Wednesday, March 31, 2010

{The Last Man Standing}

Sometimes Buddy "makes out like a bandit"! You know, the last kid left at home? Everyone at school. . . just us. . . and Buddy.
Today him and Brad played in a sea of Lego's.
The above is Buddy's "Ocean Treasure Finder Boat".
He named it all by himself.
So proud.

Look at his sweet little cotton top of hair.

All his Lego fun was followed by a Happy Meal.

He enjoyed
every last bite of

all the wholesome goodness McDonald's has to offer.
Sweet Boy.
Sweet Dad.
Sweet Day.

{Hobbs Porch}

Work in progress.
Heathers doing the rest.
Right, Heather? (I have a sad weepy look, and am willing to beg, Pretty Please with sugar on top??!!??!). Just need a little bow help. . . and maybe I could still borrow that stencil?

{You can learn alot on Center Street}

As you know some of my most favorite moments with my kids happen in the car. As Clara Mae
would say "it's a good time to deprogram them, since you are picking them up from the world before dropping them back off in the world."
So yesterday I learned that Lily asked Mrs Barker if she could take an eye test since her eyes have been hurting. Mmmm, I say?

She made a new friend, and she found Kate on the playground (apparently she was MIA).
Last but not least there was something hard in her lunch food. . . Mmmm, I wish she wouldn't have told me that. . .
All this, and some fun with Mr Fuzzy Face.
Good times. Good talk.

Monday, March 29, 2010

{Hey you!}

Anonymous said. . .
Glad you enjoyed the gift card! (complete with a cutesy smiley wink). . .

You ready to come outta the closet yet?

Mmmmm. . .

I really really really did enjoy the gift card. Thank you. Thank you Thank you. . .

P.S. Thanks to you, I have a 3 inch lift up top, if you know what I mean? (cutesy wink to you too).

{Oceanside Drive}

Scenic Oceanside Drive in Sunny CA
is definitely a
sight to see
I chose ocean pics (of course)
but opposite side of street
is lined with beautiful homes.
I didn't much worry with the homes because a tent would do me fine.

{Jumpin' and Slurpin'}


and Jumpin'
and finishing off

with a big slurp

of my "big drink"!
Spring Break Buddy Style
Little Rock

{Clear Glass & Creamy White Candle}

I put this clear glass candle holder on my table
certainly nothing fancy, but you know what it reminds me of?

The Beach.

{From: Lily}

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
You are Special
I love you
To: Me

Thank you Lily! I love love love you! (Lily told me she wanted to do a "post" that said she loves me). She also want me to remind you all about her "pony post" she made a long time ago.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

{Mr. Unfaithful Part I}

No, not my husband.

But I do tend to cringe when I hear people say, "Well, that could never happen to me." or "My husband would never cheat on me." Don't say that. Why? Because. . . none of us are above sin. I think that's why the Bible is very clear about "running as fast as we can away from temptation".

We live in a world where "cheating" is easier than ever. . . Internet, busy lifestyles, and cell phones. And as busy as we are. . . Satan is busier.
I can no longer count on two hands the number of people in my life that this has effected.
I realized three summers ago I no longer understood why a man is unfaithful. As I gently packed one of my most dear friends things in boxes, I wondered why? Beautiful home. Gorgeous Children. Great jobs. . . and a wife that cooked, cleaned, and looked great. She fit the "perfect wife" mold.

My sister was talking to me about one of her friends husband whom was seeing one in the morning hours at the gym, and another after hours "working late". Same story. 6 digit income. 2 beautiful girls. And a "hot wife" that swears she "kept the fires burning".

Now, at this point I am going to admit I am just rambling. But come Wednesday I am going to ask Rae about this. . .

I don't worry/or think much about Brad being unfaithful, but I do pray about it. I pray that God will keep him far from temptation, and keep our marriage safe. With his job/hours, our time to simply communicate can be a real challenge.
I recall being with him at parent teacher conferences one year (he was in uniform-which seems to do something people, particularly girls), and there were two ladies that acted oblivious to #1 me standing right beside him #2 the gold band on his finger. (No, I didn't know them). Mmmm, I say. What happened to ladies that respected the fact that a man is married?

I know what the secular world says about this, but I want to know exactly what God says. So I will be back with more on this subject.

Feel free to chime in, or just sit back and read along. Regardless, pray for your marriage. . . especially if you think "not me".

Talk Later.



{Men who Cheat. . . }

I am ready to have this conversation. . .I need to do some research first. I'll be back. . .

Stay tuned.


{Book Fair}

Miss Lily put together a book fair for her and Carson to shop at.

These two NEVER


Enjoying time at home.
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia

Friday, March 26, 2010

{Spring Break?}

Spring ~ hasn't really felt like it much of the week. . .
Break~ hasn't felt so much like that either. . .but I have enjoyed my family.

We have celebrated, traveled to Little Rock, put gas in the car, painted a bedroom (my niece), painted wicker chairs, shopped for a quilt (my niece), movies, went swimming (heated pool), cooked lots of food, put more gas in the car, ate lots of food that we cooked, jumped on the trampoline, played in the dirt and sand, did crafts, talked, looked at magazines, and talked some more. . . Mmmm, thats about all I can think of. . .
I am going to go take a break.
Talk soon.
P.S. Coffee shop in Sunny CA, neat.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

{Its my Birthday: Shopping & the Beach, My Humble Mystery Friend?}

Dear Friend, I still don't know who you are. . . and although I snapped a picture
this gift card. . . the real gift was your kind words (that you so sneakily typed out).

Godly ~ I have felt lonely in a crowd, and to know The Man that hangs the moon every night loves me . . .someone like me. . .my hearts desire is to be "Godly" above all things. . .without God I am nothing.

pretty ~ well, I don't know about that. . .

a role model ~ much pressure, my friend, I feel honored you would say such a thing. . .

kind ~ there is never an excuse not to be kind.

caring ~ I love people. I care about what they care about.

compassionate ~ Hum, well, hum, yes. . . I am. But I am still trying to perfect "being bold" with a "dash of compassion". . . sometimes my passion gets in the way of my being compassionate.

optimistic ~ Yes, yes I am. Always.

thoughtful ~ My mind is ALWAYS churning. And typically about doing good. Now for the action part. . .

giving ~ I would give my right arm to anyone who needed it. . .

happy ~ I laugh. . . alot.

loving ~ I love. . .love. I think more "love" would help most all situations. . .

dependable ~ Funny, you say, I was voted "most dependable" in high school. I am kinda' like the dog that waits all day on the porch for his master.

patient ~ I have been accused of "having the patience of Job".

a friend ~ I love friends. I love to be a friend. I am thankful for people that call me their friend. I love you (whomever you are).

a leader ~ When I look in the mirror, I am not sure. . . when I am "on the job", I am not sure. . .Really, I think what makes a good "leader" is someone that is willing to follow. I am. Willing.

Sooooo, with all that said. Thank you.

Thank you very much, friend.
Your kindness was such a blessing to my heart.

Now its my turn. . .
You are

These verses depict you. . .
Romans 12:14-16 The Message
Bless your enemies; no cursing under your breath. Laugh with your happy friends when they're happy; share tears when they're down. Get along with each other; don't be stuck-up (love that!!). Make friends with nobodies; don't be the great somebody (love, love that).

A humble person, is all of the above, and way more.
Dear God,
Thank you for creating me.
Thank you for your grace and mercy.
Keep me strong.
Use me.
Talk to me. I am listening.
Thank you for giving me this life.
I give it all to you, God.
Good bye, 32.
Hello 33, Nice to meet you.
Please be good to me.