Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{A Sweet Gift}

Buddy has made a sweet friend this year at K named Ryan.
He drew Buddy a shark.
Such a Sweet Gift.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{Smart & Special}

Hooray! Hooray!
Hooray for my little Student of the Month.
I admit I was just as excited to have an excuse to go to La Fiesta to celebrate
(I am trying to stay away from that place), but her getting Student of the Month is sooo great!
She works so hard for her grades.
We attended her breakfast this morning. 
(Heres the Personality Picture)
Cute Cookie.
My Precious Three!
Mrs. Beck!
Fun to see whats in our Goodie Bag!
Lily, you are so smart!
Lily, you are so special!

Monday, February 27, 2012

{Hey! Read a Book! What a concept!}

Recently Lily made "The Worlds Largest Collage". 
 She had so much fun! I gave her free reign over my magazines and she
cut to her hearts content. 
Have I have mentioned my "NO TV or VIDEO GAMES"
during the week rule?. . . I dont think I have? 
 We have been doing this for about a month.
At first. . . it WAS a challenge. . .you do homework. . . dinner. . .
 you look at the clock and say, "Oh dear, its only 6:30, now what?"

BUT as the days and weeks have passed it has gotten much easier and
my kids dont really even think about it. 
 (Daylight longer will really help my cause too).
Their grades have improved, and it is much easier for me to keep up
because they are remembering to tell me things. The Mr. and I both noticed Clayton
miraculously started having homework after we implemented this rule. Sometimes
the days and weeks seem to just run together due to business!  Crazy business.
(If Satan Cant Make You Mean - He Will Make You Busy)

But I feel like I have more time with my kids.
 Even though we would all be home at the same, in the same house,
it didnt really make us "together". Does that make any sence?
Anyways. . .
It has been a good thing for our family.
If things go well Mon, Tues, Wed they can earn a
"Fast Pass" to Friday and have Movie Night on Thursday.
Media Withdrawl is so worth hearing the kids laugh, talk, play games, and. . .
 read a book!
What a concept!

P.S. Word Searches are fun ( I now know what I will be doing in the rest home)! Do one with your kiddos. They will love it!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

{Dirty Sock to the Right}

My Sweetie Shaina bought me some TOMS!
Navy Love.
I am not sure why. . . something about me being nice.
I am not TOMS nice!
and she brought me them on her birthday week.
Silly Girl.
Thank you Shaina!
(Pardon the dirty sock)

Friday, February 24, 2012

{Wellcome Home Dad}

We've almost got our "two week detail" accomplished.
Believe me "detail" goes on here too!  He said they were loading the weapons on the
plane last night and should board at 8:30 this morning. 
Lily made him a sweet sign. Love. "Wellcome". Love.
I have been a News Junkie since he has been gone.  I have watched HOURS
of FOX and CNN. . . and our saddening local news. 
 I am FIRED UP about the election.  More on that later. . .

Can I just say the US Military is amazing. 
The Mr. sent me many pictures this time.  I am not sure if I can share all
of them, but they looked like a movie scene!
You know like long metal hallways
made of steel, green in color, with fluorescent lighting. 
 It was a scene from one of the Bourne Movies! I just know it.
Although, I can share these. 
He was able to see some sights on what little time off they get. 
They went skiing.
He said this resort was really nice.
I thought skiing might not be much of a challenge for him since
he is a WHIZ on the water. . . "totally different" he said.
"Funny", I say. 
Looks like he came out with a smile. . .
that is always a good thing.

I have got to get to crackin' on this house.
Shower. Shave. Shampoo!
Have a great day!
Happy Birthday to my Sweet Shaina!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

{Sweet Day}

The kids enjoyed their 
Valentines Day Goodies!  What do ya' know. . . Clayton's class DID pass
out "Valentines". How did I know. . . Clayton "passed" and didn't do any. 
That is just sad. and. wrong.  
Looks like they had plenty of Sweet Treats and Fun! 

We made it home with all the balloons but one. . .it slowly floated
into space from the Genos parking lot. 
Lily had fun passing out her Fun Dip Valentines. 
She has such a sweet class full of sweet girls. 
(Pardon the blur) 
Passing out Valentines is kind-of like mass chaos. . . 
Sweet Buddy.  
Here I am laggin' behind. . .3 parties. . .pooped. 
Valentines Day 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

{L-o-n-g Weekend}

Today. . .
I slept.
I cooked.
I went to Parent Teacher Conferences.

Now. . .
Ice Cream.
L-o-n-g Weekend.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{Tight Cheeked Mrs. Practical}

I put my husband on a plane yesterday and cried. Did I cry last time?
I think I did.  I AM WEEPY! I just didn't want him to go.
But it is a small detail in the States, and he will be back soon.
(just like his precious card says below)
I put together my own treats for the kiddos this year. Legos, Candy, and Cokes!!
Lily's Sweet Bee.

Clayton's balloon and card.
Lily's card.
I guess I missed a picture of Buddy's balloon.
The Mr. sent me these flowers.
I think it was so thoughtful of him. . . except upon review of my 
Arvest Free Checking Account.  I don't mean to steal his thunder, but. . . 
I would've bought a new outfit. . . or hats! I am horrible!
I wish every-last-fiber-of-my-being wasn't always PRACTICAL.
I might enjoy life a little more, if I didn't constantly have my butt-cheeks tightened together.
(Pardon my French)
Always going around being Mrs. Practical.
I wouldve been perfectly content with this paper-print-out confessing his love for me.
But this arrangement of bright colors and aroma of a flower shoppe
is very special and the most lovely treat.
I love Valentines Day (which I think should be pronounced Valentimes).
Love. Love. Love.
A day to express your feelings with flowers, candy, and CARDS. Cards, my favorite.
Perfection without Practicality. 

{An Annual Gig}

 We had a great time Sunday at "We love you Jo & Francis Day"!
 I think next year I will recruit some more help to decorate. . . I had
a sweet friend with me, and she was a God-Send, but WE WERE POOPED.
 I think they thoroughly enjoyed their special day! Jo kept crying, she felt
so loved and important.  Mission Accomplished.
 These two ladies make my life much easier.  They are clean freaks, and so am
I. . . I just don't have the time and they do! Wonderful!
If the Good Lord decides to leave me here another year I think I will
make this An Annual Gig.
It was fun!

P.S. Make sure people know how you feel.  Don't wait till its too late. . .