Friday, March 20, 2015

{Happy Spring}

Bring on the SUNSHINE!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015

{The Pinterest Volcano}

Miss Lily had a volcano project for school. 
Of course, there were several options starting at
simple, ending at complicated. 
 She is my daughter. . .so she went complicated.
 We started at the place all projects start. . . Pinterest.
 It was kind-of a flop. . .
Papa Kenny to the rescue!
  Look at that thing! 
It erupted like no other too!

Take our lead. . . axe the dough and use spray foam!
 The slow expanding kind!
It works!

6th Grade Volcano project complete!
Grade A

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

{Always Something to Celebrate}

This picture, oh my goodness.

I am not sure if I have shared the 2014 Christmas List yet?
 Gee, its March. . . but I don't think I have.

 A tuxedo made Carson's List.
 It was rather high on the list.
Like top 3.
 Came out of the blue.
He loves it.
Wants to wear it EVERY Sunday.
He has "good reason" too.
He always has something to celebrate.
Really, who could argue with that?

Monday, March 9, 2015

{Mom Confession}

Mom Confession:  
I really don't like the cold so I go outside with my kids due to pressure I inflict on myself seeing all the other families on social media out playing in it. 
There I said it!
 And since I am ratting myself out. . .I don't like packing lunches either.
 The smiles are true happiness though
 Rain, sleet, snow. . .these two are just a joy!
(The teenager is too, but he is cooped up in his bedroom, ya' know?)
 A picture of her!
A picture of him!

Back inside for MOM!

{His 1st Cruise}

As if finishing Harry Potter
wasn't enough. . .
He passed his driving test.
May all your roads always lead to home. . .

Saturday, March 7, 2015

{The Potter}

I knew good and well I could even begin to type about this boy without some tears.
Y'all the first born getting older. . . it will rip your heart to shreds! 
Absolute Shreds.

We were late coming out of the gate on the whole Harry Potter. 
I am so glad because my kids really enjoyed and loved it in their older ages.

This week Clayton finished reading the last book.

It's like the end of an era. 
I feel sad and weepy about it.

I wont be embarrassed or apologize for my somewhat ridiculous feelings.

I love you son.
Your love for The Potter is just awesome!
Great job on the reading!
Maybe we can watch the movies together another million times.
Love, Mom


 So much life is happening between my post I feel like I cant catch my breath. 

 I  have everything to share starting at new careers
 (I should say additional career. . .since I still am still working in my church nursery)
 to weather reports!
Lets just start here. . . I am FINALLY off the


Have you ever taken a ride on it?

Oh my lands, I didn't think I was EVER going to get off of it.

I know a few of my friends that agonized with me would've loved to have pushed me off.
(smiling while I hit the grassy ditch beside the tracks).

In all seriousness. . . after a very prayerful journey I took my test, passed (PRAISE HIM)!

 I'm a Realtor.

In some weird way working outside the church made me feel like I was almost doing something wrong?  I'm not talking about conviction, but just a weird fish out of water feeling. . . but more weird.

God has and is confirming my decision in the most wondrous ways. 
(Like as in. . .guess where the Ft. Smith Board of Directors President worked for 20 years??

I love him so. He is so faithful.  He is so good.
It is my hearts desire that my life be most pleasing to Him.

Whatever my choices be may they advance the gospel. 

I am sharing the love of Jesus all over this town. . .it just looks different. 

Everyday I am becoming a little more comfortable and feeling like I am okay.

I'm okay.