Tuesday, July 30, 2013

{My Baby}

 I packed The Baby up and sent him on his way to Duck Dynasty Church Camp yesterday!
He was super excited and cant wait to hear all about it! 
He will be home tomorrow!

{The Sweet Boy Behind the Mask}

 One of my most favorite opportunities
 we have during the summer is ART CAMP.
 The kids had a super time and I am in LOVE with all the things they brought home!
 They do a show for parents on the last day. . .
 LOOK at the Titanic! I die! 
(Buddy is smiling in the above)
 (Lily is smiling in this one!)
 Isn't kids art work just dreamy?
 Its just one of my most favorite things!
There is a sweet and precious boy behind that mask!
See you next year Art Camp!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{A Tooth Fairy Problem}

Ever since our kids started loosing teeth we have had A Tooth Fairy Problem. . 
I am not sure if she is tired, forgetful, or has no sense of direction?
Maybe all of the above?
BUT whatever the situation is she seems to skip over our house
for a night or two?  Sis was a little confused by her behavior. . .and by Day 2 was completely put out.
But by that afternoon she had made her Special Delivery. . .
I told Lily, although not always on time she is her most favorite customer to visit.
(Mission Accomplished)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

{Good Groceries}

 Have you guys priced juice in the grocery store?
Why so crazy expensive?
 I remember my mom buying the frozen juice in the can when I was little
I followed her lead!  
I am going to try these Shakers. . . I will let you know how they taste!
I am a SALSA Girl! 
 this Salsa doesn't disappoint! 
 I decided to give it a whirl
a couple of weeks ago. . . no looking back!  
Give it a try!

Have you had any good groceries lately?

Monday, July 15, 2013

{Sun and Fun.}

I am going to wear this today and find myself some sun and fun!
That is what my calendar says for this lovely Monday.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

{Happy Weekend}

 What am I lovin' these days?? 
I want them on EVERYTHING!
 Pardon the dust on my car. . . perhaps it will get a bath today.
 Hat Love.
 I am enjoying my ferns! 
I thought I would give you an inside view!
 I enjoy sitting on the couch and seeing all the green.
 Happy Weekend!
Talk next week!

Friday, July 12, 2013

{Black & Blue}

 Yesterday instead of selling. . . I made my first purchase on the On line Yard Sale!
Urns! $10 each! That needed spray painted. . . now granted after buying the spray paint
 I was wondering if I got a deal. It left me saying, "Could I have bought new pots?" 
BUT hey, its all for fun right!

I TOOK NO BEFORE PICTURE!!! It should be a crime!
So you really cant appreciate them like I do, and I understand.
These were the most awful blue!
My ferns look a little stressed due to the travel home and potting but I have hopes they 
will learn to love it here!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

{Aprons & Chick-fil-A}

(The above. . . Yard Sale finds from early Spring)

Today I am going to be productive! 
I bought some of the cutest aprons for our church nursery and I am going to find hooks to 
hang them.
  I cant decide if I want to hang them in the rooms or in the halls.
I hope that is the biggest decision I have to make today.

What would you do? Hall or Rooms?  Our hallways are a little. . . plain.

And then its off to Walmart for Goldfish, Lysol, and Baby Wipes!
Y'all are jealous. . . I can tell.
Good thing is its a "Fort Smith Day". . . and you know what that means. . . Chick-fil-A!

Oh and thanks for not making me paint Lily's bed!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

{Yellow and Gray}

 Well, here it is! All the fruit from our Online Yard Sale labor!
Lily was DEAD set on Yellow and Gray.  I struggle, but I am super proud.
When I say she put all this together herself. . . its true!
 The purchases were made in stages as we sold our items we no longer used or needed.
 And we slowly added and added.
 Oops, I wasnt crazy about this add. . .
 MMMmmm, chevron pillow. . . I love you but I think I will put you in a chair perhaps.
 The accessories were the last purchases we made.
 Lily is my SUNSHINE for sure!
 Anything from Proverbs 31. . . perfect.
 Cute little bulletin board!
The goal is to combine these accessories with the pictures my precious friend Shannon has taken of her.
I am super excited about our finds so far and I will show you all when we are done!

Would you paint the bed?

{A Lovely 4th}

A Sweet Snapshot from my 4th.  

