Thursday, November 27, 2008

{Happy Thanksgiving}

Today was a good day. Mr. Hobbs had to work until 3, but we were able to "hold-off" eating until then. It was a wonderful meal. Of course, Mom did everything - minus some simple cookies I made. We all missed Grandma today. I hope all of you had a good day, too.
Love, Tonia

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

{A good day}

I have just been relaxing today. I cleaned up the kitchen and living room, but other than that I watched some T.V. (tried to avoid just watching only FOX), played with the kids, and fixed some good ole' chicken noodle. Everyone is outside raking up a big pile of leaves. I know that is my cue to go take pics and all . . . but I am going to pass and stay in.
Love, Tonia

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

{I am thankful.}

Something I know for sure is that I have so much to be thankful for. As I watch the news I see: Panicked people, hurting people, missing people, poor people, hungry people, homeless people, jobless people, lost people. I could go on.
I am thankful that I am alive. I am a Christian. I have a full stomach. I have a job. I have a warm bed. I have a loving family. I belong to a church. I know where my children are. I have my health.
Thank you, Lord. I am not deserving of all your many blessings.
Enjoy your time this week with your loved ones.

{Get ready . . .}

Get ready guys! It will not disappoint. You will be challenged. You will be stretched. You may even have some days you feel very emotional. It is helpful and very thought provoking. Will you be "friends" with the same people? Will you be so concerned about what you were last week? If you can really buckle down and try your hardest to apply the principles it can be life changing. Love, Tonia
Come join us! Greenwood FBC January 2009!

{Hot off the Press}

I adore the October 2008 issue of Country Living.
I have looked at it over and over. I love the warm colors of brown and amber.
If I could just put all of these lovely things in a jar shake it up and come up with a paint color for the walls, I am going to try. Not Brown, green, or tan. . .something kind-of suede-like. Any ideas?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

{Thank you nice people at fabric store}

I just got home from Fayetteville. I decided to leave Friday eve. and we stayed in hotel with indoor pool for kids! Yippee! Fun! Yippee!
Anyways, i am tired.
I've got good news and bad. I am not at all impressed with Fabric Gallery (Sorry). Fabric - nice. Service - not so nice. Because I needed HELP!! But I found just the perfect store with just the perfect samples of the beds! I cant remember name, and its in the car, and its cold outside. So I'll share later! Just think . . . brown velvet with a monogrammed French Script "H". . . .
Love, Tonia

P. S. I will have to try to zip up to Creative Kitchen and check out the book Shannon is talking about! Top 5 fav store!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

{Mission ~ Headboard}

After much thought I have decided for the new house I want a fabric headboard. I am heading to Fayetteville to the Fabric Gallery just to see these infamous headboards I've heard about. Now, I might change my mind after I see them, but for now that is the goal. Once I have purchased the supplies the "follow through" will be another blog post. . . How hard could it be.

P.S. Whats the matter Phillip? Didn't have anything nice to say about my Christmas tree post. Well, I am sure you could have something to say about Blake L. Right?

{Pretty Christmas Trees}

~I am in the spirit!~

{Small Talk}

Don't ya' think Blake Lively is so cute?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

{Strong and Steady}

Yesterday I had what I will call a "Divine appointment". Those do happen, you know? More than you think. I just needed some comfort. A good listener. A warm wash cloth on a sleepy face. . . so, Thank you God for coming to the rescue.
After a long talk with one of the kindest persons I know. . . and then some quite time for me in my office. . . I was thinking. Actually, meditating on what I know for sure.
The conversation led me to "Day 13" in my book . . .
God allows some sand paper ( people that rub you the wrong way) people and toolshed trials into our lives for one reason: to increase the heat and pressure so we will become stronger. He's much more interested in our character than in our
comfort. Paul (one of my favorite guys) describes the "particle process" this way: "We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials for we know that they are good for us ~ they help us learn to be patient. And patience develops strength of character in us and helps us trust God more each time we use it until finally our hope and faith are strong a steady" (Romans 5:3-4, TLB).
As uncomfortable or unsettling as we may find it, God intentionally places some people in our lives to rub us the wrong way, to smooth the rough edges of our character, so that we're more like Jesus. It's part of His plan to make my character strong and steady, so God allows people and pressure to build my character. Even our critics can teach and help us grow. We should be selective and not absorb all the criticism that comes our way, nor should we categorically dismiss it. Instead I favor the chewing-gum approach to criticism: chew it and spit it out - don't swallow it. Take advantage of criticism by chewing on it, absorbing the 10 percent or so that's valid, learning from it, and then spitting out the other 90 percent. Don't swallow it whole, but allow the flavor of criticism to help you grow.

