Saturday, July 31, 2010

{When I get well}

I am excited to see this.

{I am just way weird}

Hello Friends.
I wish I had much great news to report. . . but actually, not so much.
I realized this week I am just as stubborn as my mother about not going to the doctor when needed. in.
a. little.
of. this
leftover from another illness. or. worse. someone elses illness.
I have done that for 2 weeks
and landed me nowhere else today
(technically yesterday, I am just up at 12:45 am)
but at the Dr office and bed. .
Strep Throat.
Pink Eye.
No joke!
What a nut ball! (Junie B. Jones word ~Love.)
Enough already about illness, I am a magazine lover.
Been a bit since I loved, loved a copy, actually I can recall, it was the
October 2009 of Country Living.
Adored it.
Still have it tucked away for rainy day browsing.
But Martha won a prize, in my book this month.
The Cover Alone is amazing.
I hung my Bulldog Flag to Celebrate. . . Back to School Time. Which isn't exactly
a celebration, but more like reality.
But I love Celebrations, so celebrate it is!
Celebrate new teachers.
Celebrate the coming of Fall {Pumpkins, of course}
and. for. certain.
to. celebrate.
freshly sharpened pencils.
Last but not least, Buddy captured this picture of me
starting the boat.
I think he was impressed with my driving.
I can throw folks from a tube like nobodies business.
As a matter of fact,
I enjoy it greatly.

Well, back to bed.
You might want to stay away from Maple Street.

Have you ever heard of anybody in history have all that at the same time???
I am just way weird.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{July 4th on July 28th}

How could it be I didn't share all this smokey fun?
I like sparklers.
I like those pull-string confetti popper deals.
But that's about it. . .
The kids were proud of their car, boat, and tank.
Does that car really say "Big Spender"?
Sure does.
Clayton pretending to be
The Statue of Liberty. . . Hilariously funny to me!
This was before he went down with a
burn to the nose. . .
Goodness Gracious.
aLWaYS aN aDVENture.

{Pink Rollers ~ 10 Spur}

Warning: I might have already posted this post.
Just sayin'. Cant remember. . . and I have a no looking back policy.
I bought Lily some of those fab pink sponge rollers.

She caught a 10 Spur t-shirt that was thrown at the 4th of July Celebration.
My husband wanted to buy a tractor for 2 weeks after we listened to them.
True Story.

Monday, July 26, 2010

{Wedding Bells}

Missing my sweet-e heart friend Leesha. She is in
sunny CA for the next couple of weeks. Getting ready for the BIG DAY!
I helped host her wedding shower.
It was just too sweet.
Above is her Mom and John-Davids Mom.
Claire is a HOOT.
This was my sweet hostess gift.
I am not sure about this picture, my head is tilted. . .
way strange, but it's all I got.
She loved her sign from A. Lensing!! I do too!
Cake was yummy!
Best Wishes!
Sept 4!

{T-Towel Talk}

I am not sure why this says "Fort Smith" . . .
should say "Greenwood". . .
fo sho.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

{Heaven ~ Cookies ~ Seaside ~ Sweet T}

Well, this is it. This is the book I was referring to. After a stack of parenting books and
some Francis Chan (my hero), I finally got it started.
I am on Ch 8, and can't encourage you enough to read this.
I may need a few highlighters before I reach the end, but you know how sometimes I refer to people that are "hard to love" or "how we are all God's creation, regardless of what our little pea brains think of them."???
This line struck me:
We need a generation of heavenly minded people who see human beings and the earth itself not simply as they are, but as God intends them to be.
Gotta.Love.That.My. Friends.
Speaking of friends. . ..

I have needed some cheer.
I have felt horrible the last couple of days.
And some of my friends have delivered me some "cheer" right to my doorstep.
Food for My Soul, Mind, and Body. . .
Precious little sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies prepared by
the hands of a precious Christian Woman (movie line, did you catch it?)
I have a special little place in my heart for Seaside, FL.
and my friends have been down this week. . .
They brought me a couple of treasures.
Another dear friend brought me this amazing mug. . .
she said it was for my "Sweet Tea".
My lands, I love these people.
My Sweet Tea will even taste better in my "T Cup".
Friendship is a little slice of Heaven. . .
What does the book say?
There is a chapter devoted to it. . .
Ch 35
Will There be Marriage, Families, and Friendships?
Heaven won't be without families but will be one big family, in which all family members are friends and all friends are family members.
Every time we see someone it will be a family reunion.
Now I don't know about you. . .
but that sounds like Heaven.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

{Pepto Please? Lean over. . .Sit. . . Who knows?}

This weekend . . . Bummer. I feel s-i-c-k.

Actually been going on since Thursday? I think.

My sister should be at my house.

She is at Mom's.

Trying to escape my. . . bug?

I am praying tomorrow I will be o' top my game. . . church. . .
Anyways, at top=my kind of baseball. Front Yard. No Pressure. Game ends when I call it.
And the rest. . .
Eye Candy from
some of my
recent travels.
Talk Later.
Remind me to tell you what I am praying about, and what I am reading.
Has a book ever given you. . .
All. at. the. same. time????
Must Read.

Friday, July 23, 2010

{Sun Up to Sun Down}

Cruising in
after a long day
way too
fun.We play Sun Up
Sun Down.