Monday, October 31, 2011

{I havent mentioned. . .}

My Sweet Leesha moving back!  Although I have spent absolutely -0- (zero) time
with her!  She has the SWEETEST new addition! 
Here she is!
Emma Grace!

Friday, October 28, 2011

{The Fix & Purge}

I recently found a new way I could get my "antique fix".
I have known about the auctions in Jennylind for years, but
I had never been. 
All things were swell and 
I love this bench and 
I am continuing my purge.  This week I took our trashcans and pulled
them up to do front door.  If it wasn't something we needed or could be passed
along I simply opened the door and chucked it. 
Bed is . . .FOR SALE, but I am in the market for
a full size mattress and box springs. . .2 box springs actually.
I am not opposed to very gently used. . .and no booty cooties.
So keep your eyes peeled for me!
Talk Later!

{Sweet Halloween Hands}

My little mans hands are adorned with spookish delight. . . 
Spiders of different colors and BEWARE, oh my! 
He said, "Mom, you want me to do a scary face?" 
Yes, of course, I do! Eek! Boo! 
I think we will admire our hands for a bit.

Friday, October 21, 2011

{The Lump & Purge}

I am a tad behind in sharing our happenings around here (and trust me I am leaving out alot. . .). . .
I took my little Lily to the doctor because she has a lump on the back of her head.  Mystery lump. So we have been taking antibiotics in hopes of clearing that up.  It has gotten smaller so that is a blessing.  We also learned how to swallow pills, so that is a plus.
Last night was Clayton's PTO program.  It was almost weird how excited he was. . .totally different kid from last year.  He didn't mind going.  I think he was actually looking forward to it. He had a speaking part, and didn't mind singing.  Of course I love to hear children sing.  I think its angelic.  I would love for children to sing at my funeral. . . have I mentioned that before? 
It has been so neat to see everyone getting "BOOED"!
Who knew? I was BOOED a few nights ago so I have some BOOING to
do this weekend! 
(Photos lifted from Facebook)
Why I think its the cutest thing I have ever seen!
I love holidays with children. 
(Sorry blurred iPhone pic)
Here we are back at the doctor and Sis spotted The Skeleton. 
Football is going good.
We haven't won any games (I don't think. . .I tend to not pay attention, ya know?), but
I think some of the coaches did the most important thing they could have done all season Wednesday night.
A bunch of the boys loaded up to go see the Heaven or Hell drama at "Exciting ET". It
was really good.  I had never been, and I think it was most excellent.
So the Good News was shared!
My car battery isn't liking this colder weather at all. . .and
as you can see The Police has had to come and help me out a few times lately.
So if you seen my car at McD's the other day. . . all day. . . I didn't eat breakfast lunch and dinner.
It was just my car.
No Tonia body. 
I am going to get a new battery this weekend.
Although I do like seeing my husband during the day.
But he will appreciate me getting it taken care of. 
Wednesday I traveled to Hot Springs with my Sweet Friend Mandi.  She
treated me to the most lovely meal.  I cleaned my plate AND ordered dessert.
We had a good time and I talked. . . and talked. . . and talked.
Bless her heart I bet she still has a headache.
I like being with adults.
Its a nice change of pace from 3rd grade MATH. Blah. 
My kiddos have had the best time with "spirit week"!
Mismatched clothes day was their favorite!!!
I am still purging and rearranging my house.
I have been cleaning out closets and. . . going crazy!! 
I need space.
I need air.
Does that make sense?? 
So. . .
Talk Later. . .

Saturday, October 15, 2011


The Freedom Shell Tote
Six thousand prostitutes crowded north Calcutta, India, presenting their bodies to the passersby on the streets in hopes that the degrading and dangerous work would earn them some income to live. Even though they didn’t want to sell their bodies, they knew it was their only way to pay for their next meal—until now. Today, each of the women who works with Freeset is set free: she can make and sell various tote bags through the artisan group, guaranteeing an income in an understanding community and gaining the freedom to keep her body to herself.
The Thyolo papermaking and craft shop provides work for young artisans who have lost their parents to the AIDS pandemic and who now have few other income options. The shop is diligent in using all-natural, sustainable materials to make its crafts. Artisans use proceeds from their work to finish school, to send their children to school, and even to contribute to others in need, including the elderly, widows, and AIDS patients in their communities. The artisans also donate their time to teach art to children in local schools, again using renewable materials.

