Monday, March 26, 2012

{The Goodness of God}

We all talk about things that are "good". . .
Good Movies. Good Food.  Good Work-out.  Good Talk.  Good Friend.  Good Times.
Good Day.  Good. . . Good. . . Good, but nothing compares to the Goodness of God.
Seeking to be more like Him is Good.
His Fruit is Good.
His Word is Good.
His Plans are Good. 
His Timinig is Good.
Being Used by God & Seeing Him work in other people lives is one of my most
favorite things.

Today by 11:41 I have experienced God's Goodness. . .

#1 My friend Phyllis brought me a cake.  I was able to throw my arms around her neck!  That was the goodness of it all!  Her heart is full of nothing but Gods Pure Goodness. God's love oozes from her.  It is very evident to me (even if she didn't bring me cake).
#2 I received an encouraging e-mail from our Children's Minister which I will copy & paste to share with you too.

Just a word of encouragement for you today:
God has designed powerful, productive lives for His people. Our lives are to be God’s expressions of His magnificent creativity. He will lead us to engage in activities that honor Him, that help others, & that deepen understanding of His will and Word. Each believer is a living stone (1 Peter 2:5) Each believer is a shrine, w/in whom God the owner walks, anticipating the day of completion!! Amen

Jacque Gordon
FBC Children’s Minister

Acts 17:28 By His power we live and move and exist….for we are His children

God is so Good. All the Time.


Sunday, March 25, 2012


Random books to read your kiddos about the beach. . .

A Sweet Sunday Boy. . .

And a Lorax App that made many of my photos crazy. . .

All very random things.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

{Bathing Boredom; SERVE more than you SOAK}

Happy Saturday Evening! Are you home? Doing nothing? So funny, but I
have felt so bored tonight, so I took a long bath.   I always feel convicted about "The Two B's"!
Because there is always someone whom needs a phone call or a visit. 
In my bathing, bored state I resorted to facebook and that doesn't help matters either!
You start feeling like you are the
only person on the planet that is home. . . alone. . . taking care of children.
Others seem to be on planes, trains, boats, and just having nine-kinds-of-fun.
BUT. . . we all know  that is Satan being his sneaky, ugly demon self.
 #1 I am not alone.
#2 I am just where I need and want to be.
 I decided to take this alone time to read (I finished up James)
and pray for my friends and family.  I have been especially praying for The Mr.
His friend Ric told me he has no idea what he signed up for. . . but this
is Ric's 3rd year, so that is somewhat comforting.
My birthday was peaceful and fun. I headed out to town early with the kiddos.
I treated myself to some photo framing.
I treated myself to some new shampoo.
I treated myself to some Olive Garden.
I came home to sweet gifts, cards, and dinner from my "College Students" (which are sweet friends).
AND I looked back AND realized I spent my last birthday with these great kiddos
AND The Mr. was . . . . MIA. . . 
Today we spent time tidying up the house.  Do you make your kids do chores?
What kind of chores?
My kiddos do many. A little bit of everything. Dusting. Laundry. Cooking.
(See that can of dusting polish? It was full. . . it is now empty. . . we had a little lesson on amount needed to get the job done). Bless his heart.
I put out my little Spring Easter Chicks. Can you believe Easter is almost
here? I love Easter. It is a tad complicated when you work/serve at
your church but teaching my kids to SERVE more than they SOAK is
the most excellent choice in my opinion. 
I picked up this book at the Solid Rock yesterday.  It does appear to be a tad
juvenile. But I am looking for simple.  Regardless of the age appropriateness of the whole thing
it will still lead to learning.  Do you ever say, "Do you have homework?" AND they say, "No."
and you say, "Good deal!(and think Hallelujah)". BUT I have trained my
kids to never say "no" because we can always study and read.  I am also going to start including "Quiet Time" in that equation also.  They have Quiet Times but not real constantly, and I haven't really known how and when the best time was.  I think right now evening at "homework time" will work best. 
Oh, how I wish I would've been encouraged to spend time with God everyday when I was little.  I was in church and all, but the real relationship has come much later than I wish it would've.  I want it to be part of their everyday lives and not a constant challenge to make time like it still can be for me. 
I want it to be like. . . Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Read Bible. Ya' know?
Starting young.  Staying consistent. 
 Hopefully that will help them. 
During my bath I enjoyed my sweet tea as you can see.
And my new shampoo smells lovely.
I thought you should know those things.
Talk Soon!

{In Honor}

Bataan logo

The Bataan Memorial Death March is a challenging march through the high desert terrain of White Sands Missile Range, conducted in honor of the heroic service members who defended the Philippine Islands during World War II, sacrificing their freedom, health and, in many cases, their very lives.

The Mr. is HERE.

Friday, March 23, 2012


A few Saturdays ago Buddy was invited to a Lego City Party!
It was so cute! I want to share the invite and party bags later.
It was neat! 
Speaking of birthdays. . . I am 35. . . today!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{Hooker Nails}

At my last leg (lookin' good, huh?) check up I spied a recent issue of Coastal Living,
(I have obvisouly let my subscription run out.  I need to get on that) 
as I was browsing the pages I came upon Erika!
Her sister!
I love her and adore her blog.  I felt like it was one of my friends in a magazine
. . . and that, my friend, is why I love blogging.  I have
traveled with their family back home to see Big Daddy (the kids Pop) for years. 
The White Watch.  I thought long and hard about buying one of these
a couple summers ago.  I never caved. I see they are still popping up
tempting me here and there.  A precious lady I work with has one. Perhaps she
will let me wear hers for an hour or so??  Then I will know for sure if
I just cant survive without one.  They are high on my list of "likes". BUT, here's
 the deal, so is the Fossil tortoise looking one. . .we'll see.  Oh yes, so is any sort
of orange and gold watch.  And. . . that is why I havent purchased anything. 
When I was still cooped up in bed I painted my nails.  Okay. Weird and Strange
in everyway, but I feel like a straight up hooker with my nails painted.  I do not like
color on my nails.  I tried it. . . for about 5 hours.  Then a freshly soaked cotton ball
took off all those dirty feelings colored nails made me have.
Tomboy? Perhaps. . . . 
And last but not least. . . this last photo is just simply me 
dreaming of me being that lady. in front of that house.
on that day.  in that space.  with my kids. minus hers.