{The Crazy Organized System}

Hey! Are y'all ready to hear about my latest crazy obsession??
The Online Yard Sale!
 It is just crazy really?! 
And I am certain fb lovers are so tired of people like me filling
 "The Feed" 
with junk (aka Treasures). . .but I am having a blast with it!
The above picture is my Crazy Organized System.
Sticky Notes with Names and Pick Up Times!
 I typically do Farmers Bank for pick up. . .
 1. Its convenient 
 2.  They have cameras!
Lily has been wanting to re-do her room for about a year.  
I have been holding onto this pink and green with all my might, but. . . I finally let go.
AND what made it sooo great was the lady who bought it made up her little girls bed and sent me a picture!
(Now y'all know me. . . I try to make friends with all my Yard Sale Peeps)
She loved it so, and that eased my "my daughter is growing up too fast" pain.

Here are just a few tips from yours truly:
1.  I haven't had much luck with things over $30 so if I can divide the same items $10 each its better.
2.  As much as I love my Greenwood Yard Sale. . . things go much quicker on the Fort Smith Site.
3.  Prime Time to Sell 7 pm-10:30 pm
4.  Make Pick UP work best for you!
5.  Speaking of P/U Greenwood Sale wants you only to offer Greenwood P/U
I don't believe Ft Smith has a rule??!!? BUT they do get a tad irritated when you say
"Greenwood P/U Only"

I have a feeling I might not be making much sense so I will stop rambling.

Also, when Brittney mentioned Sale vs Sell I couldn't help but LOL!
I need GRAMMAR POLICE all the time on my shoulder!
Confession:  Sometimes I have to change the sentence because I don't know how to spell a word.
Oh my goodness, I tell you people WAY too much!
Am I the only one who does that????

FYI . . .

"Sale" is a NOUN meaning "the act of selling

"Sell" is a VERB meaning to sell, or exchange something for money or other goods. 

I still am not sure I understand. . . 
Now off to bleach my tub!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013


 Happy Happy 4th!!!
 I love this day! 
I must confess. . . I feel a little bummed I didn't just sign up for the stinkin' 5k!
I couldn't run the whole time. . .but I worked it a couple of years and it just made my holiday.
So if I am completely honest I feel a tad bummed this morning!
And in moments all the FUN pictures will roll in of people crossing the finish line. . .
 so I will wallow in self pity as I see all of those. . . 
 Where is my holiday spirit? 
Okay, I am back on track. . . just had to put all those feelings out there!
 I spent much of my yesterday cleaning and getting my house a tad festive for the day!
 I am in absolute love with my Stars and Stripes throw that I scored at a yard sale. 
The lady said she paid $135 dollars for it, so it eased my $20 pain a little.
I love to yard sale for fun!
 I like to just take a certain amount of cash and see what all I can score!
So spending $20 at one sale can devastate my day, but how could I say no??
 I have also been cleaning out and going nuts on the Online Yard Sale. . .
 which I am wondering if people are starting to talk about me. . .
 but once I started cleaning out
 and seeing space
 and breathing
 I was hooked!!
I will share more on that later. . .
 Sweet Potato Vine is still alive!  
AND even though I am feeling down I didn't attempt to run 
 at least go clap at the finish line I am thankful I am 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

{Sno Cone Straws & Peretti}

 Good Morning!  I have declared today National Cleaning Day at my house.  
The Mr. is working a 12 hour shift for patrol (which I know he is loving!(I really do mean that. . .he loves being on the streets)  so me being the sweet wife thought. . . perhaps today is the day he can come home to a clean house. 
I found sno cone straws!
 I am sure these have been out since the dawn of time, but I haven't noticed!
 I (yes, me) read this book in 4 days. 
 4 days people. 
 Its a record, so I am making for sure it is recorded.  
My music minister at church recommended it to me. . . he said it changed the way he prayed. . . 
I can see that for sure.
I still like The Shack better, but this book will keep you interested. 
 Piercing the Darkness is next, but I haven't started that yet.
I am doing my darn best to become a Reader. . . if I have to twist my own arm I am going to do it!!
 I framed The Baby's Abe Lincoln.  Oh.My.Word.  I love it!
 My Sweetheart Friend Shannon grabbed these ferns for me and I am completely enjoying them!
I have managed to keep them alive for 3 weeks now.  
My Sweetheart Friend Heather needs to get busy and post her backyard. . . Heather, we are waiting.  Serious Fern Eye Candy.
 I am a clay pot lover, and when I spied these brown ones a Wal-Mart I picked up a couple.
I planted these lovely hot pink and light pink flowers inside them.
Well, for much more happenings around here. . . follow me on IG.
I am going to post soon about geocaching for you interested ones!