Saturday, October 11, 2008

{An Amazing Bond}

After reading Sherry's post (I would create a link if I knew how) it made me think how I am in the same boat. Carson (Clayton & Lily only on occasion) is the only one that runs to the door when I get home or pick him up from school. He wants to be around me (like right now he is sitting at my feet). . . It is such a roller coaster of emotions watching your children grow. It can bring sad thoughts, but yet it brings you so much joy and happiness. I think of when I will send my "baby" to K. I could be an emotional wreck! I am sure it will be yet another sad/happy milestone. All I know for sure is that Gods creation of Moms, children, the bond, and love he created us to feel is amazing.

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Sherry said...

It is so amazing. Having only 2 of the 4 home last night, I thought would be fun, exciting, easy....I couldn't stand it. It was quiet and peaceful but I kept thinking about the other 2 and wondering if they were having fun or missing me,etc. Something was definately missing! Dane said something about me enjoying them being gone and I told him I couldn't really enjoy it b/c it felt like something was missing. He smiled real big. I think it made him feel good. :0) The older I get, the more sappy I get and I cherish each moment/day just in case there wasn't another.