Sunday, May 31, 2009

{I didnt know!}

Our grass is sad. . .kinda' like the shrubs I hacked up.

Hello Friends! How was church today? Did you serve in your nursery? I hope so! If you were at FBC you know that it was a CRAZY FUN TIME!!

After church I went out to Moms for lunch. On the way home I decided to run by the Antique Store to scout for a $1.00 magazine for my afternoon.

Let me warn you the rest of my story is pure bliss.

  • Ran into my sweet SD . . whom mentioned "sprinklers" . . . I just thought she meant to water grass, but now I think I really get it!

  • Found a $4 frame!

  • 2 magazines for $1!

  • Pulled in Maple Ridge and discovered the sweetest little lemonade stand!

  • Noticed they had sprinklers set up to water grass AND the kids were playing in it. . . Oh my goodness I bet that is what SD meant!!!

  • I said, wow, I wish we had a sprinkler . . . .

  • Clayton says, Mom we do. Dad bought one! (Mr. Hobbs you saved the day and aren't here to even know it!)

  • Seriously? I didn't know!

  • Yes!

  • You can picture the rest of my day!

Talk Later!

Be Sweet.

Love, Tonia

Saturday, May 30, 2009

{Like Secrets?}

This cute little blog is full of em'.

Take a look.

Talk Later.
Love, Tonia

Friday, May 29, 2009

{Thank you Fresh Apricots}

I started my day outside.
I mentioned earlier I wanted to attempt to shape the shrubs. . . and that is exactly what I did. Not bad for an amateur. They certainly aren't square, round, or even rectangle for that matter. I really cant explain what shape they turned out, but none-the-less it was nice to be outside.
Except, for the fact my kids kept going in and out of the house (I told them they had to play outside while I was out).

Mom, we are tired.
Mom, we are hot.
Mom, can we go in now?
Mom, how much longer?
Mom, Buddy wants the yellow Popsicle and there is only one left and I want it!

And in the midst of all the clipping and interrogation my my wondered off . . .

I thought . . . How in the world do you get all these clippings up?

I thought . . . Didn't Mr. Hobbs just get back in town, and now he is gone again? I guess its me & Big Dog again . . .at least he didnt take my camera (which is on the fritz).

I thought . . . why does this dog continue to get out of the fence and come to the front of the house. Does she not realize she is fixing to be up for adoption?

After all that action we went inside. I said, "Kids, why don't you find something to play with? Be Creative or use your imagination."
So, this is what they come up with:

Buddy made a C, a moon, and rainbow out of a headband. He was so proud.

Lily made a mobile out of a hanger and ribbon.

This picture is of Clayton. You will have to use your imagination because for some reason I cant get the flash on my camera to work. SW, what in the world did I do? Maybe I need a bulb? or do cameras even take bulbs these days?
So you wont have to wonder Clayton is on the computer playing Club Penguin (his latest gig) begging and begging to become a member.

All this going on while I did the dishes.
I thought . . .I am sure glad I have this soap. It smells like fresh apricots. It is the small joy that is helping me hang on at this point.
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia

Thursday, May 28, 2009

{Top 5 blah - blah}


Feel kinda' like a "bad mom" after reading Sweet SW's fun summer post, but this is our day. . .

#1 My kids didn't go to school today because of Fire/Police ballgame lasting so long and they got in bed late (they aren't upset in anyway about that - but I secretly intended on sending them)

#2 I had a meeting this morning at 9.

#3 End of the month so I am working on nursery schedule.

#4 Mr Hobbs got called into work today.

#5 No fun activities planned or bought at this point. . .

This all sounds really bad, but it is the reality of my day.

Oh yeah, and I have PMS. I wasn't going to mention that, but I feel like getting that off my chest.

I am going to take them to LEO to eat lunch. They really like to eat there.
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Gift sacks have made it very simple, while still being so cute, to wrap a gift. Like this little cutie sack from TJMaxx for $1.49.
There is something so nice about gift wrapped boxes. I have always loved to wrap gifts. I come across this blog ( ) and it is just full of beautifully wrapped gifts.

Aren't flowers beautiful atop a gift.

Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon.
I think the satin ribbon is gorgeous.

Green and Brown. So nice together.

This is my "gift-wrapped" gift I did today. It isn't as romantic and beautiful as what you see above, but I think it will be very sweet to give . . . and receive.
This could be a new hobby of mine. So if you need a gift wrapped, just let me know. I could give it a try!

Talk Later! Have a great day!
Love, Tonia

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

{He's here!}

Congratulations Meeker Family!

Remember this little guy?
He arrived this morning!
Welcome to the World!
8 LBS 13 OZ

{Yesterday's Fun}

Buddy fell at the ballgame. . . I think his poor little eye is looking worse instead of better.

Last years swim suit still fits pretty good. That is always a plus.

Mr. Hobbs caught a fish, but it ended up in a tree. L-O-N-G story, but kind-of funny.

Cute Cousin Gabe

The Crew, minus Buddy. He didn't want to get out of the pool.
Did you have a good day?
I hope so.
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia

Sunday, May 24, 2009

{A neat suprise!}

Last night when I was cruising around BlogLand I came across something that looked very familiar to me. Apparently this book is very sought after for decorating (blogs below) and . . . I have it. After my Grandma Reatha passed I found it in her living room. I claimed it. Good eye, Tonia. Good eye. I could just see this book on my coffee table with "junk" on it, and "junk" all around it. So neat.

These pics are from blogs listed below.

I would create "links" if I knew how. I'll work on that. I think you can still get to these other blogs (very pretty) using addresses above if you would like.
Happy Memorial Day!
We have a fun day planned. Pictures later!
Love, Tonia


Don't ya' love older homes with flags on the porch? It is one of my favorite things.

Mr. Hobbs Soldier Boots


Look who I found at the Antique Store for $6. He's a real cutie!
Nothing says "America" more than flags, soldier boots, and family.
Well, food probably should make the list too.
Love, Tonia