Thursday, August 30, 2012

{Me and The Door}

Hello Sweet Friends, my precious mother has been painting her house.
She chose a lovely color called "Outer Banks".  Doesn't surprise me one
bit because I think that is her favorite place on Earth. 
Yesterday she had a little mishap. . . let me just say interior paint on the exterior.
See what I'm sayin'??  Oh.My.Word.  That describes my week to a "T"!!!  C-R-A-Z-Y.
I have felt literal pressure on my chest.  I have been having to do breathing exercises.
I have been clinging to the promises of my dear Lord. . .that soft-back-leather-bound-book that "helps me hang on". . .in lieu of something fruity & frozen. I don't drink. I am dangerous enough as it is.
Alcohol would make me criminal.  I just know it!
Switching gears (slowly and checking all my mirrors). . . I
took this sweet girl yesterday to get her braces off. 
Just girl time. I love girl time with Lily.
  She is such a honey. 
Here we are before. . . 
And look at us now! 
Oh my stars! What a difference.  I am just delighted for her. 
With a turn-out like that you need Chick-fil-A and ice-cream. 
Oh, what a good time we had. 
Today I have been back here. Today was "shop for the best deal" on TVs Day.
I have hunted high and low.
Went to stores. . .
I bought online. Done. 
Hopefully in route soon. I grabbed a 40" online. Why do 32"?
Go big or Go home.  .  .Speaking of home. . .
This week during all my "Life Experiences" that have caused me to want to hide
 I dug up a book I read once.  This is what it said,

When Satan, the World, and your own hurt feelings say, "Stay at home; it ain't worth it!"
God has a better plan: Just show up.  That's what the faithful do.  They keep showing up.

That is me.
Keeping on Keeping on.

Today is my Sweet Baby Boys Birthday!
Happy 7 Son!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{School is Cool}

Hello! The opening of our new 2 year old wing at church is coming along! I am
so thankful we have been able to do this!  2's turning 3 are very unique creatures.
They are too old for nursery. . . but yet not quite old enough for preschool.
This space is going to be just for them! Perfect.
Angela L. helped me pick out the perfect yellow for our "Big City"
and we are getting closer and closer to being finished! Whew! 
The kiddos first day of school was a success.
Lily- Mrs. Hale
Clayton-Mrs. Cumbie
Carson-Mrs. Amy Barker
All fabulous teachers! 
Clayton catches the shuttle bus at North Main at around 7:25 then
I take Lily and Buddy to Westwood.
Its working out great! 
Carson big 1st Grader! 
Clayton 6th grade.  Where did my baby boy go??
Lily 4th grade!  
The first day they all went but the 2nd day was "girls only", so
I was able to spend the day with Buddy. 
He rode the trail with me while I walked.
Just like old times. . . Me & Buddy. 
Little Boy doing Little Boy things. 
Football is going great! Clayton is playing "Safety". . . I think.
He seems to be having fun!
Our team is doing well together. . . I think.
The Mr. does most of the football action. 
Cheer! I love Cheer!
It has been so much fun for me and Sis!
She is having to work really hard since we
didn't cheer last year, but a little hard work never
hurt anyone. 
Kick-Off was Monday Night and they performed their dance
and she did really great! 
Friends. Sweet Friends.

Talk More Soon!
Have a great day!
Go Dogs Go!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

{1st, 4th, & 6th}

Tomorrow is the first day of school.
Clayton will ride the shuttle bus.
Lily & Carson will get shuttled by me.
Here we go. . .

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

{Pinterest Homes}

I cant get enough of these two houses.

{Dear Age 12,}

I recently tried another Pinterest recipe.  Delish' I must say. Mexican Pizzas.
Fun little treat at the Sugar Shack. 
I guess "Poop" is a big deal?
I will stick with my Pina Colada.
I past this chair up at TJ's. . . I am not sure if I should have.
Its haunting me. I really do like. 
The Mr. took me to the JennyLind Auction on Friday Night.
Hands down best date EVER.
(minus a Nicholas Sparks Movie)
I was in my element!
I see the importance of pre-shopping. It is seriously crowded so if you go
early in the day you can see what you are bidding on.
Clayton getting his Physical for FASDOGS.
Which he loved.
Got the t-shirt (very important). 
Dear Age 12, where is my sweet smiley easy going boy?
Please return him immediately.
Little Miss Lily is cheering this year. Here we are a
cheer camp in the Old Rock Gym. . .it was 105 in there.
Lily is yellow shirt, 2nd row, hands on her hips girl!
Lord help me! 
I am not sure about "cheer world".
I will let you know when I get in a little deeper.
Talk Soon.
Love, Tonia

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I think I might be a slob.
Its that. . . or I live with pigs?
Do you ever worry about dying and having a house full of people.
And they see. . . the real you.
Hey, come before I die . . .if you don't like surprises.
(Now I know I wouldn't care because I will be in Heaven praising the Lord, but. . .
the thought has crossed my mind.. .)
Its really nothing but my closet. Clothes just everywhere.  Piles. No order.
Well, its not my closet. Its my living room and kitchen too.
Piles of laundry on the couch.
(in addition to what is folded from the other night).
Do your kitchen counters stay covered in mail? Papers?
Kids are home from camp.  Lily's suitcase looked perfectly packed when she arrived home.  She
was wearing the same skirt she left in. . . mmmm?  She swears she changed her clothes.  Who knows?
Buddy's was wet, gross, and crammed in.  Just like a little camper suitcase should look like.
I am glad my little campers are home.
Dear Chick fil A, I tried.  My gas light came on. . . while I was in the turn lane on Rogers.
No doubt. I would've never made it.  I am so the type that would've waited 2 hours, but
The Mr. was starving and waiting for me. I hope eating there yesterday counts for something.
I sure do have alot of liberal friends on fb. Who knew? Hey, I love ya'. I just don't agree with you.
Listen people, you cant argue with the Bible.
Who cares what I think. Or any other Tom Dick or Harry for that matter.
The Bible is true.
I hear much about how Jesus Loves Me. . .   and You are correct.
Jesus does love you. He loves you more than you can comprehend.
He hates sin.
That's the kicker.
Sometimes we don't make that connection.
Have y'all ever heard of a DIPTHONG? I recently called myself one.
My friend said she had never heard of such. . . well, come to think of it. Neither had I.
I think what I meant to say was DIPSTICK.
But DIPTHONG is highly effective for idiot behavior.
Which I have on a regular basis. So, if you are looking to name the idiot in your life. . .
I googled it. I am not spelling it correctly, but my spelling is better.
It actually has something to do with vowels.
So now we know.
I am in the market for a hutch for my kitchen.
Do I have room? No. It will be absolutely miserable during the holidays.
But it will look good.
Are you guys going to brave tax free weekend?
Me? Perhaps in the wee hours of the morning.
2 things I don't do well . . .
I am a lover of a good deal, but not a fighter for one.
My little Camper Lily needs a bath, teeth brushing, and a bed.
My little Camper Carson needs the same.
My little Clayton is at Secret Church. . .The Mr. said, "Are they teaching kids to run from the police?"
Bless his Heart.

Talk Later.
Love, Tonia