Tuesday, April 8, 2014

{April 26}

Are you busy?
 Our church is hosting Rachel Lovingood!
Its will be so much fun. . . PICNIC STYLE!
I hope you can come if you are in this area. 
Tickets are $10, let me know if you would like one!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

{I Am a'Foot}

I sold my car. I didn't really mean for it to happen but it did. The Mr. wanted to...me...not so much. I listed it on Craigslist Thursday night (kinda sorta thinking and hoping I wouldn't be successful). It sold Friday morning. Yep. To be contined....

{Had to Check it Out}

They just opened a Ross Store right next door to my beloved TJMaxx....I almost felt like I was being unfaithful for even going in there! But...I HAD to check it out, ya know?
I quickly marched right back next door where I belong. Ain't got nothing on TJ! 

{Lunch with the Girls}

Using my iPhone to blog....yes it has come to this. I am falling so behind I must document some happenings...
Recently I was able to have lunch with these sweet sweet girls. I not only had lunch with them but their precious moms also. Friends are sunshine to my soul.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hello lovelies! My computer has been in the shop for what seems like a complete eternity!  I have a backlog of photos on my camera. . .
Hope to catch up soon!

Friday, February 7, 2014

{Yellow Cheery Flowers}

Good-bye January. . . Hello February!
At some point in January The Mr. and I found ourselves in an argument over a phone charger
 (Yes, you heard me. . .a phone charger!) and neither of us could just "get over it"!~

Long story short. . . I really found myself in the midst 
of the millions of marriage/parenting books 
I have read over the years in hopes of helping other people. . .  
I know the remedies. . . I just needed a swift reminder.. . for myself!
Priorities. . . God.  Husband.  Children.  Job/Hobbies/Etc.  
Easily typed and said. . . more of a challenge to accomplish. . .
Going deeper. . .
Praying for each other.
Praying together.
Date Nights.
 One thing I am very aware that I do is celebrate birthdays. . . especially the kids.  The Mr. ... not so much.
So, in hopes of celebrating him more, I threw him a lovely little dinner party.  Even decorated with yellow cheer and hanging lanterns (sorry I didn't light them for you).  I invited some of his closest friends from the 188th Fighter Wing, ordered him a lovely chocolate cake and casserole, and filled our home with laughter! 
Something we both need to do more together!
 The weather has been crisp and cold!
  As a matter of fact The Mr. is out now (11:30 PM) working the streets. 
 They are snow-covered and very slick.  
I am blogging, burning my Alpine Meadow Candle, and waiting for him to get home.
In addition to talking about my marriage and the weather, how about some amazing art work!
I finally framed Carson's Shark. 
 I am in love with it.  
I have a stack of art that I hope to frame this year.  
We'll see. . . I will keep you posted!
Why do I feel like frames have to match?

Friday, January 24, 2014

{Something I "Pinned" & Actually Did}

 I am not sure if I am the only one who "pins" and then. . . out of sight. . . out of mind.
 BUT this is one pin that stuck. 
 Its a miracle! 
 I believe what I saw was a "You write Me - I Write You".  
 I started out with that concept and I was writing. . the kids were writing. . . I was writing back. . .and then. . . the kids weren't responding or vise verse. . . I didn't want it to be "chore like". . . so now. . . I am the author.  
I write.
  I jot down simple little things. 
Something they said or did.
Somewhere we went. 
Or sometimes just how I am feeling at the moment.
 If they ever want to pick it up and write they can, but  mainly its me. 
I don't mind if they read them now or later. 
 Or much later.
  It makes me no difference.
  Its just something I want them to have tucked away.
I love tucking things away. . .

Friday, January 10, 2014

{Yes, its the New Year. . .}

 and I am still sharing my Christmas with you!  January came in roaring with cold and ice! It hasn't spared us much on the weather side but I hear some warmer temps are soon to arrive. 
 I honestly forgot to look back to see if I have shared about our Christmas but we did enjoy our family time and friends.   I am relishing this down time with my kids.  Since football season has been over we have been involved in ZERO activities.  Lily has tumbling for an hour on Thursdays but other than that it is quiet around here.  
Can I just say this is my first year to mess with this deco-mesh stuff.  It is fun!  It really adds alot too!  Makes up for the missed fluffing and lack of ornaments if that happens to be a problem.  This was my kitchen/dining room this year.  Next year I think I will move this motif to Carson's room and do something different.  Maybe.

Here is my short list of things on my 2014 agenda. . . in no particular order. . . these are just my present thoughts. . .
Date Nights with The Mr.  
Quiet Time (but with a scenic twist)
Lunch Dates with my Lady Friends
Praying with The Mr. 
Making a "Get Ready" table in my bedroom
Hang Pictures (Eek! Maybe.)
Reading with my Babies (yes. babies.)