Monday, May 21, 2012

{March in May}

Happy Monday! I was looking through all my 2000 photos and
seen a few I don't think I shared (?).  Spring Break was  
rainy, but we managed to have some fun.
The Janet Huckabee Nature Center is very close 
so we headed there one day for some fun festivities.
The kids loved the rock climbing wall even though. . . 
it was raining. 
My kids. . . no fear. . . none.
I love their little adventurous spirit though.
I don't like heights so I am. . . no fun. 
Mom and Carla (showing the rainy radar). 
Coloring before the Critter Crunch. 
They fed a mouse to a snake. . . so stinking crowded, I missed it. 
We had "Cousin Fun". 
"Clark", Me, & Rachel 
I hope you enjoyed some "March in May".

Thursday, May 17, 2012

{Boy on a Purple Scooter}

I have a headache today. . . not sure why. I don't get headaches
very often.  I put together (I had help) a baby swing this morning for
the nursery. . . maybe that is why. I must say they make swings that plug-in now!
I thought I would share some more photos of my "Farm Day."
I am a tad confused on my photos because I have photos from my phone, church
camera, and my camera. . . so I really don't know what I have shared at this point.
Although most of these photos appear to be "Instagram-d" or "poor quality".
Just for the record. . . Buddy caught the fish. 
 That was very important to him. 
Here he is.
The Baby.
Embarking on his last week of K.
Lord, somebody get me a stretcher.
This is tough on me.
The kid has already pulled his first 2 teeth all by himself.
This "growing up" thing isn't phasing him a bit. 
Lily continues to do well with her braces.
I was sad to hear about Dr Harper's house catching fire.
(a portion of the 17,000 sq feet). None-the-less
I am certain it was a frightening day for them and
I am thankful nobody was hurt.
He is a great orthodontist. 
She went for Beach Colors on the rubber bands this time.
Green & Teal.  That's my girl.

Speaking of the beach. . . you know where I think I want to go?
Savannah, Georgia.
I want to see the plantation houses, and eat at Paula Deens restaurant, of course.
15 hours 57 minutes according to my MapQuest.
Y'all ever been??
Time to start thinking about Teacher Gifts?
I mean my kids had the most amazing teachers this year!
Mrs. Beck!!
Mrs. Robbins!!!
Mrs. Cox!!!!
Geese. . . what do I give them . . . my right arm??
Y'all have any ideas??
(My sister received the below from one of her moms at her school in TX) 
Afternoon fun on his bike. 
K PTO Program
"Bunny Boogie"
(Pitter Patter goes my heart) 

I haven't been able to talk to The Mr.  I got out of my car a split second Monday and. . .
missed his call! I left my phone in the car at church last night and. . . missed his call.
I suppose the man is okay.
(This photo is from the Death March) 
Afternoon fun. Boy on Purple Scooter. 
There we go. . . Sweet Girls on Purple Scooter. 
Have a good day!
Talk Soon!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{Queen for A Day}

May 12, Lily's Birthday, our church had a women's event. I had
the best time!  I laughed and laughed!! Laughter is one of my most favorite things!
It ranks high. . . like losing weight! 
Mrs. H. Goodwin decorated the foyer and it was just spectacular.
The speaker had an amazing voice, and talked about inner beauty.
It is such a struggle for women.  Honestly, the most beautiful women I know are truly
in love with the Lord.  They are clothed in compassion and kindness, not fancy clothes. 
Each day, our Lord ask us, as his chosen and dearly loved people, to clothe ourselves
in humility.  That can be a struggle.  Not to be self-focused and full of pride.
 To put others needs before our own.

Lily and Lauren handed out door prizes. 
Lily was just in Heaven having any kind of roll. 
I joked that Shaina & I were actually together with no children under the
age of 5, AND we snapped a picture.

It was a great time of refreshment, and I have thanked the Lord for R. Deal and our church today.

