Monday, January 31, 2011

{Me & Mercy ~ Winter Blast}

I bought myself one of those curling irons.
But after surveying a few friends, I reckon I bought the wrong
size barrel. So I reckon I will have ring-lets.
The kids got their library cards, and it was just a big time.
You see that there pig?
That's Mercy. I like him, but
unfortunately, Mercy & I have too much in common.
We'll talk about that on another day. . .not on Monday morning.

3 meetings.
In 1 day.
1st one starting at 9:30.
Shall we discuss the "Winter Blast"?
Please Old Man Winter go away. . .

Sunday, January 30, 2011

{God & Radio Flyer}

Sometimes at your job do you just need a "win"? (as Ronnie would call it)
What is a win? Every job has highs and lows, ups and downs, but every so often
you have a good situation or a blessing or you bless someone else. . . that is a win.
Because God is so good to me for giving me a brain that kicks in gear. . .sometimes. . .
I thought to buy these. Lots.Of.Them.
And because God created the lovely human being that created Radio Flyer.
My brain working + Radio Flyer=A much needed "win" at my job.
It was just really fun.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

{If anyone hears. . .}

of this Bible Study going on in this area can ya' let me know.
It's coming. . . the deployment. . .2012.

{Lookin' forward to it. . .}

My Summer Uniform.
Speerys & Converse

Cut off Jeans.

And a White T-shirt.
Hello Sunshine.

{Good-bye ballet slippers}

I got Lily's tree
tucked away today.
It doesn't make me sad
when its nearly the end of January

and the sun is
shining outside.
Spring cant get here soon enough.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{What if? The End.}

I had my next "Radical" Post all ready to go this morning. . . and then I thought. . .What if?

What if someone doesn't think I feel like we SHOULD go to the ends of the earth to tell people about Jesus? (which I do)

So I didn't hit "Publish Post".

Blogging can be like texting. Only a snippet. No tone or the full story. So I thought blogging only about certain parts of the book could be misleading or more confusing. The End.

I kept my kids home from school today.

We are going to get hair cuts and go to the library.

The End.

Monday, January 24, 2011

{Radical II}

Relax. It's okay Little Momma. You are doing just fine. . .

Are you doing this?
Deuteronomy 6:7

We are all called to The Great Commission. No arguments there.
Although, I believe a mission field can be within the home.
Mommas raising Godly men and women whom love, obey, and serve the Lord. . . will make a global impact.
No doubt in my mind.
So go ahead Little Momma, tuck those babies in, and feel confident in The Lord just where you are.

{Radical Thoughts}

It's been awhile since this has been my read on the bedside table.

#1 I was/am fortunate enough to be on a church staff as I was reading. So, I was able to question, comment, and listen, but mostly be guided through this somewhat confusing book. . . in my opinion.

#2 Things I will share are part opinion, part words from Platt, and part from other research I have done on my own.

What I fear about this book is. . .
Baby Christians. Young Christians. or perhaps Seasoned Christians that are left feeling mushed & gooshed up on the inside, and ultimately feel full of guilt.

Have you asked yourself any of the following?

When am I going to be radical enough?

How do I need to give?

What do I need to do?

Where do I need to go in order to do enough for Christ?

These, my friends, are all unhealthy questions. (according to Platt)

The Gospel tells us that Christ alone is able to do enough.
He has been faithful enough.
He has been generous enough.
He has be compassionate enough.

The Gospel beckons our sin-sick-souls to simply trust in Christ. The one and only that is truly radical enough. In Him, we no longer live from a position of guilt, but from a position of righteousness.

We shouldn't walk away wondering if life spent as a loan officer, stay-at-home mom, tithing to your church, praying for your kids, learning to love Christ more & serving in the Sunday School could possibly be pleasing to God.

The whole world wasn't rebuked for neglecting the man on the Jericho road, but the priest & the Levite were (Luke 10:29-37).

Just some thoughts. . .

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Dinner is served!
Clayton. . . has been up all night. . . sick.

The Mr. . . is officially The Last Man Standing.

Friday, January 21, 2011

{We 3}

monkeys have. . . The FLU. Lily. Buddy. Me.
Sweet Hudson showed up on our doorstep with some
Get Well Cheer. And as you can see, it brought some. So kind.
Now I just hope we all can "Bounce Back Soon"!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

{Suck it Up}

I sucked the dust off this fan.
I sucked the dust off this light. . .
and this picture represents all the other things in
my life that I just need to "suck up".
(Puzzles from Monday when the kids were out of school)
This image represents the things on my "to do" list.
Perhaps I will make a move. . .
Perhaps I wont.
I might continue to let things stack up, and snuggle with my
little flu boy. I hung a new dishtowel on the oven.
That makes the house look clean, right?
What is doesn't do is make The Mr. happy about having to wear
dirty socks to court (snicker-snicker).
Lets just keep that between us, shall we?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{I took the little guy. . .}

in the middle with his eyes closed to the doctor today.
He has THE FLU.
Yes, I repeat Space Rangers, the FLU.
Since we are talking about bad things, let me tell you the idiot thing I did today . . .
Remember my new neighbors I mentioned while back? Well, not the ones
right next door, but actually to my left (facing my house) couple doors down?
Anyways, I stopped and talked to her the other day.
She shows up today on my doorstep.
To exchange phone numbers.
and kids names. . . and ages (all very important for Summertime Fun).
I mention my son having THE FLU.
and here's where it gets bad. . .
I left her standing on the porch.
And I say to myself, "Self, What would have been the harm in inviting her into the foyer?"
I am just embarrassed for me.

Monday, January 17, 2011

{Really Glad}

I will be really glad and very thankful when my little man is feeling better.
I will be really glad when my sheets are back on my bed and I am in it.
I will be really glad when the weather is warmer.
I will be really glad when those Debbie Cakes in the kitchen are gone so I can
stop thinking about them.
I will be really glad when I get to talk to The Mr. for more than 5 minutes.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


was crazy. I tried to escape it. . . but I couldn't.
Church. Sick Little Boy. Needing Groceries.
Birthday Party. Sleeping Husband. Working Husband.

So, I broke down and asked for help. . .what a concept?
Church - Whew, complete.
Groceries - Plenty to survive.
Birthday Party - Children picked up by party mom.
Sick Boy - Still really sick. . . .but has Popsicles.
Husband - Some sleep. . . back on duty. (Where art' thou Day Shift?)
Poor little fellow.