Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{Doing TJ in the Heat.}

No phone calls from camp.
I am not sure whether to be glad or sad.
More glad, I suppose.
My Bible Study was cancelled due to my sweet friend being ill.
So, I went to the gym.
Like everyday.
Then I decided to do a little TJ.
I bought nothing.
Except a pump soap for my bathroom.  Boring, I know.
But on occasion I go there and see absolutely nothing I cant live without.
I can almost be certain the next time I go. . .I will want (need, of course) everything I see.
That's the way TJ works. Its just a Crazy Good Store that way.
Had some Chic fil A.  Love.
I also love the fact that Mr. Chic fil A took a stand. . . and didn't later apologize.
That's seems to be the new norm.
State what you believe.
Tick People off.
Apologize the next morning.
No apology needed Mr. Chick fil A.
And to celebrate I had fries instead of fruit.
I considered doing a Facebook Police Post . . . but I changed my mind.
You know that's what I do.
I see things that should be criminal, raise an eyebrow, say nothing, and continue to scroll.
A recent status stating something to the effect of "getting my conceal and carry license today!!"
 . . .pretty much cracked me up. I wouldn't exactly call that announcement "concealed". 
If I am toting a weapon. You wont know.
And neither will anyone else.
Thus.The.Name. Conceal and Carry. 
Gun Giddy Girls make me nervous. Boys too, for that matter.
Arent the Olympics great?  I love them. 
The Mr. is going back to college. . .did y'all know? No? Dont feel bad. Neither did I.
Surprise! Full Load. Starts August 20 something.
I mean. . . he did mention it . . a time or two . . .but today he mentioned books and money.
So its real!
I am ready for FALL. This weather makes me cranky.  Everything is hot. 
I will be happy when I drive by Sharums and see mums and pumpkins.
My little Lily has cheer camp this Saturday.
My little Buddy has a birthday party this Friday night.
My little Clayton will get a T Shirt and a hose off from our local fire dept on Thurs.
Good Times.
Summer is rolling . . .on . . .by. . .

Talk Later.

Monday, July 30, 2012

{My Months, Weeks, Days, Hours. . .}

I put two of my babies on a bus to church camp today. I really hope my baby boy is sound asleep right now.
I miss them already.
I have done some back to school shopping.
No school supplies. . . yet.  I cant get motivated to even look at the list.
I have been a busy bee with my work.
I am tired.
We took a short little trip to Branson Saturday.
I really like to shop at that Tanger Outlet.
I had the best meal of my life at Olive Garden last week.
I was super hungry.
I have been swimming. Love.
All the laundry on my couch is folded.
It will remain on the couch for a bit.
Its not hurting anyone.
I switched from Tide to Gain.
I will go back, but I like the smell of Gain at the moment.
Doing a White Load as I peck. White Loads are my most favorite.
Clean White T Shirts. Love.
FasDogs. Almost over.  Clayton has loved it. Good Choice. Football practice. . .is here.
Bible Study Tomorrow.
Flowers on the porch are growing just lovely.
Lily gets her braces off next month.
The Mr. had a root canal the other day.
I bought a desk.
I am ready for The Lucky One to come out on DVD. August 29th? 28? btw.
I am in love with Yogurt.
My little Lily looks like a young lady.
My litte Clayton is a pre teen. no doubt.
My little Carson is going to be in the 1st grade. . .he has only wore a cape 1 time this summer.
I remember the day. Super Hero Days are just about a thing of the past at this house.
It is a sad day.
Time for bed.
This post needs pictures.  I have one for almost every snippet.
Maybe later. . .
Talk more soon.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

{Just tell them.}

Hello my Sweets! Summer is inching closer to being over. . .
(Pardon the photo quality. . .)
We celebrated our End of Season with some swimming. . .
and cookie cake, thus the face.
We have been "dog-sitting" these past couple of weeks.
Okay, I just thought I was a good mom.  All you moms out there that allow
your kiddos to have dogs. . .y'all are the real deal. Me. No.
I love the idea of having a dog. BUT. . .they are crazy insane work.
So here is KUDDOS to all my dog ownin' moms.
This past week was Art Camp.  These two had an absolute blast.
Kids Art. One of my most favorite things. Now. . .if I only had it displayed in my house.
Miss Lily  headed to an American Girl Birthday Party
this weekend.  Her and McKenna had a great time!
Mr. Clayton is doing FASDOGS. He wasnt going to but
after a rush morning change of plans. . . he was signed up.
Let me just say what I am sure all you good mothers already know. . .

Kids dont always need options.
They just need told.

Have a great week!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

{Just what I needed to hear.}

A friend sent me this today for encouragment, and I am so glad she did. . .

Isaiah 50:7

The Lord and King helps me

He won’t let me be dishonored

So I’ve made up my mind to keep on serving Him

Sunday, July 1, 2012

{Dreamy Love.}

On a recent trip to CV's I stumbled upon Blue Bell
Lily asked what that meant. . .
I said in my best southern accent,
"Oh Sugar, you come on in here and sit a spell a'while we
catch up.  I am going to fix us some sweet tea. Can you stay
the night? We would love to have you! Why, I am
going to put on a pot of beans and cornbread! You stay!
You stay as long as you want! We are so glad you are here!"

Lily laughed & laughed!
I ate & ate the ice cream!
Dreamy, Love. Just Dreamy.