Monday, April 29, 2013

{The BIG Spring Clean}

I had lots of help...but I am one tired girl.

Friday, April 26, 2013

{My day. . . }

consisted of furniture moving, carpet cleaning, and buying a stock pile of cleaning supplies! I am all ready for The BIG Spring Clean scheduled for Monday! Our church nursery is going to be squeaky clean!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

{Cute & Lovely & A Word from Charles}

Look what graced the cover of my Florida Magazine this month, is he just cute?
This was one of the "snacks" that was brought to Unglued over the course of our 6 weeks, isn't it just lovely?
(it reminds me so much of Gods Goodness!)

God is looking for imperfect men and women who have learned to walk in moment-by-moment dependence on the Holy Spirit. Christians who have come to terms with their inadequacies, fears, and failures. Believers who have become discontent with ‘surviving’ and have taken the time to investigate everything God has to offer in this life.Charles Stanley

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Do y'all Shazam??? Its so fun! I hear songs all the time and I have complete memory block!
So you just Shazam it and after it listens for a moment it "Shazams!!!"
 It takes you straight to iTunes so if you want to buy it you can!
I have a hat on the way (of course!)!!  And I die when I see these shirts!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Go read here! What a wonderful thing to do!Buy a Cup for a Cop from Somewhere Splendid via the TomKat Studio.

Monday, April 22, 2013

{Jesus Loves You!}

Okay, first things first on this Monday morning. . . MY BANGS! They are finally growing out (so are my roots but who cares?!??)  I had no idea it would be like watching mold grow waiting for these things to be past my brows (that need waxed. . . everyday).
To those of you coming to my Bible Study I think I might have figured out something that might make me a tad jealous. . . husbands that like to take pictures. . . or even those that are willing to pretend.  Mine is neither. . . but he is a bundle of other good things so I wont allow myself to completely fall into that pit of sin. . .so instead of a picture of my husband gazing at me across the table (in complete adoration, no doubt) at Red Lobster I have a photo of a lantern.
  But I will say, I adore this lantern. So I am okay.
The Symphony was amazing. 
The Symphony seemed a tad proper for my taste.
You don't exactly snap photos at The Symphony. . . so this is intermission.
(You don't dig in your purse for a mint either. . .)
The Symphony sounds absolutely beautiful.  I thought of Heaven.  I really did. And if they would've been wearing white instead of black they really had a chance at being "angelic". 
Everyone should experience The Symphony at least once.
They Symphony ended at 9:35. . . and guess what started at 9:35 . . .

Safe Haven. (its at the Cheap Movie!  Run! Go!!)
We booked it there and made it just in time . . . to see it. . . again!!
This canoe scene is one of my most favs. . . not to mention he has an Old Town.  Dreamy.

As you saw on IG my frig is stocked for the week.  I made it 60 minutes today already!
Thank you Lord! AND I don't feel like I need to go to bed. Amazing.

My latest thing. . . monograms.
I want them on everything!
Anything!   I am fixing to be in full force monogram mode! Be ready!

Tonight is my last Bible Study night. . .it is also my sons 2nd ballgame! Is that not just a trip!
I am going to miss meeting with these ladies every Monday! I am so thankful I had the opportunity to lead and teach. . . what little bit I know!
I do know that Jesus loves me AND he loves you too!

Friday, April 19, 2013

{Elliptical Endeavors}

 We are always cleaning the nursery, but this year I am making it an EVENT! The BIG Spring Clean! I know its probably very strange to you I am excited about such a thing.  But I love clean! We are partnering with our Youth so I am thrilled to have so much help!

Today was sort of an "off day" for me. . . all I want to do is sleep!  I think the 60 minutes a day on the elliptical is kicking my tail!  I have been dragging!  I definitely needed to get groceries today, but I was completely unmotivated. . .
I have been staying glued to the news (all hours of day and night) and then when I get in my car I turn on talk radio. . .
I stay on information overload. . .this weeks events have been so sad. . . 
Flags are flying half-staff everywhere you go. . .
I was on my way to Harps but just decided to put it off. . . 
Have you been in this store??
Or this one across the parking lot?
It is a very interesting collection of things. . .
at times I was thinking this is great. . . 
look at this cute puppy. . . 
loved this. . .
but then there were other times I thought. . . am I in the twilight zone?
I am! I am in the twilight zone. . . 
See what I mean?
I finally made it to Harps. . . as much as I love this store. . . I still had to force myself to go!
Do you ever have to force yourself to go to the grocery store?
Its like I have to be in a certain mood. . .
As they were slicing my lunch meat I snapped photos in the bakery! lol!
I managed to get enough things for the weekend!  I walked through the store like a zombie!
I think those peach-e, orange-e, and pink-e flowers are so pretty!
Here is a close-up!
I will keep you posted on my Elliptical Endeavors. . . so far for every 60 min, I require a 2 hour nap!

The Mr. and I are going to the symphony this weekend. . . this is a first! 
I will let you know how it goes!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

{Simple and Fresh}

My pictures really aren't so great. . . but maybe you can get the gist. . .

I added a lamp with a blue tinted glass. . .

Shower curtain that I simply adore. . . $14.99! TJ MAXX.
Basket of Books. . . adore.
The dogs have been replaced with  my sweet wood boat from Fairhope, AL.
Its very simple and fresh. . .not exactly clean. . . so I better go get busy!

{Tucking these things Away. . .for now. . .}

The dogs have been tucked away in the top of the cabinet . . .

I took down the shower curtain. . .

The books have been moved to a new home. . .
And these things are sitting on the floor in the hall . . .
I have brought a little beach to the kids bathroom. . .
Stay tuned!
Love, Tonia

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

{Craft Girl}

My little Lily took the suggestion to recycle magazines, in this case Entertainment Ft. Smith, by making a coaster or a bowl. She is almost to the "Modge Podge Stage" so I will keep you posted!  She received her final grade on her "Tea Staining" project and her teacher wrote on her A "Just Lovely".  Isn't that lovely??
(Oh yes, pardon my living room. . . it is in complete disarray)

Monday, April 15, 2013


Today after school the kids had a ball throwing "helicopters" in the air!

Clayton still isn't feeling so great after his bike wreck (which I failed to mention)! I stocked back up on my medical supplies for him this afternoon.

Tonight is Bible Study and Ballgames! Talk Tomorrow!!