Tuesday, October 14, 2008

{Thank you, Mr. William Tyndale}

Today was my accountability group and I didn't have to confess that I had spent more time on the computer than in Gods Word. That was a good feeling. Have you ever learned or did a Bible Study where they call the Bible a "Love Letter" from God. Isn't that such a truth. All our needs. All the answers. "All and All" from the "All and All".

I also learned a little about this William Tyndale fellow. He is considered to be the true father of the English Bible because his English translation was derived from the original Hebrew and Greek, and it was printed rather than copied. His desire was to promote Christian growth and effectiveness in the lives of all people. His lifespan was 1494-1536, by the way. Long story short his work became known and was forbidden by authorities. The first printing of the New Testament in English was completed in Worms in 1526. Within a month, copies made their way to England, smuggled in barrels and other containers of merchandise. The church was incensed and burned as many copies as it could find. Tyndale continued his work of translation and printing until Emperor Charles V declared him a heretic and condemned him to be executed. William Tyndale was strangled to death and then burned at the stake in 1536. His last words were, "Lord, open the King of England's eyes." It is a privilege that I can have my own Bible to open, read, and study whenever I choose. My question for the day was . . .

What needs to change in your own life for you to appreciate the importance and value of the Word?



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