Thursday, September 20, 2012

{Stop By. . }

September 2012 221
here today! Love her blog. Love her. Love this space. Thinking of sending Mr. RW an email . . . just for fun!

Monday, September 17, 2012

{I have some "Want-to"!}

Monday Morning. . .
Great so far!
Dropped the kids off at school.
I was intentional with my conversations on the way.
Went to WalMart.
Dinner in the crock-pot.
I have dusted my desk. . . well, at the moment its more of a Mr. Desk.
I bought him some freshly sharpened pencils and a 3-ring binder.
All of which he mentioned last night and I delivered in less than 24 hours.
Hows that for taking care of my man. . . hey, its the little things around here.
I have his books all stacked neatly and a basket for his scratch paper and folders.
I am in the market for the perfect set of book-ends.  I must say I have
never been in the market for book-ends. But I love to hunt for home goods so
this should be fun.
My legs are still sore but looking less like I was in a car accident.
Speaking of car accident. . . got my car back and they did a swell job.
I am back on the road.
 I love this rain.
I love this rain.
I love this rain.
Pumpkins are out at Sharums.  I nearly ran off the road gawkin'.
Mums at WalMart look hearty I must say.  I didnt make any purchases just yet. . .
I am waiting for my perfect "Fall Get-a-Way Day". (I come up with that myself).
My day will look like this. . .
Something Pumpkin to drink.
Antique Shoppes.
Mum Purchase.
Cinnamon Cider Purchase.
It will be swell indeed.
Well, I am going to make my bed, start a load of clothes, and vacuum my bedroom.
Then off to work I go.
Oh how thankful I am that I am up and around.  When you feel bad and everything
seems like such a chore and struggle, it really makes you appreciate being able to
do around with some "want-to"!

Have a wonderful day!

Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into
His courts with praise, Be thankful to Him, and bless
His name.  Psalm 100:4

Thursday, September 13, 2012

{The Glue}

I cruised on through my procedure last Thursday, and I have hopes by 3:30 today
Dr. Saltiel wont be working on my precious veins any longer. 
We celebrated sweet Carson's birthday last Friday.
But NOT before a lady accidentally rear ended me on my way to the party!
Slight Damage. No Biggie.
What a great group of boys!

He is the only child that has ever asked for a "Police Party".
The Mr. fixed them up with a badge and took them for some wild
rides. I had super fun decorating. . . and I will share more later (pics are on my other camera).
My favorite part was running that "Police Line" everywhere.
I felt so official.  That might be the closest I ever come to being like Jason Bourne.
We played "Pin the Badge on the Officer". Fun. Fun. 
Carson asked Jesus to be THE BOSS OF HIS LIFE on
Sunday, September 2.  I am so so happy and proud!
I have been able to pray with all three kiddos and I am
so thankful God has allowed me to do that. 
He was baptized on Sunday, September 9. . .
and he also tripped and fell right into the corner 
of the train table. So a Baptism and ER visit in the same day. 
They got him all glued back together! Speaking of glue. . .
Thank you Lord for being the GLUE that holds me together!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012