Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I wanted to ad more about what I was saying about my church but that is yet another thing I cant figure out! I will get there I promise.

This morning was back to school for the "three chicks". Lily was her usual sleepy sleepy morning girl. . .not wanting to get up. Clayton gets up a little easier but cant stay focused on any task. I let my Buddy sleep in a little longer (hes only 3-and its only Mothers Day Out for heavens sake). His main concern is whats going in the lunch box, thats my boy!!! Pictures to come soon I PROMISE!

Clayton has Mrs. Krogstead a lovely lovely lady. I do mean lady. She is just so simply beautiful. No makeup. Dresses so sweet. Cooks like heaven. Sends my kids home with homemade cookies and play dough. I hope you re getting the picture. She is a doll. I am blessed Clayton has her.

Lily has Mrs. Mickle, and I lucked out there too. She runs a tight ship, and that is perfect for my little "free spirit" or was that "strong-willed". . .I cant remember. She is a very seasoned teacher and Lily is already having spelling test in K. Her words were: A, I, the, can, look, see. . .so so smart already.

Carson a.k.a "Buddy" is in MDO and 3-year old Preschool. The other day they made "Stone Soup". He ate the whole bowl and carried his leftovers in a Glad Keeper like it was a 3 karat diamond. He is sweet sweet. He likes to act like he is a puppy. Good thing he is sweet. He is the only boy in his class! I ask him, "Are you going to take care of the girls today?" I dont even think he realizes he's very outnumbered.

I am going to call Mr. Hobbs (copycat Nie-inspiration blogger) to see if he wants to have lunch.
Off to dentist appt. after school.
And of course dinner time will creep up on me. . . I have got to get better at cooking dinners! I looked at this "sweet" website earlier www. bakerella.com Cute pictures!

Talk later,

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