We may be the only face of Jesus they'll ever see. God wants us to surprise them with His love in ways that only we can.
Love, Tonia

{Relax. Keep your mouth shut!}

After some thoughts of maybe "said to much" on Tuesday my day went like this. . .

~Dressed in the closest thing I could find to PJ'S that I could get by with in public.
~Hot Mocha.
~Tanned (for the 1st time in a decade) ( I am not sure if that was good or bad, but whatever).
~Shopped at antique store.
~P/U Carson.
~Eat Turkey Sandwich.
~Took a nap together.
~Perfect Day.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

{To connect or not to connect?}

Within the last couple of weeks I have had a few people try to re-connect with me.
One whom I have some issues with, One whom doesn't know me very well, but thinks she does, One whom I have completely no control over what so ever.
I have decided one of the stinkiest things is being misunderstood. Okay, after saying all of that I need to say in advance this post probably isn't going to make any sense and probably could be down right weird.
Anyways, I am still reading Crazy Love, but in addition I am reading a book about dying in 30 days and I have just allowed myself to get completely overwhelmed with emotion and feelings. Sometimes making things right is hard. Well, I think all the time making things right is hard. Especially when its so much bigger than us. Way bigger than me! Just pray for me. Pray that God with grant me the wisdom I need to complete these three races with grace. I will no doubt need to pull from my reservoir. Find it in me to be Christlike. I know I can because I have the Holy Spirit. Stuff is just bugging me right now, for lack of better words.
Thought for the day from my book:
Most of us, if we knew we only had one month to live, would live differently. We would be more authentic about who we are and more deliberate about how we spent our time. But such a contrast begs the question: what keeps us from living this way now?
Love, Tonia

Monday, November 17, 2008

{Carsons Room}

I found his bedding at Target. Its the patchwork type ( I am sure you ladies have seen it. . .)with those alphabet sheets. I thought I would have A.L. paint him a sign that says, "C is for Carson". I like that idea.
He has an old iron bed too. It will work . . . I hoooooooope.

{Claytons room}

It is a toss up. . . what do you think?

There was a third choice, the one that was actually on sale, and it seems to have disappeared off the website.

{Oh how I wish. . .}

I have read this blog for years, I was in Kansas City back in the Summer, but I wasn't able to make it the store. Oh how I wish I could have! I have always wanted to! Look at this table!!! I have a thing for tables and chairs. This place setting may take the cake!

This is what Debbie D. (owner of store) said:
Above, the famous 10' zinc covered oyster shucking table from New Orleans I schlepped back from Round Top. All the hurricanes were from a customers wedding I helped with. I had this vision months ago and it is exactly as I had wanted it. The chairs were frantically found over the weekend and the angel wings were a last minute thought of mine as we were setting up. The table and all the wings sold in 12 hours.

{Lilys Room}

Shannons blog was full of decor info! Dont you love that!?! I do! I am not near as inspiring or informative, but I would like to share Lilys bedding for the new house (Rocky says when framers are done in VB they will be here) with you. She has an old iron bed that I am going to paint white. I think it will look nice.

{Thanks Shannon}

After reading Shannon's blog . . . you guys know I LOVE tea towels! I have to have this one! Along with the rack at The Secret Nook . . .

Friday, November 14, 2008

{Phillip & Dr. Nick}

I think it is just wonderful that you two guys have tapped into the Blog World. In your honor I dedicate todays blog to you two. Have a great day!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

{Random Pics of Sweetness}

Carson and our Dog, Tootles
Lily and her bestest friend ever Hiedi Grace!

