Friday, February 7, 2014

{Yellow Cheery Flowers}

Good-bye January. . . Hello February!
At some point in January The Mr. and I found ourselves in an argument over a phone charger
 (Yes, you heard me. . .a phone charger!) and neither of us could just "get over it"!~

Long story short. . . I really found myself in the midst 
of the millions of marriage/parenting books 
I have read over the years in hopes of helping other people. . .  
I know the remedies. . . I just needed a swift reminder.. . for myself!
Priorities. . . God.  Husband.  Children.  Job/Hobbies/Etc.  
Easily typed and said. . . more of a challenge to accomplish. . .
Going deeper. . .
Praying for each other.
Praying together.
Date Nights.
 One thing I am very aware that I do is celebrate birthdays. . . especially the kids.  The Mr. ... not so much.
So, in hopes of celebrating him more, I threw him a lovely little dinner party.  Even decorated with yellow cheer and hanging lanterns (sorry I didn't light them for you).  I invited some of his closest friends from the 188th Fighter Wing, ordered him a lovely chocolate cake and casserole, and filled our home with laughter! 
Something we both need to do more together!
 The weather has been crisp and cold!
  As a matter of fact The Mr. is out now (11:30 PM) working the streets. 
 They are snow-covered and very slick.  
I am blogging, burning my Alpine Meadow Candle, and waiting for him to get home.
In addition to talking about my marriage and the weather, how about some amazing art work!
I finally framed Carson's Shark. 
 I am in love with it.  
I have a stack of art that I hope to frame this year.  
We'll see. . . I will keep you posted!
Why do I feel like frames have to match?