Wednesday, November 4, 2015

{Future 412}

God uses balloons to reach people!
Yes He does!

{My Clayton}

You think he is going to give his mom a smile?
(Ministry 412 at FBC Greenwood)

{The Suit}

I know I talked to you earlier about "the suit".
God has used that suit and in many ways!
 From the day it mysteriously appeared on 
Carsons Christmas list to current day it has been really something.
Carson has wanted to wear the suit every Sunday at church.  I was somewhat embarrassed by it...Then I realized it was honestly Carsons way of giving Jesus his best.  He also believes church is a "special occasion".  Carson doesnt notice that he is the only one dressed that way.  He doesnt mind if he wears it week after week....
When I grow up...I want to be just like Carson.

{Beach Cruiser}

Lily has officially taken ownership of my Beach Cruiser.
I love it!
Precious Girl!

{Camp Work & Together Time}

 We have been attempting to camp
 a couple of times with the kiddos.
 I spend time in a chair with a magazine while the boys fish. 
(Yes, I put make-up on!)
 Look at these little worm hands! So precious!
 This trip we were at Daisy State Park.  
 They had a great gift shop!
I bought me this cute little shirt.
 I think camping is great, but after a couple of trips
 I have a 2/3 day limit.  Everything just starts feeling gross.
But the "together time",
and time to relax really make all the food, clothes washing, and "camp work" worth it.