Thursday, March 9, 2017

{Military Fanciness}

These pics are somewhat backwards. . .but I am smiling because I am not 
 the most "formal" type.  I was happy to be sitting down celebrating that I found a dress and didn't break my neck in the heels. I know my dress was a little. . .
 Mother-of-the-Bride but I was comfortable and covered. Two very important things.
 Until next time all of our fanciness is back in the closet.
Thank you Brad for taking me. . .what a treat to be so fancy with you.
Love, Tonia

{Forever Friends}

{Slight Log In Issue}

Hello! I am HERE! ALIVE! I have had a little issue with trying to figure out how in the world to change my BLOGGER address from my church email! I THINK I have it!
SO just for now...
Clayton 16 and driving!
Lily 13 and doing so great!
Carson 11and fixing to start baseball!
Talk Soon!