(notice my naked short nail. . . and me anxiety free. Whew!)

Happy Spring Break & Rainy Day #3!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{Happy Wet Spring Break}

My-O-My how the weather can change plans!
We had a fun camping excursion planned, but this stormy weather had other
plans for us. Stinks, but we can sniff out a good time anywhere. 
Yesterday we gave the Monkey House a visit
with a Chic-fil-A grand finale. 
The kiddos cousins are here for the week, so
we are "Spring Breakin" together. My sisters husband is on a mission trip
half way around the world (which is awesome and amazing in everyway), so
I am glad she came here.
Ben & Clayton 
 (Clayton doesnt have a black eye just appears that way in the photo) 
Lily & Kayla 
These are photos of our last day of school before Spring Break. . . 
My leg is doing much much better.  I have some crazy
knots underneath my skin?? But I am moving around great. 
The Mr. is gearing up for another trip. . .
I get my hair did Thursday, and I feel a hair cut coming on. . .
Who am I kidding?
Is it even possible that I could cut my hair?
Same ole' Same ole' for me, please.

Happy First Day of Spring Friends!!!
Happy Wet Spring Break!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I might have already blogged about these things before. . .but I cant remember, so here I go.  .  .
(Sweet treats from H. Goodwin after my surgery)
I went yesterday for my check-up.  I was still very swollen and sore.
They thought I might have a blood clot so several people looked and
did an ultrasound. . . but thank goodness. . . I don't.  They said I cant come
out of my wraps tomorrow as planned.  I really have been too sore to even
think about it anyways.  But we'll see . . . 
I am almost certain I shared with you Lily's Reading Rewards?
A time back she had her special day!
We went to Beef's and she chose the new GIRL LEGOS!
Clayton and I took off school one day to go glasses shopping, and 
(No, I didn't buy it. . . but I might. . . Someday) 
 we stopped in Ulta.  What a fun experience! Shopping for
 perfume with him tops my list of fun I have had lately.
(This was pre-surgery fun. . . of course)
 He got a tad in his eye. . . and throat. . . and nose. . .  
These are my "wraps" that are currently my Enemy #1, but
I know with God's help I will get through this!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

{Toast & Tears}

Have you seen the "Grilled Cheese Pinterest Style"?
Buddy & and I tried it and it was super! 
Although, my toaster did smell like it was going to catch fire, so
I think next time I need to clean out the crumbs, maybe? 
Kids love to "cook", and it makes them feel so good 
& special when it is a success.
As a matter of fact, it makes me feel good when a dinner is a success!
That's how it is around here anyways.  I crash and burn (literally) often.
We made some for Brother and Sister too. 
Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.
I didn't do very well through my procedure.  I wasn't really up to it, and I was
still sore from last Thursday, but I carried on.

I think, but really don't know, if it was the Valium or what
but I couldn't stop crying! I was sobbing. So, nurse friends, was that it?
They had to stop twice.
I really didn't have much pain after the shots, but the "pulling" sensation
really bothered me. It is a local and I could feel the blood running
down the back of my leg. . . maybe I am just a big baby. . . but
none-the-less I am glad the Left Leg is behind me. . .
Now. . .
The Right Leg. . .to do. . . or not to do. . .
That is the QUESTION.

Talk Later!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{Popcorn Trees & Ultrasounds}

Hello!  How are you today? 
Clayton got glasses!
He says he can see much better. . . that's always a plus.
He doesn't need them all the time, just school and reading. 
He seems to like them.
I made it just fine through my surgery, and ultrasound Tuesday looked great!
Now.  .  . time for another one!
Tomorrow.  I haven't had this procedure before. .  .and instead of
only having Xanax . . .they wrote me a RX for Valium to use in addition.
I didn't think I was that difficult? So I am wondering whats up. . .
MMMMmmm? We'll see. . . 10:30. 
Here is Liz confirming my appt. 
Ultrasound and lovely leg. Sexy, huh? 
 I don't like that word. . . sexy.
I am surprised I used it.
Look what I found on Craigslist!!!
I know y'all probably don't spend as much time looking for these as I do, so
let me just tell you they are hard to find in these parts of the woods.
This one, in all its splendor, is in NW AR.
I asked The Mr. about it and he said,
"Yes! We should definitely buy it since gas is so cheap."
Someday. Moving on. . . 
Lily started calling these trees "Popcorn Trees". 
Is that not the sweetest thing! They are so lovely to look at right now.
Full Bloom! Welcome Spring! 
We celebrated my sweet friend Jody's victory 
Tuesday at Bible Study!
She finished in 4 hr 13 min!
Did you hear me?? 
4 hours folks! So proud of her! She is a precious lady, and she
has such a heart for people. 
Good for her! She Rocks!
Well, off I go. . . to "Rock" with my gimped up leg!
Talk Soon!