Monday, November 30, 2009

{Holiday Market 2009 ~ Now & Then ~ Mexican}

This year I was invited by 2 really sweet friends to Holiday Market.
Thank you both!
I didn't pull the Kodak out inside the Market, but it was really fun! The Creative Kitchen ladies were there. Cute, cute stuff. I spied a shiny apron. OH SO PRETTY. That store is just marvelous. Also, don't forget Tickle Monster book for Christmas book purchase! Tell them "blogger girl" sent you. After Market, we stopped in Keep in Gypsy and Now & Then. . . it was only the right thing to do.
Now & Then speaks for itself. Pretty. Pretty. Pretty. I love the creaky floors. I love the old smell mixed with candles and potpourri. I love the combination of dim light and sunlight coming in old windows.
My Sweet Little Buddy.

Just tuck me in.
I would've stayed all night.

Pinch me. Am I dreaming?
Mix it up. Animal print and Damask. Timeless.
All this charm was followed by Mexican food. Yummy Goodness.
Mrs. MW, I really enjoyed your company. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I had a great time. Mrs. SD, I am so glad it all worked out for you to go with a good friend, too!
Friends, I love em!

{$15 hat made by precious hands}

If you are looking for an "Etsy Gift" that's not from "Etsy" this little hat may be just the thing.
I assure you. . . you cant go wrong. For $15 you get a precious hat (ad your own flower, or she will make one) This flower I clipped on isn't the best, but this hat was just to "take home and try on" but needless to say she insisted on wearing it, so this little flower is what I had. It needs a BIG flower, or one made by her.

Now, enough about the hat, more about Mrs. Gina Scantling. She works at First Baptist, and is just one of the most precious people I know. She has a big heart. To have a hat made by her. . .it is super special!
I am having Lily one made in Bulldog colors for her stocking. Shhhhh.
Be a copy~cat! I think they would be so cute with a Bulldog Sweatshirt.
If you would like one, leave a comment. I will get you her ph #.
A $15 Sweet Deal

{Country Fields ~ Sweet Tea ~ Bro. Ronnie}

The day after Thanksgiving we headed out to Moms. Do you remember the weather? It was unbelievable warm. The sun beamed downed like a warm blanket. I took this white rocker
and nestled it in this field. Found me a Mason Jar and poured some of the best sweet tea

I have ever tasted. Heaven. I am certain it was a slice of Heaven.

I wanted to share something my pastor (your pastor, anyone who needs a pastor. . . ) told me a couple of weeks ago. This post seemed kind-of fitting. . .

I have had a little something bugging me for a bit. So I talked to him about it. (My buggy thing isn't near as important as his response, so don't worry).

This is what he told me. . .
"Tonia, I want you to talk about this less, and pray about it more."

Now, I know, it isn't the most profound statement ever made, and I am sure you all do this.
I am a "fixer". And, dang-it, there are just things I can't fix. Some things (most things) are so out of my reach, I am s-t-u-p-i-d for not immediately giving it to God. I go on some senseless rampage, like I am going to save the world! Please.

Anyways, the more I have thought about what he said, there are many (all and most) areas in my life that I need to apply this principle. You?

Thank you Lord, for a pastor that knows how to correct and encourage at the same time.

{Smiles ~ Sunshine}

Sweet Art from my little artist. Look at that smile & sunshine. . . two of my favorite things.
May the Lord smile on you.
Numbers 6:25 NLT

{My little Turkeys Turkey}

My Thankful Turkey
I am thankful for my brother & sister, my room,
Mom & Dad, Grandma & Papa.
Food to eat. Clothes to wear. My Family.

My doggy (I am hoping he is referring to Remy. . . not the dog I got rid of). My Home.
Mrs. Bakers Pilgrims.

The Sweetest Little Pilgrim Ever.

{Ms. Barkers 1st Grade Feast}

Sweet little play. You've heard it, "Praise the Lord", "Oh, mercy me", "Pop, Pop, Pop!"
Little Brother was present.

We wore our traditional turkey bow we have had since we were 3 or 4. . .

Things started out great~
But the longer I stayed~
And it was discovered that I wasn't checking her out~
It kind-of went down hill from there~
Eat. Drink.Be Merry.Love School.You are staying.
You stayed.
You survived.
Mean Mom

{Seldom do I}

see an outfit that could actually be worn in a magazine, but I thought
these were nice. Shiny Silver Silk. Love.

Black Shiny Skirt and Tights. Love.

Olive Green Velvet. Pure Sweet Love.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

{Savor the smell}

Just threw some Pumpkin Roll in the Scentsy. . . yummy!

Um, I got pics. . . um, I seem to have put my USB in a very safe place. . . so safe, I can't find it.

