Wednesday, September 30, 2009

{The Paper Goods Manager}

My little pumpkin Man.
Isnt he just a doll.
Guess what I like about him the most?
Yes, the way he holds his hands. I bet he has good stories to tell. . . if he was real.

Have I talked about displaying books being one of my favorite things to do? I think I have. I feel like sometimes I repeat myself over and over, getting on my own nerves, and I am sure getting on yours. Anyways, I have found that if I have a really neat book out my kids will read it over and over. . .

Like this one. It is the cutest little pop up book ever. It just comes alive as you read.

This is the lovely "twigs in a pot" on my porch. Now during the day, it is. . . ugly. BUT at night it comes alive.

I am going to ad some spider web or something. I mean, I really dont know how to salvage it for day, all I know is I really like it at night. So, basically what it is, is what it is.
Just come over after 8 PM.

I moved this table to my entry. It was in my bathroom, but it kept getting water on it. I really liked it there, but it wasnt exactly practical. It ads a little something to the entry.

Big O' Bowl of Cin & Cider

Well, that is just a little scenery from around here. The only other thing I know is Mr. Hobbs said, after he came in from feeding the dog, that we are a loud family and we should probably put the windows down. We really are loud. I bet Amanda and Cully are really wondering what planet we are from?
Oh, and one more thing I know, I am the ONLY one in my house that can put toilet paper on the holder.
Now you know everything.
Talk Later.
The Paper Goods Manager

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

{Confessions of a Clean Freak}

Life is good. . . my house is clean. . . laundry going. . . candle burning. . . windows raised. . .fans going. . . and I smell a hint of BLEACH. Yep, bleach. Love it.

Talk Later.
Clean Freak

{Lonely over here}

Does anyone blog anymore?

Monday, September 28, 2009

{Make it a Large cup o' Sleep}

Did I mention I got one of these. . . Large, please. Pumpkin spice, please. Went home, crawled back in bed, turned on FOX news, took 2 tiny sips, and . . . . fell asleep. Woke-up. Pumpkin spice, COLD. Ugh. Rolled over. Oh well. There is more Pumpkin Spice to go around, but never enough sleep.
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia

Sunday, September 27, 2009

{Bad Girls}

Sooo, a couple of weeks ago I had some friends over. . .yeah, you know who you are. . . and every time I would go out of the room they were talking behind my back. . .
not about me. . . but about my " Poor Fall People". Can you believe they thought they were the ugliest things they had ever seen? Well, stayed tuned, I have some tragic news about "Mrs. Poor Lady Fall".
In the meantime, you will be glad to know they are back in the closet. . . until my next yard sale.
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia

Friday, September 25, 2009

{Friday Night Fun on another Friday}

I never posted these pics because this was the night we were all catching the flu. . .

but you sure can't tell it from the fun we had at the moment.

Now that we are all better
(Caught Cole with out a smile)
I felt like

these sweet faces

are all to cute to

pass up.

Cutie pie Girls.

(Blue lips because of my red eye . . .)

Have you ever seen Mr. Hobbs looking so happy?
Me neither.
Can you guess who took this pic?

Yep, Lily.

Talk Later.
Love, Tonia

{Tickle Time II}

Mrs. Mommy Tickle Time came out in me yesterday!
We love E Carle books, dont you?

Who could live without Toy Story?

Thank you Lord for this little boy.
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia

{Mission Accomplished}

One call was made to SS. One call. A thank you was said. A "I am doing the best I can, I appreciate you calling me." was the response. . . did it make all the difference. . . I dont know, but I hope so. Caller wishes to remain annonymous, in fear of her life. LOL. Besides I shouldn't tell you. . . she should.

Talk Later.

{My first initial}

thought was, "who would want this pillow?". . . and the more I thought about it. . . . I realized just how perfect it is.

Talk Later.
Love, Tonia

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

{Mayberry & Candy Apples}

Today after school we played outside a bit, and had a candy apple treat.
We talked about our day. Clayton said he is really ennjoying his book from the book fair. I sure hope it is good. I havent read it, which I usually like to 1/2 way read beforehand BUT look at that little old lady on the back. Why, she looks like something straight out of Mayberry . . .
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia
Fall finds from antique store soon. . .

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

{Nothing gets me}

fired up like watching FOX news for about 10 min.

All I know for sure: Bank of America you just made a big mistake. You don't take federal bail-out money, and then refuse to fly the flag. . . unbelievable.

Fly to Flag! Sister, I bet you wish you would've zipped the lips this morning.

{Sock it to me!}

Got me a pneumonia shot since I have
come down with it for
the past 2 years. I am hoping it'll keep me fixed!
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia