Wednesday, October 1, 2008

{Slow Cooker Day}

I love that saying! Of course, those of you I have confided in about this whole "Blogging World" (that sucks you in like a kid sucking helium from a balloon) know where I got that line!!
AHHHH'!! Regardless of my copycattin' that is so how I feel sometimes. Where is the motivation to get this housework done? I will be sorta' busy tomorrow tying up some loose ends at church, but by tomorrow afternoon I should be able to get my house fresh and squeaky clean.

  • Mr. Hobbs has drill this weekend.
  • Kids are healthy, again. For now. . . thank you, Lord.
  • Closed on Little Yellow House today.
  • I am looking forward to no school on Friday.
  • Still haven't made it to the fabric store!
  • Wondering what Clayton and Lily's teacher will say at PTC tomorrow night.
  • Wonder what Carson will wear for his MDO pictures?
  • Wonder if Shannon would notice if I brought my whole family? LOL!

Well, those are all the highlights on my mind right now. . .

Talk Later.



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