Sunday, June 17, 2012

{Snippet of Summer. . . so far}

Am I the only one that has to gasp for air when I see that it is June 17!
Where is time going?
I am so enjoying our summer. The Mr. has been to Arizona, New Mexico,
Texas, Little Rock, and back to Texas. . . I am just enjoying him being home.  I
am not concerned with scheduling trips but just enjoying being home . . . with him in it.

Some of my photos I have shared on instagram, but I oh how I miss my
little blog spot!
I sure have neglected it! 
Baseball has ended and it was super fun! Buddy played pitcher this year.

We took a trip to Branson, Clayton sure thought this Jeep was nice.
He sure is getting older. . . 
I am STILL going to the gym faithfully.  I STILL cant run a mile at once.
BUT, its okay.  I am Better.Faster.Stronger.Everyday. Right?
I love Debbie Fritche too! Love & Adore her.
(Gym Owner) 
I also adore my new sneakers.  Hate to Hate on NIKE, but they sure
arent putting the best shoe out there for running/walking/jogging. . . whatever you can do!!
We took the kiddos to see Avengers.  God sure didnt spare some people in the
imagination department.  Isnt that great? God is so good.
Neat movie, a tad violent, but neat.
Clayton has been to church camp.
He had a great time! And I love when he is able to spend time with his friends.
  I love that they have
a great time but also do service projects. 
(I am glad I wasn't there. . . my nerves. . .) 
The Mr. and I have been to a couple weddings recently.
Great time! 
They looked like babies getting married! I told The Mr. we were
younger!  Bottom line: We are getting OLD. 
I kept kiddos at VBS.
I LOVE being in the classroom with the kids. 
This weekend The Mr. was in Little Rock for work and
we were able to tag along for a banquet.
I loved meeting some of The Mr.'s friends from other
agencies. I love putting a face with a name. Love it. 
(Above photo: Little Rock / Criminal Justice Class) 
(Bass Wedding) 
(VBS Kick-off!!)
(Arkansas Travelers Game: Little Rock) 
Sweet Buddy.  When he heard his Daddy was wearing a tie . . . so was he.
(Yes, I know it is crooked, but HE fixed it. . . so in my eyes. . . its perfect.) 
Boys. Boys. 
Buddy met "A real FBI Secret Agent". Really cool for him. He gave Buddy
some cards and told him to call if he ever needed him. . . Lord, I hope not. 
After a long day at Magic Springs (this past weekend) we ate down on the
water at Lake Hamilton. Oh, how I love the lake . . . ocean. . . water.
Pretty much any kind of water. . . except for ponds. I am really not a pond girl.
(Whatever a "Pond Girl" is?) 
(Love that man.)

Well, pardon the long, out of order, pretty much random post but that is
a Snippet of our Summer so Far!
Back to Little Rock tomorrow to see my sister!
Talk Soon!