Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Look at that smile!

Monday, November 18, 2013

{TN & AR}

 I am home! 
What a trip!
 Nashville was full of some seriously fun Godly women. . .
 Justin Timberlake and all his fans were there too!

 I cannot say enough about V.Courtney and A. Thomas!  I am in love with them.  
Vicki spoke about living in a "Pinterest World" vs. our "Real World".  
Things can become very skewed if we aren't careful!
 Angela Thomas has a contagious spirit!
 She is full of spunk! 
She made me laugh out loud.
She talked about how to teach women.
 Of course I had to snatch up a few books!
 Have you read either of these? I cant wait!
 I did much listening and learning about womens ministry, but. . .
 I couldn't leave these baby books behind!
I hope to gift these to some new little mommas!
 I really feel like my family was glad to see me when I returned, but. . . 
they all had some fun of their own!  
 Birthday parties and 4-wheeling!
I am thankful God held it all together in TN and in AR!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

{Nashville Bound}

Tomorrow I am heading here!

  I am really excited, but Lily is sick. 
 What Mom can go out of town before someone needs a doctor visit, antibiotics, and vomits in the car? 
 Yes, that was my afternoon yesterday and morning today. 
 Honestly, it is my joy and honor!
  I will tuck back my tears
 tomorrow because I wont want to leave a sick baby behind! 
Thank Heavens for The Mr., my mom, and my dear friends! 
 I am looking forward to hearing her  and her speak! 
Speaking of Angela Thomas check out her blog post here.
  It is just outstanding and inspiring! 

 I want to learn as much as I can about discipleship. 
 I am praying that the Lord will comfort me today as sometimes I feel like I get ahead of my "Seasons".
  I want to be real involved in Women's Ministry, and pretty much any avenue that could lead one to Christ. . . but I am still "Mom" here first, and much needed at home.
  Balance is key, but sometimes looks a little misty and blurred.
I need His reassurance that all is well! 

Talk next week!

Monday, November 11, 2013

{Deep In His Soul}

This morning Brad called me after attending the Veterans Day Assembly at Carson and Lily's School.
He said that as Carson was singing tears streamed down his face and when it was over he ran up and gave him a big hug.
  Oh, how proud we are that patriotism runs deep in his soul.
  All the uniforms and words sang so proudly moved his little heart.
My Instagram photo  posted today makes my heart sing a patriotic tune. 
 The uniform alone can do that and when "suited up" your heart shifts to readiness, willingness, and for some . . .  the complete and ultimate sacrifice.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

{That One Sentence}

 Happy Saturday! 
I am typically not a Weekend Blogger, but this week has completely gotten away from me!  I was busy at the church and have been trying to soak in as much of this beautiful fall we are having as I can!
The most gorgeous tree I was able to find was over on Bell Road.  I drove by every chance I had, and then. . . POOF!. . .all the leaves were gone.  It was such a reminder to me that if you don't slow down and savor the beauty it will be gone quickly!

Today I am buzzing around the house.  I am packing away my Halloween and putting out a few little things for Thanksgiving.  I need to find some cloth napkins for my turkey napkin rings. . . sounds like a fun mission to me.  
I didn't act like I heard, but I did. . . this morning The Mr. said, "Clayton we need to help your mom get down Christmas."  Now I am married to the most lovely man, but words like such don't just flow from his mouth so freely.  Maybe because it was his idea because I haven't asked? Maybe because I am cleaning the house (his most favorite thing)?  Maybe he secretly loves 5 trees?  I am not sure, but it moved my soul to hear that one sentence.

 A little bit of Tory, monograms, Burt's Bees, and lovely soup!

Check out her blog!
She is an AR Girl!
I love her style! I love her hair!  I love her handbags!
She is adorable in every-way!
I hear she is a sweetheart too (very important!)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

{Honey Crisp}

 Good morning!
 A few weeks ago I ventured off the beaten path
 to Twin City Produce. 
 It is a neat little place and the prices are great!
 I bought the most delicious Honey Crisp Apples ever!
Want to give it a try?
Head downtown! 
Its off Garrison. 
 Turn on 9th. 
Corner of G!
I believe that's right, if not, I am getting you pretty close!

Monday, November 4, 2013


 This Tuesday we will play our
 last football game of the
 season.  We have had much fun!
 Greenwood Football is completely different than Pittbull Football.  
Much good and some very interesting to me. . . more on that later. . . maybe. . . 
 Love this photo of Clayton and Coach S.
 All is well when the game ends at the
concession stand.
So long season! See you next year!

Friday, November 1, 2013

{Romney, a Witch, and The SWAT}

 We had a great time last night! The Mr. was working and I really missed him so.
  Clayton was Mitt Romney.
 He picked this mask himself, and had fun with it!
 I was so proud of him for just doing it!
 13 can bring out much shyness, insecurities, and a bunch of "should I" or "should I not".
  It was refreshing to see him just have fun with it!
 Look at Miss Lily! 
She was a lovely witch! She is just so fun and full of spirit!
 Before we left for the night she took all the candy we had, put it in a bowl on the porch for all the trick or treaters that would arrive while we were away. 
 She even made a sign that said, "Take one spooky treat"!
 She used special fonts.
She is my daughter.
 Look at this SWAT Team Member!
 Could he not fight some serious crime?
 I went to his party earlier in the day at school.
 When I arrived he said, "Thank you for coming Mommy, I love you."
Melt my heart a million times.
 Every year we are invited to The Carters and it is always a fun time.
Fun people everywhere and . . . the food. . . well, its unbelievable. 
Its pretty adorably decorated too. 
What you don't see is the over 10 crock pots full of food on the counter.
I couldn't leave this post without reminiscing about the Romneys.
  I know there is a reason they didn't win the election.
 Although, I have a hard time trying to figure out why. . .
 I know nothing surprises my Lord or catches him off guard so I find much comfort in that.

 But what really hits home with me at this moment is how she stood by her man.
I know sometimes people might not understand me. . . but I believe part of my job description is to support and look after The Mr. everyday and in every aspect.
Love & Care for him.
 Pray for protection over him.
And sometimes. . . speak up!
 Ann on motherhood. . . 
And I couldn't leave out how she stole the show on Jay Leno!
(Love that green Ann!)

Have a great weekend! Welcome November!

*Ann and I do not share the same faith, but I love her just the same.