Monday, December 27, 2010

{The Icing}

I am heading here tomorrow. Me. and my whole family. Sisters. Cousins. Brother-n-law. My folks. I am certain it will be the icing on my holiday cake. Talk soon!

{Happy Holidays}

Lily's face really says it all.
Our Christmas was full of surprises and treats.
My cousin gifts went over like a dream.
So I will go ahead and give myself
an A+ on that.
I am going to give Buddy the prize for still being the most fun.
(You know, the older they get, the more pricey the items. And although absolutely ridiculous, as parents we go to greater lengths to appease them. BAH-HUM-BUG).
His favorite thing was the $2 laser gun from the DG that I dove behind the counter with so he wouldn't notice. Because the little fellow wanted it
Yep, the $2 gun topped the DSi.
The nephew that loves me.

These two have Video-Game-Lag at the moment. You ever heard of it?

This holiday stuff will end soon, and they will need to get the lead out.

{Coldplay - Fix You}

(Weird Post. . . I know, but. . .) So, last night I completely smothered myself in the this medicated rub because I am feeling a tad under the weather. And then. . .
I cranked Lily's new microphone and turned on the Karaoke Channel.
I came across
Fix You. . . and it reminds me so much of my youngest sister.
Young. Confused. Some Direction. . .but not alot. College. Test. Finals. And then. . .
boys. Young boys. Dating.Boys.
I would never want to return to the dating years.
Just pray for her. . . thanks.

Friday, December 24, 2010

{Luke 2}

That is what Christmas is.
Happy Birthday Sweet Jesus.
Clayton & Lily reading the Story of Baby Jesus.
Christmas Eve Service
Greenwood FBC 2010

{A Little. . .}

Christmas Girl.

{Christms Eve}

Today I am thinking about a sweet baby and his birth. . .
Expecting parents that weren't welcomed anywhere.
Tired. Alone.
A baby.
Born in a stable.
Wrapped in cloth.
Placed upon the hay.
What a humble beginning. . .
Born to Save the World.
Born to Save Me.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

{Holiday Scenes for the Day}

We have just been doing a little of this and that today.
Little Miss Baker has been hanging out with Dad in the kitchen.
I drove out to the Speck O' Farm this morning and snipped some cedar.
I am having fun with it. I heart pine + cedar.
When they have cones on your snip its even better!

More yummy treats from The Mr. and Sis.
We have our reindeer food
made by this sweet boy
ready to put out on the lawn tomorrow night!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

{Cowboy on the Leg}

My Buddy
thought his
legs would be
the best place for his
cowboy stickers.
I thought it is pretty sweet myself.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{The Coveted Cup}

Darby bought one.
And I did too.
These pictures tell-how-much-better-her-camera-is-too! Yikes.
Funny thing is, I got the next to the last one,
and after a phone call
& about 5 hours later
my good friend snagged the very-last-one.
I snagged an i-tunes card,
a slap-your-knee-funny-old-movie,
and some yummy
chocolate, and these three are complete.
The below nephew and 2 others are complete
thanks to whom??
Yes, Walgreen's has lovely gadgets that kids just need. Right?
Did I mention I was ALL alone today?
The Mr. had the 2 small ones
My sister-n-law had the oldest.
Shopping alone is a new concept.
Who knew how great it can be?


I am going to get out. . . and finish.
Nothing to awful complicated. . . but necessary elf business.
I am thinking I just might spring for me one of those Starbucks Straw Cups.
We'll see!
Photo courtesy of Little Emma English
Talk Later. . .
Thank you for calling to check on Buddy!
Sorry I haven't returned calls!!
Runny nose.
But. . .okay? Think?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

{Bless his Heart}

His ears are bright red.
His cheeks are rosy.
He is beginning to run fever.
Oh dear. Say a little prayer for him. . .

Friday, December 17, 2010

{We are Ready!!}

Last Day of School.
abc Family Countdown to Christmas Movies.
Friends and Family.
Caroling & Christmas Eve Service.
Happy Birthday Jesus.
We Love you!
Santa is Coming to Town.
We are Ready!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

{Toothbrush ~ Craigslist}

Check out that sweet little red sweater boy in the middle of the circle. So cute.
Just a' smiling.
Now, I have brought you in the bathroom to talk to you about a lamp. . . but first I notice. . .
no toilet paper and the toilet needs flushing. I will have to tend to that. . .
Anyways, I have decided this lamp looks much better with the "2 State Region" shower
curtain than the diamond lamp. Better is good.
(pardon the cords and such. . . I haven't figured all that mess out yet). I was starting to stress because I was yet to find my
winter uniform at Wal-Mart.
But, like angels ascending from Heaven, there they were.
Rollback Baby.
$10 . . or.I.would.have.a.very.large.stack.
but I am extremely grateful for 1 (uno).
Outfit for my Girl Party. Complete.
Still working on the Frig. . .I know The Mr. wishes I would put
as much effort on the inside. . . but that's not near as much fun.
Are you looking for a lovely photo ornament?
Good ole' Dollar General $1
Has anyone ever told you to brush your eyelashes with a
toothbrush? I am anxious to know. . . I guess I missed something
because this purple lovely is in the trash.
Since its the holidays and I have nothing more to do than
to piddle. . . I have started rearranging/changing/etc. Clayton's room.
See those baseball gloves? Those were my dads. That
baseball is sitting on my grandmothers ancient Bible.
Just a little mixin'-and-matchin'. I need some sort of big/dark/tall (sounds like a man, but not at all what I am talking about)/glass/perhaps piece of furniture.
Something that would work as a
TV Stand/Desk/and Decor Galore Holder???
Therefore, these two pieces are on
Craigslist. So we'll see.
Just keeping things interesting. . . .

{The Story about a BedSide Table & Refrig}

I was wondering why I felt so rough this morning. . . I slept with this horse last night.
That's a first. . . and hopefully the last.
You can tell alot about a person by looking at their bedside table.
The story mine tells at the moment is. . .
Unorganized & Chaotic.
Other thoughts of mine include. . .
Is this owl not the most adorable creature you have even seen?
I savored every last page of these.
I attended Buddy's Open House this morning.
I said, "Buddy this morning is your Open House for Mommy!"
He said, "But Mom I don't know how to make an Open House."
Poor little dear.
Oh My. These are way to wonderful for my own good.
These are just two of the empty bottles I gathered. . . wonderful! I say!
I redecorated the top of my refrig today.
Now the real question is . . .Why?
Of all the things you have to do. . . why?
But none the less.
I added these 3 old jewels.
Talk Later Lovelies.