perfectly Golden Brown.

Clayton's Yummy Cookies.

And although the cookies were delicious the best part of this "project" was the way it made Clayton feel.

Good job, Son!

Whats for dinner tonight?