Wednesday, June 30, 2010

{For the Love of Love}

Yes, this is a real wedding.
You may check it out here
Oh my.

{Old & Wise}

At Grant and Rachel's wedding, I spied this present
wrapped in newspaper, topped with a pink rose.
I love it.
Obviously from someone old & wise. . . I can just tell by the writing on the card.
Old & Wise. . .
Someday I will be. . .
Old. . .for sure.
Wise. . . I hope & pray.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

{Gully Washer}

We have been having quite the dry-spell here in AR, so
the other day at Mom's I heard. . .

pitter-patter, pitter-patter. . .

I said, "Run boys, go outside and play in the rain!!!"

They did! And had a great time!
They were soaked!
Very similar to the ballgame the other night!
(Which resulted in a fried cell phone and car clicker)
It was a real Gully Washer!

{A Gift}

A sweet friend gave this to me the other day. . .
sunshine. . . .
Aren't friends such a gift from the good Lord?
I think so. . .
A little slice of Heaven on Earth.
Thank you Friend.
Thank you Lord.
I love you more than the miles that will be between us.

{Sucker for Ocean Life}

Aren't the free bookmarks at the library cute right now?
I had to have 2.

{Around my Town}

I love these flowers.
I really do.
They make me feel all warm and fuzzy.
Here while' back I remember a lady writing into our local paper expressing how
she felt like "it was a waste of taxpayers dollars".
Isn't it funny how we are all so different?
All God's Creation.
(Very, very important to remember that vital piece of information).
Bring on the

Skimp on mud tires.

Monday, June 28, 2010


These 2 little guys
had way 2 much

fun at

The High Seas!
Ahoy to VBS!

{Complete Euphoria ~ Less than a 20 spot}

(I am most proud of the deodorant)

Euphoria, that is the best word to describe myself at this very moment. Thank you Erin Bartlett. At first, I must admit, I really didn't pay much attention. And then the coveting came. And then I just got mad. After anger. Education. And after Education. Came Freedom.

Seriously, Freedom.

I feel like I have broke free from the "money stealing giant"!
I don't know how long my feelings will last. . . but I can see how saving money can become

It was fun, to say the least, to get all of the above for less than a 20 spot.

Talk Later.

P.S. I had the help of 4 cashiers. And yes, they know Erin like a sister. And that is in our favor.

{Bible Time}

Getting my kids ready for
VBS. . .

Friday, June 25, 2010

{Missing & Cooking}

Tonight I pretty much let Lily & Carson cook dinner. I let them do more
than ever as you can see.
You can also see Miss Sweet Lily instructing and
Buddy saying, " I got it, I got it".
Pretty Cute.
They put pork chops in egg and then dipped in French Fried Onions.
It is really tasty.
We sat down with Brad and ate.
Clayton is at a birthday party tonight.
I am missing my dear Elaine.
I did a little "Lake Lot Lookin'" again this afternoon.
Once again, I had no camera.
I am listening to the news now, and hear something about a bridge
in Poteau being named after an honorable man. . .
wondering if they will name it after him
and later retract
as they
seem to
in this little town.
I am excited for Grant & Rachel, as tomorrow they will be
united as one. What precious, precious people.

I am going to mosey on now. . .

Talk Later.

{My Dear. . .}

friend has been staying with me.
So so good to see her.



Monday, June 21, 2010

{Lucky Charms}

Beauty from This Old House

I have so much work to do today it ain't even funny. . .snippets of my morning . . .
Lucky Charms, saved a butterflies life, CHI, Johnson's baby lotion (shea & cocoa butter), stripped sheets, dug-out uniforms, fired up washer, found a blog with unbelievably good music (blasted it), and read a tad. Not all in order. . .I am ready. . .fixing to load up in the car.
Hello Day.
Hello Monday.
I am ready.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

{He. . .}

He is the most adorable creature. Ever.
He is impossible to stay mad at. Impossible.
He does everything well. Everything.
He loves and adores me. Loves.
He is amazing to talk to because he. . .
doesn't care what people think.
never overreacts.
isn't surprised by anything.
could care less if he has the last word.
He is my hero. Super Star.
He is my husband.
He is our "Dad".
Happy Fathers Day, Mr Hobbs.
We love you.

{Now you know. . .}

Have you

wondered what

captures the eyes

of a 4 year old


hardware store?
Wonder no more. . .

because now you know.
Pictures compliments of Buddy
on his last Yeager's
trip with

{Tired Campers ~ More Stimulation for that tired Mind}

My campers, right off the bus, tired.
But back, safe at home, life as it should be, again. Whew.
Dad & I felt the need for more. . . entertainment??
or was that punishment?
Oh yes, entertainment.

Cute movie.
3-D is one of my new favorite things.