Sweet Smile!

My oldest sister Carla, Young Sis Deana, Me, My Mom
Enough about me! I am going to see how you all have been.
Love, Tonia

{Celebrate Veterans Day}

Something caught the kids eyes!
Westwood School Annual Veterans Day Assembly

So proud!

Thank you Dad for being a great soldier!

{We broke ground}

Blocks, Sand, and concrete! Yeah!

More to come . . . I will share with you about how Sweet (ha, ha) it is going to be living with my Sweet family in a camper until house is finished!

{Trick or Treat pics in November!}

Fall Fun!
Crazy eyes!

So Sweet!

Trick or Treat!!!!

What is wrong with me!?! It is Thursday! My fingers havent touched a computer to blog since Sunday! Thank you Sherry for asking, it's nice to be missed! Oh I have missed you guys! Lets catch up with some pictures!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

{A good day}

Today was great! It was wonderful to be back at church and see everyone! We went to Popeye's chicken for lunch aka Happy Papa's. . . since that is one of the Mr. Hobbs favorite. I went home took a nap, and it just doesn't get any better than that!
Talk Tomorrow!
Happy Monday, Monday!

Friday, November 7, 2008

{Friday Night Date}

Well, hello sweet computer. Looks like its you and me again. . . .since Mr. Hobbs is at work.
I met A at CiCi's (that place can be really interesting) and swung-in BJ-Maxx (as Buddy says) and then took the trek over to Lavaca to the in-laws. You know, I don't know why I don't go over there more often. They are hilarious. The Mrs. Hobbs has been sewing for Lily. She made some of the sweetest things. I would provide pictures but I have lost yet another memory card. . .

A special thank you to K, M, and S! I found the nicest surprise on my desk from you guys. That was so kind of you all. I will enjoy picking out something from Target. . . what a sweet treat from three sweet friends.

By the way, please don't look at my ROOTS Sunday! Due to all the circumstances in my life lately I have had to cancel 2 hair appts. It is not a pretty site! Just so you wont worry I have yet another appt with A on Wed!
I'll be there with bells on!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

{Oh Dear!}

I guess I better get off the computer . . . Lily, just informed me that her and the boys are going to watch a movie. . . She said, "Mom, I got everybody a blanket and pillow and a bunch of candy for the movie, isn't that great!"
Love, Tonia

{Just around the corner}

These aren't exactly simple Thanksgiving tables, but they sure are pretty to look at.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

{Come What May}

I was snooping around on GodTube and stumbled upon a movie called Come What May . . . it looks very touching and thought provoking. We will have to check it out together. . .

{Get well soon boys}

I am back at work today. I love this place. How many of you can say that?

My to do list reads like this:

~Visit new sweet babies
~Deliver Famous Pizza Barn Pizza
~Send some flowers
~Pray for new moms and dads
~Turn in budget (that was done on time)
~Return phone calls
~Dust Desk

Isn't that great! Well, let me tell you the best part. I can do it all next week (except the praying, of course) because my kids are sick sick!!

Carson-ear infection

Clayton-severe bronchitis bed rest for at least 2 days.

I am thankful for a job that blesses others, but is full of blessings for me too.

Thinking of my Grandma today as I look up to the sky. . .

Love you all, Tonia

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

{So Nice, so peaceful}

At my Grandmothers funeral yesterday she looked so nice and so peaceful. The service I feel was just as she would've had it. No dynamic speakers no dynamic singers, but her old close friends. R. said "She wasn't a fancy lady, but a busy lady." Meaning she wasn't concerned about her appearance she was busy doing for others. He also said something else so true. . . "We all preach our own funeral by the way we live everyday". . . and with that said maybe he was a dynamic speaker after all.
Talk later. I kept my kids home today. I wanted to spend time with them.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

{Funeral time}

Over the past few days I have been helping my mom with the funeral arrangements. Tomorrow is the viewing and Monday will be the funeral.
Talk soon.