Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{The Mail Toss Up}

Well, my support hose arrived today. . .Its a toss up. . . I cant decide if its a
"Good Mail Day" or not?
I am thinking more no than yes. 
I was able to take my kids to school the morning we left on our staff retreat.
Lily couldn't find her shoes, so I took care of that before I left.
I went in Clayton's room to pick up wet towels and turn off the lights
(yes, I am trying to raise responsible adults)
and I noticed his i-pod missing. . . so I left him a note questioning that. . .  
And last but not least, Buddy. I wasn't able to attend his breakfast celebration,
but I let him know I was so proud.
We left around 10, and had a wonderful time! 
Isn't the office lovely?
I thought it was sweet.
Tom handled all the particulars. 
Jacque and I shared a "cabin".
It was just as lovely as the office. . . a tad damp feeling and smelling, but
lovely still.
I will share more later, but I got in a fight today with a shirt and
I am tired.
Good Night.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

{CrAzY CoHorts}

I am headed out of town tomorrow with my crazy cohorts. I'll be back Tuesday!
Talk Soon!

{We are Greenwood Galaxy!}

Lily's First Soccer Game of the Season! 
We are having a ball! 
Lily's biggest fan!
(Sweet little ears) 

Much action! 

{Tunes & Dynamite}

Friday Night Fun!
Jake and Braxton got me all stocked up on the latest tunes for my ipod.
I know I am old because I said, "Who sings this song?"
Let me just say. . . I was the only one in the crowd that didn't know.
I should've asked them if they know Vanilla Ice. Maybe next time. 
Tristan on the go. 
These two.
Well, they might be dynamite. 
I haven't figured it out yet. . . 
Thank you Heather G. for our cheer outfit!!!!
So Sweet!

{Chai Tea & The Ugly Vein}

I might have already blogged about this before but its worth repeating. . .
I am
Vanilla Chai Tea.
Have you had it before? Lovely.Lovelies. 
Okay.So.You.Know. . .
how I told you jeans will be my new best friend. . . 
I finally broke down and visited the Dr
"that has passion for veins"
(Let me just say her clinic alone is worth the visit).
I have varicose veins.
The RX?
Support Hose.
3 months. and then some sort of surgical procedure.

(I love this piece of furniture)
Back to the point of the visit. . .
The DR is great, and serious about what she does.
This sounds ridiculous, but I am semi-excited about my journey.
Gotta laugh to keep from crying, right? 
So, if you have some vein issues check out this place,
but be prepared for them to take a picture of your mug. 
So does anyone else want to swallow your pride, and
share your "ugly vein" issues?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

{Happy Fall Y'all}

The Mr. says it is starting to look like a "fall festival" around here, and I say "thats good". 
I really dont need more cobwebs, but its nice to have a festive one vs a real one. 
Delicious smelling soap. 
Cute little pumpkin head has been with us a few years. 
I am still working on the mantel. . .
I need some more things out of the attic, but I havent been able to catch
my help lately.
I am enjoying the twinkle lights though. 
I am enjoying Fall and the cooler weather so much.
I love jacket weather.
AND. . . jeans are going to be my new best friend. . .
I will explain in a bit.
Happy Fall Y'all!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

{Morning Issue with a Tight Piece}

I stopped by the church this morning just for a second.  Semi-makeup. Ratted bun. Work-out clothes. Black. With Navy flip-flops.

I had every intention of leaving to go to gym. home. back to work at 11:30. Well. . . didn't make it. So, now in all my glory I will enter Staff meeting looking all so lovely. Geeze.

But you know what bugs me. . .
When you have your hair up and you have one "tight piece" that pulls.  You know what i am talking about?  That "tight piece" has given me a headache on top of all my other morning issues.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{Soak it Up}

You know what my favorite thing to eat at the moment is. . . .???
I slice a tomato and then let Triscuits soak up the juice. And eat.
Is that gross to you??
It is delicious to me!!
Strange.  I know.
But that is my normal.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

{Bats & Pumpkins}

Flag hung. Pumpkin dropped in my yard.
I am fixing to hop in the attic. . .Fall decor. . .BOO!

{Sweet Sunday Boys . . .}

and a precious Sunday Girl.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

{Buddys Party #6}

Before we left on our trip we had a party for Buddy. 
Look at him!
6 years old! 
He is my little super-hero. 
Many of his sweet friends came over.
(of course those pictures didn't turn out. . .Lord help!) 
He enjoyed all his gifts.
Thank Goodness! Toys!
No electronic gadgets, but Toys!
"3-D Birthday Plates" according to Wal-Mart. 
I did much baking!
I love to bake, and I tried a WONDERFUL new icing recipe.
I will share that later. 
New Bike.
(We will be returning for a smaller size so he wont break his neck!) 
Huddy Bud. 
Fun times! 
His feet are reaching the pedals. . .but I am still thinking 16 inch instead of 20 inch?

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!