We are going to have a WorldCrafts Party at our church in November.  If you are in the area you should come!  It is a wonderful opportunity to help other women and families around the world!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

{Sometimes your Heart Breaks for Your Kids.}

Last night Lily came to me with big tears in her eyes. . .I must confess at first I was thinking "playground drama". . .oh dear. But it wasn't "drama" it was an opportunity to teach.
Today at school Lily will have to make a choice.
#1 She will have to keep a promise and get left behind.
#2 Go with the others and be a dishonest friend.
I talked to her about doing the right thing. . . even when it hurts. . .even when its hard.
I told her it would be better to be honest and alone, that to be dishonest in a crowd.
She told me yesterday that she heard Jesus talking to her about it, "and it wouldn't go away".
"Sis, that is the Holy Spirit alive and well inside of you, and the best choice you can make is to listen and be obedient." I said.
I am so anxious to pick her up today, and my hopes are high she has made a choice that will please the Lord.
I have been meaning to share our "Fair Fish that Refuses to Die", and I think this fish is
a perfect example of how Lily might feel today. Alone.
But I hope she knows Jesus is standing right beside her holding her hand.

Sometimes your heart breaks for your kids. . .you know that feeling when the tears well up in your eyes??

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{Sweet Shower Boy}

Sweet Little Shower Boy. 
Dont you just love clean, Johnsons Baby lotion smellin' kids?!
Oh dear, I dont have any Johnsons Babies. . . Boo hoo hoo.

Monday, October 10, 2011

{Andy Stanley}

Don't judge non-Christians for acting like non-Christians. 

The Church should "police" its own behavior. 

The church shines brightest when Christians act like Christians.

Why in the world would we hold people accountable to a set of rules they have never subscribed to???

Don't sit back and make "points". . . build relational bridges.  Make a difference.

Sorry. . . couldn't help but share.  Great message. . . again. Speaking to . . .me, of course.

Thanks Andy.

{Andy Stanley}

"It is always easier to make a point than it is to make a difference."

Sunday, October 9, 2011

{Miss Katie Roper}

Thank you for your help at Walgreens!  You are such a dear! 

Sorry you had to witness such a sight! So funny!

Friday, October 7, 2011

{My Craigslist}

Just in case you are interested. . .
Crystal Salt-n-Pepper $8 
Metal Plant Stand $5 
Iron Decor $5
Sweet Bunnies $15 
Pier 1 Pillows $30 
Crystal $15 each or $25 both 
Small wooden table, great for extra outdoor seating or crafts $15
(Pardon the deck, it is a mess)
Text if interested and close by {479}719-5488

Thursday, October 6, 2011

{Nice days are good things.}

The Mr and I had such a good day! We kinda' needed it. . .
I don't know if he has been over-tired  or stressed, but something. . .
I wanted to go to the Speck-O-Farm to make sure the gates were closed (deer hunters),
and after we did that we decided to drive to Blue Mountain. Since Brad isn't from
here he doesn't know about all the lovely water holes on this side of AR.
(He isnt real impressed with our local spots since he came from lake heaven). 
We ended up at Mt Magazine Lodge.
(What a smile!)
Have you been there?
We loved it! 
We ate lunch at the restaurant.
We were seated at the most perfect little
table for two in the corner. 
What a view!!! 
(Little tidbit from the bathroom)
Love that saying.
Can you imagine sitting everyday on the porch watching the leaves turn more and more golden?
What a perfect dream.
We hope to go back and stay a night or two or three. 
Brad thought the Governor might have been there today because the State Police helicopter
picked someone up with a security detail. 
We really had a nice day.
We talked.
And I did my best NOT to talk about the kids or work.
Have you ever tried  to do that? 
Be intentional and try it.
(Many of the marriage books advise it)
It can be a challenge. . . for me anyways. 
I am very thankful for today.
It was nice.
Nice days are good things.