Sunday, October 12, 2008

{Searching for Something}

I asked some of my friends today at church about "Love Dare" , sounds like a really good thing. Surely I can be nice to Mr. Hobbs for 40 days. . . that seems like such a small task to do for the one person that has devoted his whole life to me and the kids. And for the small price of $10 I don't think I can go wrong.

I hope you all able to worship somewhere today. Our church had the "Watchmen" ministry come today and educate us on various "New Age" and cults. It saddens me to know that so many people are searching for something (anything and anybody!) to be believe in. People need the Lord and the HOPE that only comes from him. I live in a bubble. . . which is a double edge sword. It is nice to be surrounded by Christians where everything is bright and shiny, but it makes it easy to forget about lost and hurting people. I am sorry. I want to lead people to the Lord. I want people to know the "Good News" they need so badly.



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Katie said...

Hey Tonia,
I loved the movie!! It was awesome, talk about crying. I don't live in a bubble anymore that is for sure. I love it here but it has been a struggle to find a church home, I think we finally have. Around here it seems that most people are newer christians so the messages try to be seeker type messages which is great for the new christian. We have decided to serve this type of church and hope we can help some non believers or new ones. At first it was easy to judge these churches( we miss FB) but I realize I was just like them at many times in my life when it was new to me. Many of my neighbors do not know God or even care. It can be sadding but I least I can try to invite them and talk to them. Hope your doing well, thanks for stopping by my blog.