Monday, November 29, 2010

{Laura & Lacy Tagged Me, but I failed Miserably. . .}

Hello Lovelies!

2 day lapse (sorry Rachel! (:) Its just my kids, job, house, husband, holidays, families. . . oh, sorry I got sidetracked. Went for our 1 week surgery check-up yesterday, and The Mr.'s nose is unbelievably lovely & beautiful in every way. I am really happy for him. Whew. Thank you all for your prayers, phone calls, text, visits, and chocolate cake.

Moving on. . .

I hope nobody really wanted to "Get to Know Me" because I have let a few weeks lapse. . .sorry!

Here are the answers to a few of the questions I was asked:
Have you ever attended a high school reunion?

No I have not. For some reason I have this idea in-my-head that it would just be awkward.
Not to mention, I don't like any kind-of "Outfit Pressure" for lack of better words.
I wasn't big on high school, and I do my best not to look back.

But that doesn't mean I'm not super proud of my Alma Mater, or that I didn't go to school with some super-snazzy people, because I did.

Peppermint or Spearmint?
Spearmint, for sure. Peppermint hurts my tummy.

Were/Are you addicted to any video games?
No, not a big gamer. When I was little I had an Atari. I do remember playing the heck out of some PAC-Man. Now, I must confess if I start playing Guitar Hero a couple of hours can lapse. I just get super determined.
Do you talk to yourself?
Um, yes. Everyday. In the car. In the bath. At my desk. In the shower. At my job. And I really could go on. Since I am confirming the notion that I am a complete fruitcake. . . when I was little I would sit on the bathroom counter and talk to myself in the mirror.
True Story.
Where was the last place you took a vacation?
What is your favorite number?
8. Hands down 8. 8 is the best number, for sure.
Do you look like or resemble a movie star?
I almost left this question out because in no way do I look like or slightly
resemble any movie star. . .
do you guys remember when facebook did that "Celebrity Profile Picture Thing" if you looked like them ? Some of those people seriously did! I could totally see it! Me? Not so much.
Anyways, I did have one little celebrity look-alike moment in my life. When I first married The Mr. I worked for an oral surgeon in Germantown, TN.
One day I overheard a little boy in the waiting room
say to his mom, "Mom, is that Brittney Spears?"
Now I don't know if that counts, but that's all I've got.
Just for the record the mom didn't fall out on the floor in complete hysterics, she just simply replied, "No, sweetheart."
Thank you mam, for not ruining my one moment of fame.
Mantel is complete. I think.
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia

{Shower Curtain ~ Pain Meds ~ Stringing it Up}

Good Morning Lovelies. I started out my day upset about missing my Bible Study. But when is Bible Study? Tomorrow. Not today. Oh no, wait, I really started out my day picking up trash. . . seems we have an unleashed precious pup in the hood.
Okay, lets see. . . I proceeded to check myself out of work and fix breakfast for The Mr., which he didn't really eat because why? His throat hurts.
Okay, so now. . . I am proceeding to fix lunch, which he may or may not eat because why? His head hurts. Bless his heart. In the mist of all my stew . . . I have been decorating. Decorating has brought joy, minus the fact I cant light up because why? It hurts The Mr. eyes. . .
Carry on. Seems I am not a good shower-curtain-shopper. We have lived here over a year. . . no shower curtain. Sooo, in celebration of my holiday guest, I've attemted to hunt for one. Target, Wal-Mart,,, Macy's, Dillards, TJ Maxx, Marshalls. . .
Back to Wal-Mart. . . I spied this orangey-lovely-sensation, but didnt pick it up, for I was uncertain. But after my jaunt to TJ Maxx, finding this lovely inspiration rug. . . Back to Wal-Mart.
for the purchase. I like the mix. I like the mix alot. And I do believe this could be
among the best shower curtains within the 2-state-region. . . why? Because I have looked.
My new pup. You know, I have decided I like the idea of having a dog.
I think they are the cutest, most adorable little creatures. And I have 3 of them in
my bathroom.
Locked away.
Needing no food or potty breaks
(or pain meds every 4 hours, for that matter).
I am just yet to have enough love in my heart
to own with a heart-beat. Sad.But.True Story.
(Yes, I do have friends that appreciate my honesty.)
He sure is lovely though.
Stringing them up . . .
at least it's holiday balls and not The Mr., Right?
Talk Later.
I have a feeling I will be back today. . .

Sunday, November 28, 2010

{My Little Pilgrim ~ Sweet Treats}

My Sweet Little Pilgrim.
He had a wonderful feast of popcorn
with the Indians last Tuesday at Mrs. Bakers.
Today when I was cruising home from church I spied a
Sweet Treat Bake Sale in my neighborhood.
I purchased 4 large funfetti cookies.
Complete with Pink Icing.
And one double chocolate cupcake for The Mr.
Although, The Mr. has yet to eat his sweet treat.
So, it may become mine.
Lucky Me. Yummy Day.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

{Thanksgiving Afterglow}

Well, all. . . made it.
A 1 hour surgery became an over 3 hour surgery.
I found myself very anxious.
But he is okay.
Just a few request. . . pain pills, no light, little noise, and Mandi's Chocolate Cake.
Who in their right mind could complain about
Thanksgiving when you look at these
little faces?
Thanksgiving was just a little different this year. . .
and that's okay. I have. . .
A Very Mighty Savior.
Spunky Healthy kids.
A beating heart.
Pitter Patter. Pitter Patter.
A bruised and swollen, but faithful man who loves me.
A Crazy-Loving Family.
Friends I adore.
A roof, food, and some wheels.

Oh yes, and a very loyal dog in the backyard.
See? I'm okay.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

{5:30 am ~ Holidays}

I got a sweet smile, but she tried
her hardest to frown
and turn her head! Silly Girl.
We are all ready for surgery tomorrow.
Checking in at 5:30 am.
Expecting all smiles. No frowns.
On a lighter note, I started my Christmas decorating this week.
I love twinkle lights.
I am looking forward to the holiday season.
Please Pray for The Mr.
Talk Later.

Monday, November 22, 2010

{Tea ~ Hat ~ Question for the Day}

I am a Lipton Tea fan, but I am enjoying seeing red in the canister.
I knew he wanted a "hat". But I didn't know any other details.
After a text to his dad with an attached picture. . . the reply. . .
That's Cool. He says.
Really? Are you sure? I say.
It's not ghetto? I say.
No. It's just trendy. He says.
Okay. I say.The Happy Hat Wearer.
Buddy says, "Dad who is the chef of the police dept?"
"Chef? you mean Chief?
Keith Jackson.
"Okay", Buddy says.
Mom & Buddy are okay.
All is well. . .

{Loyal like the dog on the porch.}

First of all, my family should have a "Reality TV Show".
It would be top-rated.
I am sure of it.
Second, when you are doing good. . . examine your heart,
and make sure your motives are pure.
Your words are kind.
Otherwise, save your time.
It doesn't mean anything.
Third, my life today, as I peck, is a miracle.
I am forever grateful to my God.
Fourth, I am looking forward to my Bible Study.
I am a train wreck with out it.Fifth, we our 2nd grade teacher.
Sixth, this boy, is as sweet a sugar.
Seventh, grown women should act like it.
Don't hurt peoples feelings.
Don't say hurtful things.
Last but not least, I am going to buy The Mr. a bell today so
all he'll have to do is "ring" when he needs anything after
his surgery.
I will be there.
that kind-of girl.
Loyal like the dog on the porch.