{Mothers Day}

Mothers Day (except for The Mr. being gone) was really great. 
I am so thankful for my children. 
(Even though I was fustrated with them on the way to church Sunday Morning)
(I must confess I got out of the car, and before I slammed the door
I think it guilted them a tad. Whew! 
After Church, La Fiesta, Gym . . . we went to the Clark Manor (as I like to call it). 
The Meekers went with us, and we had a ball! 
I love to visit "Farm Life".  I am not sure if I could "Live It", but I dig it on occasion. 
I am a Gator Girl.  I like 4-wheelers, but I can put my
 bag and such in the back of a Gator. 
Good Times! Thanks "Clark"!  Hope to go back soon!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

{I will bring dessert!}

This house in Reata makes my heart sing.  It screams "Beach" with the most 
lovely shade of blue (seen better below) and stark white contrast.  
Shake Shingles on a house is one of my latest loves. They are so lovely.
This house was a "custom" so I will never get to see the inside.

Perhaps I will stalk them.  Make friends.
Invite myself over for dinner.
I will bring dessert!


Rachel & Chelsea 
Cameron aka "Clark" & Rachel 
Graduation a tad modified with Instagram.

Rachel is officially a college graduate (as of last Saturday).
Now. . . to find a job.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I am not a big facebook fan, ya know?  I browse ever now and again mainly keeping my account due to a job that calls for scheduling people, and it is an avenue for folks to communicate.  It also allows me to see new babies practically the second they cut the cord.

I don't update my "status" regularly by letting people know when I go to the bathroom, burn my hand on a pan, fight with my husband, go grocery shopping, or stump my toe.

On occasion someone will "post" something that bugs me.  I fight the urge to move my thumbs over the keypad to fire back my reply. . . I remain silent.  Lucky for you, I do tend to be a tad more vocal here.

The most recent "status" that has bugged me are the "Ft Chaffee Complainers" concerning the noise.   I would like to reply. . .

That sound you hear; it is the sound of your freedom.

The Mr. boards a plane in the morning for "desert training".  

Talk Soon.

Monday, May 7, 2012

{Social Sissy}

Have I been MIA or what?
I dont know. . .no real explanation. . .
Life. . . how about that? 
Miss Lily (Social Sissy) has been a busy bee!
She has improved this last 1/2 of school. . . (I had to light a little fire under her).
She. is. so. much. like. me.
No Filter.
Thinks much of what a person has to do through out the day is just unnecessary.
School is a great place to hang out with friends, and learn gymnasitics on the playground.
She loves the crafty projects that require much glue, glitter, or some-other-sort-of decor. 
Lily and Kate (her friend that started in the craddle at church) celebrate
the same birthday months. They have had much fun celebrating together.
Green & Zebra Nails.
Blue & Zebra ToeNails. 
That says "Partay", huh?
They are just so fun! 
The Mr. & I threw Lily a Camp-a-Looza Party. . .
Can I get an "AMEN!!" that camping is WORK. . .
I guess I havent figured out the secret just yet. . .
Go to Wal-Mart and spend an unGodly amount of money on food & snacks.
Pack up clothes.
Pack up the car.
Drive to a secluded, wooded, snakey looking area.
Pitch tent.
Start Cooking.
Get really hot & smokey.
Go to sleep on the ground with your hot, smokey self.
and then. . . wake up feeling like you have been in a car accident?!? 
Okay. . . next time. . .I will get an air mattress. 
 I refuse to forgo the food or smokiness, but my next camping experience will
be more like "Glamping". . . somehow?!
This camp out was in our back yard so it eliminated much of the above.
AND it was a BLAST (I just needed two days to recover).
 I think Lily had a great time! 
Lily and Mackenzie
(See my blazing campfire on the table? So fun!) 
I will post more party photos later, but I just needed to get started somewhere!
Talk Soon!
Love, Tonia

(I cant get my "spell check" to work, so Grammar
Police "serve and correct", please take the day off)