Thursday, October 31, 2013

{Trick or Treat Day}

 My kids are looking forward to tonight!

 Buddy has a class party!
(My mantel picture is a little blah, but it does look 
super creepy at night! Pardon the DVD player. . .real life happens here)
 Sis gets to pass out candy!
And Clayton. . . he will have to wait till after school for all his fun!
He is growing up, but he still bought a mask for tonight.
Stay tuned to see my SWAT team member, witch, and Mitt Romney!
Fun Times!
Happy Halloween!
Enjoy the fellowship. . . and chocolate!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

{Spooky Week}

I am having loads of fun with this "web" stuff!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


 I need all these wonderful reminders and suggestions!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

{Made to Crave}

This past Monday we finished up our Made to Crave Bible Study.
  Remind me again why I did a Bible Study on food?
 No. . . I'm just joking. . . sorta.  
I like to think of myself as an encouraging person. . . but when the precious ladies started voicing their food issues. . .I didn't feel like a very good cheerleader (and I certainly don't look like one)!
  I do not binge or extremely over eat.
  Really I didn't feel like I had a "food issue" at all. . . until I started making the spiritual connection. 
(Yes you can think it. . .D-E-N-I-A-L. . . just don't say it).
So. . .  I found myself in that chapter. 
 Do I prayerfully consider everything I eat, and count the cost?
Do I crave God more than I crave food?  
Oh gee, I never thought of that. 
I just eat what I wanna.
Where I wanna.
How much I wanna.
Did I just say I didn't think I had a food problem? Bless my heart.
It is my hearts desire to pursue holiness.
What is the main ingredient a person needs in order to be successful in anyway? 
So, if I can discipline myself in all other aspects of my life, including my tongue, why should food be any different?
 I just NEVER thought of it. . . 
now to choose to pray instead of eating cupcake. . . I am not sure I am even there yet. . . but I am certain that "food discipline" is defiantly a key ingredient in my pursuit of being who God wants me to be.

See why this Bible Study was such a challenge?

Have you read this book?

(These photos are from #madetocrave on IG)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

{Just for FUN!}

Can you believe it?  I changed my blog template! I held on . . . for years! I am enjoying this "seasons" thing!

{The Lost Pumpkin}

Somewhere between mold growing, rock candy trying, strep throat, stomach virus, and . . . life. . . this little pumpkin project for Buddy was lost in the shuffle.  The above little pumpkin you see was turned into the cutest little Skippyjon Jones you have ever seen!  And I will do my best to get a picture of the "after" but it was due the same morning as the "Earring Scare".

Clayton is feeling better today! Praise the Lord!  This morning he said, "Mom, will you take me to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte and drive around?"  I die. He is my son. . . for sure.  I was able to get my "Real Estate Fix" this morning.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

{The BUG}

 The day hasn't started
 out so great for my
 Clayton. He has the
stomach virus. . .
 in the worst kind-of 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

{One Day at a Time Sweet Jesus}

 Today this girl 
 said her earrings had been hurting her for weeks. . .
( I am not sure if I blogged about this "special day", but I waited until Lily was
10 before I let her get her ears pierced! Summer of 2013! Fun times!)
after examination (on the way out the door for school). . . I was stopped dead in my tracks. . .
those dang things had grown into the backs of her ears!
I worked. . . I quit.
The Mr. worked. . . made it further than I did.
Ultimately we landed at Dr. Whites Office.
Minor "surgery" as Lily calls it.
Antibiotic Ointment.
7 days of antibiotics.

We are going to live.
Praise the Lord!
One day at a time sweet Jesus.
One day at a time.

{Girls Just Wanna Have Fun}

 This past weekend both Sis and Clayton were invited to a huge double fun 13th birthday party!
Is was a "food drive" for The Thanksgiving Tree at our church also.  
 Sis wanted to go.
 Clayton decided he would pass this time.
Sis is the most fun-loving-outgoing-fireball!
  She lives up to the song, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!"

Monday, October 14, 2013

{Saturday Science Girls}

 Well, sure enough, I dumped those rock crystals that didn't exist.  Actually the only thing
 that grew in those mason jars was mold . . . it was floating on top of the "sugar water" that never sugared!
 Even though Lily had a friend sleep over, after breakfast we had to break out our brains.
 We decided on "Why doesn't ocean water freeze"?
 She worked her little heart out.
 And thank the heavens above it worked. . .
Whew! She carried it into the school building today! Done. Complete. I hope.
We will see today at pick up. . .cliffhanger. . .

