Friday, July 31, 2009

{It always starts}

the same ole' way. I drive down with anticipation, to say the least, to find out who teachers and classmates are. I try to put all the pieces together. What will this year be like? What can we do different? What can I do different? Buy school supplies. Buy school clothes.

I don't know. Why do I feel more sad than happy? I am excited, but why do I dread it all in a way too. Is that normal? I am really tired right now. I cant think clearly when I am tired. Not to mention I get emotional. I am just wondering maybe how other moms feel. . . mixed emotions? Is it just me having growing pains? I know some moms are counting down the days until school starts. That is never me. Although, I am blessed to work at a job to where I can always be with my kids, and not worry about the shuffle that summer can cause full time working folks.

You know I am rambling but this is on my heart tonight. You all can pray with me about it. I visited with a mom today from Mansfield. Due to budget crunches I knew they had moved to a 4 day school week. She said those kids are going to be in school from 7 am to 5 pm. Now I am just praying to the good Lord that lady was counting a bus ride home in that time too, but 7 to 5!!!! What planet are these people from? I CANNOT imagine sending my little ones away from sun up to sun down. You know I can honestly say school just wouldn't be worth it to me. To miss breakfast, lunch, and pretty much a good dinner time with my child. I am hoping those aren't the times. Some of you may be way more educated about it than me, if so, I hope you are. But none the less, I want you to say a little prayer for those kids that are in for such a long day away from home. It is a sad reality of how a bottom line has effected the children.

I have been typically posting more than one post at a time. When I was at my sister n laws the other day I noticed you can only see one post at a time. Thus, SW, I think that may be why you miss post? Anyways, if you are bored to tears and have nothing else to do check my older post on occasion to see if you have missed any action. . . it would be a shame, ya' know?

Talk Later.

Love, Tonia

Thursday, July 30, 2009

{Drunk fest}

Yep, I knew that title would get your attention!

Relax, I haven't lost it. . . yet.

Anyways, this Post over here

just made me laugh.

I think that is my idea, too. Whatever a "drunk fest" would be like. . . I bet it would smell bad there to say the least.


Talk Later.



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

{Memory Lane ~ 1st day of Preschool}

Walking down the famous FBC breezeway.

Buddy up early to go with her.

Mrs. Baker pinning on the "Red Apple Name tag".

Talk Later. More memories tomorrow.
Love, Tonia

{Memory Lane ~ 7 years}

Remember this party ladies? It was hotter than blue blazes. Unfortunately that my be all you are able to remember . . .
The old PB chalk board that is used for everything from Birthday parties, Lemonade stands, and Yard sales.

These pics are terribly out of order. This one should be after he dove through the the tube . . . to get the torpedo.

Gift of Goggles. . . we love goggles around here.

Ahhh, here is the pic I was talking about. SW I know my picture quality makes you cringe. . . It is pretty much embarrassing for me.

Sweet cousin Gabe

the Jesus Storybook Bible from N. Walker. Which I enjoy reading. Yep, me. I was telling Rae Deal that on occasion I feel like I just cant grasp the Bible. Especially like older stories etc. She suggested I read Children's Bible Books. Hey it helps. I wanted to increase my overall Bible knowledge. . . you probably, and hopefully, don't have my issues. Anyways, great gift for Clayton and his mom.

Hot Hoops.

This would've been more humorous if I would've got these in the right order. . .but you get my drift.

The girls.

Auntie Misty.

Sweet Cousin Britton.

Miss Lauren.

Cole, Kenny, Clay

Guess who that sweet little guy is. . .Mr. Hud

Ahh, this will be Mr. J soon.
More memories coming up . . .

{Mrs Sherry}

Does July 12 Etsy Store mean anything to ya? No, I am just giving you are very hard time! I am actually being terribly tacky! I just want you to know you are missed!
Love ya'! I hope the painting is going well! I know that is very hard work!

{Miss Becky}

Did you go private? I would love an invitation, if I may invite myself that is?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

{Find Comfort}

Isn't that cool how Mrs. Kelly met one of her blogging friends from abroad. . . that is so fascinating and wonderful to me. . .life happens outside of Greenwood, AR? Isn't that nice to know? I find that very comforting.
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia

I have pics to share. Tonight was my father n laws 60th dinner, and I really don't know what all else I have in the little Kodak but I will talk more tomorrow. I am considering watching a movie?
I have heard mixed reviews about all of these . . .
Revolutionary Road
7 lbs
The Reader

What will it be?
It is 10ish already. Can I even stay awake?

Monday, July 27, 2009

{Browsing around. . .}

Keep it Gypsy. I discovered a few things for my "wish list", "someday list", or "maybe never happening list". . . you know how it goes.

I have this lamp . . .

and this frame. . .

in my bathroom. I would like to have a sign something like this one.

These crosses are so neat.
Mrs. AL is fixing to make a 3-layer Cross Delite (I came up with that name myself!)
Anyways, it will have fabric and paint.
They will be beautiful.

Last but not least. . . I sure would love to have this painted banner in Lily's room. It's dreamy. . . which is just what I am doing. . . dreamin'.
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia
Hope you enjoy all my catch up posts.

{$21 antique store find}

Nana Mary made this wall hanging for Buddy's room.
It is just adorable.
He loves Cars.

Look at these faces.
Who couldn't love them?

As soon as I get a curtain rod, I am going to hang this opposite the TV.

Too many Toys, cute book, and cute cover.

I have been in the market for a tall side table for Buddy.
Found this jewel at the antique store.
Its metal so I can spray paint it any color.
I bought it yellow, and I think I kinda' like it yellow.

I kinda' think I don't want another paint project.

{This is. . .}

how it went down.

You see I have been trying to pick outfits for pictures for about 4 months. . . at least. I found the shirt you see above at TJMaxx. In my size. The only one. The only color. I was loving the fact that it is unique. I was loving the fact I really hadn't seen anything like it.

And then tonight, I went to Wal-Mart. What did I see? A trillion of them! Not just one. Not just one color. Every color in the entire rainbow. In every size. For every shape. That Hannah Montana girl has made a line of clothes and has included my "picture shirt". . .

I am really not sure what else I want to say. . .

Silence. . .

Please try to say something to ease my pain. . .

{"Bird Box"}

If your child has been to my house within the past two weeks they probably returned with a lovely bird box for you. Not a bird house, but bird box as Mr. Hobbs calls them.
I have three adorning my porch.
We have carved. . .

We have cut. . .

We have drew pictures. . .

We have been just as happy as song birds! Enjoy Moms!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

{A Simple Pleasure}

Every time we pass
under this tree covered
Mr. Hobbs says, "This is a little slice of Heaven."

It is a simple pleasure.
Something you might be to busy to even notice.
It's only really great for a short distance. . .

But if you slow down and maybe look up.
It really is a little slice of Heaven.

The big tall trees cover the road providing a shade.
It kind of gives you a feel of being somewhere else. . .away
from the hustle and bustle.

It's here.
Take a road trip.

I am going to rest today. . .
Really rest. . .
as in do nothing. . .
if I can remember how?
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia