Friday, December 19, 2014

{2014 Christmas Favs}

 This throw.
 The bike (not made for riding, btw) with wreath.
 Shopping for stocking stuffers!
 These chairs.
These wreaths at night! 

{Christmas Snaps}

 My sweet little rusty gold tree.
 I love Christmas Tree lights.
 I should have taken these at night but
I just snapped a few here and there while I was home. . . alone!
I never got around to the mantle this year. . . maybe next year.
 Old glitter Santa hangs on my cabinet door.
 Precious Baby Jesus nestled in
 with Mary & Joseph. 
 I have Christmas PJ's tucked
under the tree.  
Ready to rip open!
Shhhh. . . dont tell!

{This little tree. . .}

 was given to me by Ms. Jo.  
Ms. Jo is an older lady that has served beside me (well, I have served beside her!)
for years in the nursery at my church.
 Her health is not good and it breaks my heart.
This tree will be a forever treasure. . . just like Ms. Jo.

{My Buddy's Christmas Room}

 Welcome to Buddy's Room!
This is the "Green & Red" I had in my kitchen last year.  
Buddy gets so excited about Christmas so I wanted to 
 make sure his room was extra JoLLy!
 This tree is full of kid magic Christmas Ornaments.
Pirates, Sock Monkeys, Footballs, and a BIG SANTA STOP HERE sign!
 I really could spend more time fighting
 with this deco mesh, but I just let it be its unruly self up here.
This little boy is ready
 for Christmas

{Christmas in Clayton & Lily's Room}

 Each year I have bought Clayton a nutcracker so they come out in full
 force during the holidays.  These must be his favorites because he didn't put them all out.
He was a little miffed, but I buy Lily and Buddy one every year now too.  I was going to do
Santas, Snowmen, or angels. . . ya' know. . . mix it up for each of them.  BUT there is just nothing
like a nutcracker, so that's what I have started doing. 
 Lily's room is festive with her little pink tree.  
This little tree has seen its better days but we still dress her up.
 See has made yellow chains out of construction paper
 for the top of her
 bed.  Aren't chains made by kids the best?  I think so.
 I scored these LL Bean kids sleeping bags complete with pillow cases at a
thrift store a few years ago.  This pattern makes my heart skip a beat!
LOVE it!

{1st Year Pittbull for Buddy}

Carsons first year of Pittbull was so fun!
No injuries! That is the best part.
He played Running Back. . . and he was a super star!
Carson, what fun we had watching you out on the field!
You are a great team player!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

{Christmas in the Foyer}

 Come in!
 I am going to be sharing a little Christmas
here and there!

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I spy sweet art at school. 
HUGE football fan. Huge.

{Trick or Treat}

 Oh my goodness, before I could blink I was taking out my Halloween and 
and packing it away! But I always have so much fun with it!
 Lily was invited to go to a haunted house. . .
I was thinking in my mind "no" but Dad said "sure". . .good deal for Lily!
She REALLY wanted to go!
 I was just afraid. . . she would be afraid!
 She wouldn't tell me if she was! 
They appear to have had a blast!
 Fun group of kids!
Lily and Zoie dressed up together!
The cutest!
 Last year Clayton went for a mask, but this year he opted out.
He is as tall as me! 
Growing up so fast. So fast.
 Lily and I had fun making her costume. 
Sweet Zoie made her mask for her, Walmart for the overalls, and resale shop for the plaid!
 I had the straw and burlap from another craft adventure, isn't that perfect?
 her fun spirit!
 Look at this BACON BOY! He wanted a bloody mess for a costume. . . I said no. . .we walked away from the costume aisle.  We revisited after milk and bread. . . lurking in the back was a slice of bacon.  I showed it to him and BAM he loved it!
 So happy!
 It always a good thing when everyone is happy and dressed. Always.
 We went to Maws! There is always so many friends and so much food.
We enjoy it so much every year.
 After friends and food, I picked up Mom and
 we went Trick or Treating.