Monday, September 29, 2008

{Do what Huckabee Says}

I am not real sure all the details of this "Bailout Deal", but Huckabee says the heart of this deal is greed and we can get out of this the American way. . . dig ourselves out. I wish Huckabee could've went all the way! 36 days till Election Day!

Well, once again (broken record) we should close Thursday at 10:00 AM. We have had about 6 closing dates that fell through. . . this could be it. Hopefully we will start on our new home soon. Leaving our little old yellow house was bitter sweet. First home we bought, brought babies home to, and lots of memories.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

{No Action Sunday}

Kind-of a sleepy afternoon, but no sleep happening. . . Mr. Hobbs kept the kids this morning while I went to church, and now I am "on duty" here since he's "on duty" out there. Carson says, "My throat hurts mommy, My throat hurts mommy." Heartbreak. Lily seems a little better though.

I've got a case of Barbie-burnout, tired of picking up craft beads, and edging tired of chicken noodle (a staple around here)!

In my accountability group we have a profile we have to fill out. . . some really tough questions, too!
How would you answer these?
What is the most important thing you will do this year for your family?
What one thing will you do this year to increase your enjoyment of God?
What are you "expecting" God to do in and through you in 2008?
These questions have challenged me and really made me think . . .
Have a great week!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

{Double Doc Visit}

Bronchitis anyone? So that's it! Carson AND Lily! Well, at least I finally know. Dr. Harmon has cracked the code! We'll do a little more antibiotics, chicken noodle, and rest.

I almost did the fabric store after the Pro-Med visit, but what in the world was I thinking??? 2 sick kids and another with a bad attitude. Thank heavens I came to my senses before the Jeep pulled in!
It will happen. Hancocks isn't going anywhere, Tonia. It will wait on me.

After a day of kind-of feeling like a failure - I put the kids to bed, I was in the laundry room, and I heard Carson talking, I put my ear to the door and he was saying his prayers. I figure I must be doing something right. . . .thank you, Lord for allowing me to hear him.

Get well kiddos, mom loves you.

Church tomorrow, anyone?

Friday, September 26, 2008

{Allergies vs. Cold}

I am tired of trying to decide is it a cold or is it allergies? Have you asked yourself that time and time again concerning your little ones? I sent Clayton and Lily to school today. Clayton on antibiotics due to "tooth situation". . . Lily, who knows. She still doesnt seem like herself. We rented some Barbie movies (which are pretty good) got some craft stuff, and plan on getting some rest. Maybe that will help.

Carson just told me that he's never going to play with me again, because I won't let him wear his Flashin' Lightining McQueen shirt for the 3rd day in a row. . . .needless to say he has it back on.

I am thankful to hear about Nie's skin graft and so much good about FIREPROOF.

P.S. No Hancocks for me today . . . it just wasnt in the cards.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

{You + Me = Special}

Title of the book Clayton brought home tonight to "Buddy Read". I love to hear Clayton read. He is learning to use exclamation marks! And questions marks???? Such an exciting time watching him learn and grow. We are very fortunate to have great schools in Greenwood, so I am never worried about him advancing.

I have just been at home today. Simple day, Sucessful day. Clean Sheets. ALL laundry folded. Floors mopped and vaccumed. Even prepared a fresh green salad for Mr. Hobbs.

Lily is better and will return to school tomorrow.
For me, I am going to go the Hancocks and try to find some Sandi Henderson Fabric first hand!!

Dont forget you and your Mr. Darcy have to go and see FIREPROOF. Starts tomorrow! I hope to see some good fruits come from this movie. I pray God will move in marriages in a powerful way.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

{A Letter for Lily}

Today I got the dreaded call from the "Nurses Station" Lily threw-up in the cafeteria. Oh, I just hated it. I picked her up and now she is sitting in the kitchen at her table drawing pictures of me and her with 3 sunshines and lots of hearts.
Speaking of hearts after reading other blogs today something became heavy on my heart.
Home cooked meals.
Reading Time.
Healthy Snacks.
Clean Home.
Nice and Neat. . .
Someday, Lily, If its Gods will you'll have your own little family. My prayer is that you'll stay focused on God and be full with riches that come from him. And if you have days you want to go, go , and go. You may just need to stay home and work around the house. I am saying this, of course, to myself. I know you'll be alot smarter than me, but just know I had days like these. . . you may work at a job, but don't if you don't have to . . . and make sure you have to. Material things are nice, but nothing like an opportunity to use an endless supply of Hello Kitty band-aids, wiping little bottoms and noses, folding laundry, fixing carrots and ranch, and doing more laundry. Read Proverbs 31 and keep it close to your heart. If us moms can stay focused on making our homes a Godly refuge and a quite peaceful place, it will be easier for you to groom Godly children. Well, mom has to get busy doing some housework and maybe even a little organizing. . . I am so glad I am home with you.
Love & Kisses Sis,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

{Happy (Late) Birthday Carla!}

Yesterday was my sisters birthday. I gave her a gift early and a phone call late. So that pretty much explains the order in which I do things. I am way ahead or way behind.
She is an Art teacher in North Little Rock and has two kiddos Kayla and Ben. Cousins. We don't see them as often as I would like. David, her hubs, is a worship leader and so between church, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, School, and a cool new Art Studio she is a teacher/partner in she is a Buzzin' Bee.

So, to you sis:
"May God grant you always. . .
A sunbeam to warm you,
a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering Angel
so nothing can harm you. Laughter to cheer you.
Faithful friends near you.
And whenever you pray,
Heaven to hear you."

Happy Happy Day!
Your sista'

{Title Title}

Oh how thankful I am! I know how to do a title! Important stuff.
I wanted to ad more about what I was saying about my church but that is yet another thing I cant figure out! I will get there I promise.

This morning was back to school for the "three chicks". Lily was her usual sleepy sleepy morning girl. . .not wanting to get up. Clayton gets up a little easier but cant stay focused on any task. I let my Buddy sleep in a little longer (hes only 3-and its only Mothers Day Out for heavens sake). His main concern is whats going in the lunch box, thats my boy!!! Pictures to come soon I PROMISE!

Clayton has Mrs. Krogstead a lovely lovely lady. I do mean lady. She is just so simply beautiful. No makeup. Dresses so sweet. Cooks like heaven. Sends my kids home with homemade cookies and play dough. I hope you re getting the picture. She is a doll. I am blessed Clayton has her.

Lily has Mrs. Mickle, and I lucked out there too. She runs a tight ship, and that is perfect for my little "free spirit" or was that "strong-willed". . .I cant remember. She is a very seasoned teacher and Lily is already having spelling test in K. Her words were: A, I, the, can, look, see. . .so so smart already.

Carson a.k.a "Buddy" is in MDO and 3-year old Preschool. The other day they made "Stone Soup". He ate the whole bowl and carried his leftovers in a Glad Keeper like it was a 3 karat diamond. He is sweet sweet. He likes to act like he is a puppy. Good thing he is sweet. He is the only boy in his class! I ask him, "Are you going to take care of the girls today?" I dont even think he realizes he's very outnumbered.

I am going to call Mr. Hobbs (copycat Nie-inspiration blogger) to see if he wants to have lunch.
Off to dentist appt. after school.
And of course dinner time will creep up on me. . . I have got to get better at cooking dinners! I looked at this "sweet" website earlier www. Cute pictures!

Talk later,

This is my home church! The website tells about my faith.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I am so proud of myself for starting my own blog. I have just been reading and reading and became so inspired! I wanted to be apart of such a great community. . . the blogging community. I hope others will read and enjoy, and maybe, just maybe I will inspire too!