Wednesday, December 30, 2009

{A Song from Sis}

5 fat turkeys, go wee
They slept all night in a tree
when the cook came around
we couldn't be found
so thats why we're here you see!!
Imagine Lily singing.
Imagine these in the correct order!
Really cute!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

{Hobbs Family Christmas at the Rouse's}

Andrew and Briton

Hobbs Family Christmas

I am just about to the end of my Christmas photos. . .

Papa Jo and Nana Mary gave each of the grand kids a quarter collection.
Lily was very interested as you can see.

They said they had been working on them for years!
Aunt Misty and Uncle Brian from Northwest AR

Mr. Hobbs & Aunt DeAnna (the one responsible for my marital bliss)
Sweet Bryce

Aunt Karen Uncle Chris Nana Sue

Notice Buddy in his "magic gloves".

All the cousins. . .boy cousins. . . and LILY.

Me and Connor

Connor can prove the iPhone is water proof. . . because he tried it.

Sweet Andrew and me.

Sweet Gabe (Andrews Brother).
And last but not least Cole, I used to babysit Cole when he was just a baby.
I LOVE his hair!
That is all the cousins that I could catch!

Lily received the sweetest necklace from Grandma Emma Jean.
Her and her Dad had a great time trying to open it.

Mmmmm. . . .

Sweet Girly Girls.

{Snoopers ~ I love the smell of old books}

I have the neatest story about this book. . .
We were all downtown the week of Christmas. I HAD to stop at Snoopers, the old old bookstore.
I told Mr. Hobbs I used to go their alot in high school. . . He says, "That explains things." Ah, can you believe it? Yeah, yeah, while he was doing things "that frighten fish", I was at the bookstore.

Anyways, on with my story. I noticed he was searching really hard for a certain book, but I didn't ask any questions. Then Clayton pulls a book out and says, "This looks good."

It was the exact book his dad was looking for!
Isn't that neat?
It was one of his childhood favorites.
I have another strange, but true book story I will share later.
Talk Later.

Monday, December 28, 2009

{The Toodler}

So glad to report Toodles is doing very well!
Remember my tragic dog story (mean mom gets rid of house pet. . .)?
She went to the kiddos aunt which already had Romey, so they are now best friends.
Although, she still remembers Lily . . .(Romey below)
They played. . .
and played.
She has sweet little bows in her hair.

She remembers Clayton too.

Lily & Aunt DeAnna
Toodles in my lap.
Playing with Romey.

So glad all is well.
It makes me feel much better!

{Christmas Morning 2009}

Christmas morning Mr. Hobbs was working, so when the kiddos woke up I called him to see if
he could come home to see the kids open their gifts. They were sweet to wait patiently on the couch. They were


and very

sleepy too!

I had to wake Buddy up!

As you can see Clayton was excited enough for everyone.

Did Santa bring another Cars Car???

Lily loved her little crayon roll.
Little tins to put her "junk".

To: Dad From: Buddy. . . LOVE NOT IN A BOX.

Lily liked her headbands and scarf. She later told me they were tight. . .
Buddy got some more "magic gloves".

Sweet gloves.
Look! Clayton got a HOODIE. . . very important to a 9 year old apparently.
So excited about his Wing Pack.

It was a wonderful time.
We are very grateful for our three little gifts. . .
And, of course,
the ultimate gift. . .Jesus!