Tuesday, December 10, 2013

{Coffee Delight Heaven}

Lily and I spent SEVERAL hours
watched SEVERAL Hallmark movies 
while we made SEVERAL
coffee filter flowers. 
 I just had it in my brain (pea brain) that
 I wanted my living room tree (aka The Tall Tree) to be "simple" and "different" this year. . . 
 I decorated The Tall Tree with dozens of the tea and coffee stained beauties, but. . .
 I just couldn't get it "just right". . . so The Tall Tree is back basking in gold and bronze. . .
and my bathroom is in Coffee Delight Heaven.
(Pardon the spots on that mirror!)
(and I added many more after these pics. . . I got ahead of myself!)

Monday, December 9, 2013

{Ice Ice Baby (sorry, couldn't help myself...eek!)}

 How are you making it this holiday season?
 So-far-so good here! 
We just survived a major ice storm. 
No Power.
 Pallets in the living room.
 Food in a cooler. 
 Burning left over candles from my sisters wedding. . . I knew those would come in handy!
  I really don't sweat situations like such.  
Now let me say, everything felt dirty to me.  That bugged me.  Mushy snow is dirty.
  But I would MUCH rather be out of power and have running water.
 I love and appreciate clean water coming out of a faucet. 
 I love and appreciate a flushing toilet. 
 So really power was nothing more than no TV and Gadgets. . . well. . . an oven. . .and heat, but other than that it wasn't bad.  We survived! 
 How are you making it with your elf? 
Ours. . . well. . . shes tired and forgetful, but she springs into action ever now and again.
 Clayton keeps telling me I don't understand how its supposed to work.  
As in, our elf isn't mischievous enough.. . .
This really doesn't surprise me in the slightest.
  I am not a mischievous person, and if it wasn't for all those Pinterest ideas I wouldn't have a clue.
I just assume she hang out in the stable all day with Baby Jesus and Mary.
That is where I would be!
This week she did find some mischief by unrolling the toilet paper down the hall.  
The kids just raise their brows. . .perhaps some of the magic goes away when all your children are almost in their teens? 
You think? 
 I don't know who is more in denial? 
Me or Them?
Oh well, its just for fun and I love it!
(and so do they!)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

{Over the Holiday. . .}

 I got ahead of myself and skipped to Christmas yesterday, but I wasn't quite finished talking about
 Over the holiday Lily took her first hunting trip with her Papa.
  The Mr. isn't a real big "hunter" so this is where grandparents are super important.  
Grandparents fill in many gaps, and
 the older I get the more I realize and see the importance of that.  
The Mr. and I are raising them but I consider it such a blessing
 that others are willing to pour into their lives (family or not)! 
 I think of it as rich gravy on warm mashed potatoes!  
So to all you sweet and precious moms
 out there whom feel like you have to do it all yourself. . . let others help! 
Let others enrich your child's life.  
Let people you love and trust teach and love on your kids too.  
 (Lesson I have learned. . )
Now Lily didn't actually kill the deer herself. . .but her Papa made sure she felt like it! 
Love that.

Our Sweet Cousin Benny got him one too!

Rainy cold ice is coming down outside.
  I think I need some flannel sheets. . .do you have some?
 Do you like them?  I don't like it when the "ball up"? 
Do you know what I am talking about?

Praying for my sweet friend, Stacy. . .her Grandfather passed this week.
Prayers for you.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

{Oh Snap!}

 Can I just confess that instead of bracing for the upcoming freezing cold snap. . .
 as in buying milk, bread, and eggs. . .
  I got a pedicure instead?
Weeee! It was way more fun! I might be going to the store on a sled!
At least The Hot Cocoa Station is fully stocked!


Look who was at Francesca's!
 Awwwwe, my most favorite style girl ever.
I am looking forward to her #HolidayReady Challenge!
She is partnering with 9 other bloggers, so I cant wait to check them out!
How fun!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

{The Pie Table}

Just a little more talk about Thanksgiving today!  I have Christmas waiting in the wings!
OH mY GoOdNesS, the FoOd. . . well, it was nothing short of amazing.
  I have asked Mom several times over the years, "How did you do all this by yourself?"
It is so much food. . .and work!
A few years ago Carla and I took over the "sides"!
 We left mom with the ham, turkey, and dressing.
I am sure everyone feels the same, but my mom makes the most delicious dressing!
The highlight. . . The Pie Table. 
I should put that in ALL CAPS. 
 This is a picture before it was completely adorned with yummy goodness.

Monday, December 2, 2013

{Mr. Rouse}

 Oh, I took a trip down memory lane today. . . 
I pulled this babies first tooth. . .and now. . . he is driving my baby to the movies.

{The Highlight}

 The highlight of my Thanksgiving was being with my kids. . . oh, how school robs them from me! 
 I love love having them all home under my feet.  And I enjoyed not having to pack lunches.  I know I am supposed to find great joy in packing lunches.  I can pray as I pack. . I can and should be grateful. . .and I am. . .but that might be one of my least favorite "mom chores".
 The kids have the best time when they are with their cousins! They are all growing up waaayyy too fast.
 I am not sure how I missed having a picture of Benny, but I will share some of him this week too.
The hot cocoa station was a hit!  
 Love my sisters!  Both of my sisters are teachers.  Deana is subbing in OK almost everyday.  She hasn't landed a job just yet, but she has only been out of school for a year.  Carla has hung up her teaching hat, and moved to real estate.  We all have it in our blood. . .
Clayton spent the night with these guys.  They went to see Catching Fire so that was a really good time for him.  
Talk more soon. . .

Sunday, December 1, 2013

{Back to Reality}

 Our Thanksgiving
was full of food and family. 
 We had such a good time visiting and enjoying our time together.  
I will share our long break this week with you. . .

I drove through McDs tonight to get the kiddos a sweet treat to ease the pain of "back to reality" tomorrow.  We celebrated right up until bedtime.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.