Thursday, March 9, 2017

{Military Fanciness}

These pics are somewhat backwards. . .but I am smiling because I am not 
 the most "formal" type.  I was happy to be sitting down celebrating that I found a dress and didn't break my neck in the heels. I know my dress was a little. . .
 Mother-of-the-Bride but I was comfortable and covered. Two very important things.
 Until next time all of our fanciness is back in the closet.
Thank you Brad for taking me. . .what a treat to be so fancy with you.
Love, Tonia

{Forever Friends}

{Slight Log In Issue}

Hello! I am HERE! ALIVE! I have had a little issue with trying to figure out how in the world to change my BLOGGER address from my church email! I THINK I have it!
SO just for now...
Clayton 16 and driving!
Lily 13 and doing so great!
Carson 11and fixing to start baseball!
Talk Soon!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

{Halloween 2015}

{National Honors Society}

9th Grade. 
So Proud.
Such a special night.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

{Lily will be 13 soon!}

 I am painfully behind on my blog...  I wanted to give a quick update!
Lily-Sweet (and somewhat sassy) is going to be 13 in May! I am already party planning.  I picked up the cutest little ice cream cone pillows for party favors.

Carson-I think 4th grade is my favorite age and grade.  Not too young. Not too old.  They still like toys but can handle the bigger things too.  Freeze Buddy! You are the baby, and growing up too fast.

Clayton-What a journey Clayton has been on.  Last Friday he had surgery for his back injury at the Mayo Clinic.  Bless him.  He has really been through a lot.  I really need to devote a post to his injury, and how it has shaped him.

Talk Soon!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

{Future 412}

God uses balloons to reach people!
Yes He does!

{My Clayton}

You think he is going to give his mom a smile?
(Ministry 412 at FBC Greenwood)

{The Suit}

I know I talked to you earlier about "the suit".
God has used that suit and in many ways!
 From the day it mysteriously appeared on 
Carsons Christmas list to current day it has been really something.
Carson has wanted to wear the suit every Sunday at church.  I was somewhat embarrassed by it...Then I realized it was honestly Carsons way of giving Jesus his best.  He also believes church is a "special occasion".  Carson doesnt notice that he is the only one dressed that way.  He doesnt mind if he wears it week after week....
When I grow up...I want to be just like Carson.

{Beach Cruiser}

Lily has officially taken ownership of my Beach Cruiser.
I love it!
Precious Girl!

{Camp Work & Together Time}

 We have been attempting to camp
 a couple of times with the kiddos.
 I spend time in a chair with a magazine while the boys fish. 
(Yes, I put make-up on!)
 Look at these little worm hands! So precious!
 This trip we were at Daisy State Park.  
 They had a great gift shop!
I bought me this cute little shirt.
 I think camping is great, but after a couple of trips
 I have a 2/3 day limit.  Everything just starts feeling gross.
But the "together time",
and time to relax really make all the food, clothes washing, and "camp work" worth it.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

{Teen with a capital...T}

How crazy! I CANNOT post without a picture so I snapped one with the webcam! I am hear at Prudential Real Estate.  I have moved real estate offices and I LOVE IT HERE! I am moving forward and learning more and more!  Learning something new is a challenge but each day I am feeling more confident.

Lets play a little catch up!  Caron is loving the 4th grade.  I feel like he has more homework than ever before, but we are managing to plow our way through.  Today was Constitution Day at school so The Mr. headed there early to catch their sweet play.  

Lily is thriving in 7th grade.  She is super smart, organized, and stays on top of all her assignments.  She can hold her own for sure.  She loves doing her Bible Studies and has started listening to music in her room.  She loves her bed made. She loves dressy clothes.  Its super cute the way she is.  She is a cranky bear when she gets overtired.  She is still really good about putting herself to bed if need-be.

Clayton is a teen with a capital T...Teen.  He is way too big for his britches.  BUT still super duper smart.  He is a great kid and thank heavens is staying out of trouble.  All the excitement  of having a cell phone is over, and no longer cares if he looses that privilege.  The best place to stick it to him now is with the Play Station.  It is highly effective.  He was recently invited to the National Honors Society.  How proud could a mother be? What a big deal! I feel a big dinner and cake coming on!  

If there is one thing that I am most certain about is I need to be committed to prayer.  Prayer concerning every aspect of their little lives.  It is the one single thing I can't afford to be a slacker about! 

So good to check in! Talk Soon!

Saturday, May 2, 2015


 Happenings. . . 
I am loving my real estate venture.  I am trying to learn as much as I can.
I am working my can off! Its much fun though and I love helping people.
 The Mr. helped me clean out our closet and it is such a great feeling I must mention it!
 Need a small gift?  I recently put these together. . .
Card says, "You are simply the best!"
(I actually did something I saw on Pinterest)
 Carson recently traveled with GT to a competition.  His team won 1st place!
Yay Carson!
I am very proud of you!