Love, Tonia


I'm back.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

{my God is good}

i am at work this am doing this and that. i dropped off my computer off to be de-bugged so hopefully i will be back in business soon.

i have a full couple of days. we will celebrate thanksgiving at my house. much to clean & cook. . . if i can ever get to the store. surely we wont have to order pizza, although we are reeeaaallly good at that (lol). my jeep is leaking oil so that needs to get fixed. lily has a feast today, and she needs her mom to deliver cool-whip. it will happen. . . oh yeah, and meeting with the ar game & fish about speck o' farm. it will all happen, my God is good. oh yeah, i need to pick up cloth napkins and a shower curtain. and get buddy to his feast and mrs. bakers. enough of me, more of you. . . Happy Thanksgiving my friend. Enjoy your family. Time. it sure does go somewhere. . . "vapor" is so so true and right.

so much to be thankful for. . .
my God
my family
my church
my health
my friends
and so much more. . . so much, and i don't deserve any of it. God is good to me.


Friday, November 20, 2009

{Much to share. . . }

Went to the Holiday Market and Now & Then today. . .
Mr. FBC I.T. Guy to the rescue very soon!
I have "CYBER SECURITY" VIRUS. . . OOOooooo.
So gross, huh?
Talk soon!
Pics to share!
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia

Thursday, November 19, 2009

{Oh No!!! A virus}

Well, devastation at the fullest level. . . my computer has a virus.

I have been working on it . . . started working on it immediately. . . actually. . .

Mmmm, so I am slightly out of commission at the moment. . .

U miss me?
I miss U!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

{One of a Kind}

Not much like me to not have something to bark about, but I simply don't.

I have had little activity on the radar this week.

I did clean out my closet. Which in a way should be some sort of celebration because I have shed 40 lbs, but instead of feeling pure elation, I feel. . . well, I don't have a word. Stressed? Pressure? Burden? Because somehow and someway. . . I have got to keep it off. Eventually the drug free way (legalized drugs, of course, my friends). It's just hard. My weight will always be an issue and struggle for me. Because I can't seem to grow fond of exercise. I gain weight just at the slightest glance of sweetness. Even if I just catch it out the corner of my eye. And I don't fight this fight to look like somebody I never will, it's just simply a health thing. Whew, enough about that.

I received a card in the mail last week from a lady whom I have simply grown to love through our church nursery. I put it front and center amongst one of my favorite things, Nike Hats.
The front of the card says, "You're One of a Kind"
It makes me think. . .
Gee, what a compliment.
Gee, I hope so. I want to be different.
I hope I become more different everday.
Thank you for my card.
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia

Monday, November 16, 2009

{On the record, In the Record, On my mind. . .}

Do you get a paper?
Pick one up today.
Times Record.
Greenwood Schools Eye Crisis Protocol

"Besides, Johnson said, there was no weapon" (?)

I have not had the training or experience of our police department. I watch the news. Everyday. And everyday I hear of the tragedy the most unsuspecting people inflict on innocent people. Everyday.

When Mr. Hobbs is called to the school, although a trained officer in uniform, he is a Dad. My kids Dad, and although "less than pleasant" is an understatement I am glad he was there. Him and the rest of them.

That is really all I need to say. . .

My Prayer today. . .
Lord, keep my babies safe. Thank you for our Police Department. Thank you for our County Police. For them I am grateful. They will protect me and my family, even if it means their precious life. Thank you for people whom provide protection, regardless of image.

Protection over Image.

Talk Later.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

{Mom, hurry get your camera}

The other day I was in the bedroom and Lily comes running in and says, "Dad, said get your camera!" I went in the living room, and he was just gazing out the window at these two. . .

They were just talking, talking, and talking. Something in the sky caught their eyes . . .

These two.

are pretty sweet.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

{Mom and Daughter Times ~ Warms my Heart}

I have had the most enjoyable time decorating with Lily. She says "Mom, Can I help you?" I say, "I would love that, Sis." Some things are meant to be shared, and sharing decorating for the holidays with my little girl has been such a warm blessing to me. I make sure she has very important jobs to do. I hope she will enjoy the holidays when she gets older, as I do. So far, so good. Holiday Decorating Hint: I have been spying wreaths on lamps here and there. Above is my "copy cat" with things I had.
Pink twinkle lights on Lily's iron bed. It's a tradition. I think I have been doing this since she was 3.
Simple, Simple things can make your daughter feel like a queen. It doesn't have to be elaborate. Take one strand of lights, and twist till dizzy.

I am moving on to the kids bath and bedrooms. I will share later. You probably wont believe me. . .
but I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.
Talk Later. Lots to talk about~ Got to go now. . . Mr. Hobbs cooking my favorite, sure to be a delight.

{Art Camp at The Hobbs}

Bring your color books, pipe cleaners, and Crayolas! Mr Hobbs over there hooking up some Hannah Montana for the girls.
Washing off glue. . . lots of glue.
We served snacks and red Kool-aid.
Didnt want help from Mom opening his cookies.
Directions on the board for making a turkey.

Images of fun!

Aren't days at home great? I think so.