Friday, October 11, 2013


Meet Romey. 
 Romey (pronounced ROME-E) is Tootles partner in crime that lives at the kiddos aunts house.
  (Toodles was our dog. . .until I decided having a dog just looks good in magazines. . . it is a complete facade. . .thus the adoption to Aunt DeAnna took place. . . bless her heart). 

 Thought I would share all his cuteness with you on this Happy Friday!

My boys are heading to the woods. . . perhaps some antiquing for the girls. . . and a new Science Fair Project.
Still yet. . . not even one glimmer of a crystal.  I die.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

{over the door}

 Sis, of course, was the first one to notice the new addition to the fridge.  Are girls not so observant?  I mean, women in general.  I notice everything.  I hear everything.  I see everything.  Its crazy.  Its a shame a woman can never rest the brain! No wonder I am crazy. . . 
 As you can see it was a big hit! Chores!!
 Funny thing is. . . it is things they do anyway. . . just something about seeing it in ink. . .
 really sealed the deal.
 This girl is silly!
 Silly Lily.
Little do they know. . . these little hooks with wet towels hanging on them just might save their lives.

(FYI Still no crystals this morning. . .)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

{Home Management}

 Good Morning!
 I have spent my morning doing a little "Home Management".  Have I ever shared that I feel like my house runs more smoothly and is more harmonious when its . . . clean?  Not to mention a clean house is one of my husbands most favorite things. . . ahem. . . I do good. . .in spurts.  The house will be clean for say. . . oh. . . 3 days (max). . . and then. . . 2 weeks . . . of . . . oh. . . ahem. . . destruction?? My kiddos have always helped out around the house, but I am kinda' tired of repeating myself (you think?? after 10 years??).  So this morning, thanks to a frame, magnetic strip, and Publisher. . .TA-DA! Chore Chart. Complete with Colossians 3:23, of course.
 Could a day go by without thinking of growing crystals that aren't growing. . . no.  I think it might be time to switch projects a couple of days before the due date. . . shall we? This has not been good for my self esteem since this was supposed to be "one of the most simple" projects.  Any Science Fair ideas for this mom?
 I have added a tad more Halloween here and there. . . 
 Who could live without glitter bat garland? 
and a sparkly web?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

{On the planet. Ever.}

Lets catch up on these kiddos. . .
  Lily is doing great in school. 5th Grade! She seems to be having a great year. Lily is a social butterfly!  She is in to every project and extra activity at school she can get her hands on!  She made a great grade on the animal cell.  She has now moved onto a Science Fair Project. . . it is going to push me over the edge.  I encouraged her to pick out something fairly simple.  We chose to grow candy rock crystals. . . the only problem is. . . they aren't growing.  I am trying to block it out of my mind, but I find all throughout the day I am worrying about whether or not I have crystals growing in my kitchen.  She is taking tumbling on Mondays (She had to choose between Pitbull Cheer or tumbling) (One activity at a time. . .my sanity is important).  This has been a great experience.  She is building much confidence too!  Life is good in Lily's little world . . .
 Clayton is growing and changing so rapidly I am trying to remain full of joy and enjoy every moment!!!  I have recently encountered a few "instances" that have caught me slightly off guard, but we are cruising on through these days with grace. . . honestly, much grace.  This week I have talked to 3 (THREE) Godly mothers that have "been there and done that".  I love advice.  I love listening.  I love hearing what might work or what might blow up in your face! Thought I would lighten things up!  Clayton is a great kid, and is doing great in school. 7th Grade! He didn't start off real optimistic about school, but as the year is speeding by us he is really having a great year. . . as long as I pack his lunch, and he has an insane amount of credit on his "Snack Cart Account".  I love it! The boy likes to eat!  He is loving Ministry 412 at our church.  The photo above is their recent Heart Balloon Creation.  Clayton is loving football.  We have games every Tuesday Eve.  Today! Game Day!  
And then there's Buddy. . . who could possibly resist this blonde-haired-cotton-top-baby???
Buddy is doing great! He loves loves his teacher, Mrs. Langley.  2nd Grade!  He writes his spelling words three times to study every week like a champ! He always aces his test too!  He loves playing football and has managed not to break his neck on the roller blades he was gifted for his birthday.  And the best news of all I have to share . . . every so often I still catch him in a cape!

Isn't being Mom great?
It is my most favorite thing to do on the planet. Ever.