Friday, October 24, 2008

{A Hobbs Friday Night}

Friday nights are supposed to be spectacular in some sort of way...maybe I just remember that theory from when I was younger. But Mr. Hobbs is working, Lily is at a friends, so it is just me and the boys. We went to p/u the JEEP from the shop, Target, KFC, The Secret Nook, gas station, and that's about it. I love taking the boys shopping. It is good for their little souls. I am trying to teach them early about the power of a good color choice. The best part of this Friday night by far is listening right now to them playing "Battleship" with Lego guys.
I miss Lily. I am glad she is with a friend having fun, but I really don't like it when she is gone for what seems like forever. She ads fire to the salsa. Lily, she is my best girlfriend ever!! There is NOTHING better than when we both laugh so hard together.
Have a great weekend!
Please pray for Angela, Aimee, and Amanda. . . three ladies with new sweet babies.
Love, Tonia

P.S. My Grandma is still hanging in there.


Sherry said...

Did you find anything at the Secret Nook? I was just there this week. ;0)

Tonia Hobbs said...

Well, let me paint the picture. . . It was 5:15, I had two boys with me, and the two semi-sweet ladies were sorta wondering what I was thinking. . .I could just feel it. They close at 5:30 so I just knew they werent interested in staying a second over for me! BUT I really loved the metal dish towel holders. I think I will go back BY MYSELF and grab one. I am in the market for a needle point pheasant pillow that isnt $255. Joan at Now and Then is supposed to be getting one in at least there she has lay a way. Is it a critical need for this chair I have. Also, are you interested in selling things for other people on e-bay for a % of the profit. My sister-n-law was looking for someone. She said she knows you, DeAnna Rouse.
Have a great day!

Sherry said...

I could maybe help her figure it out....depends on what she has in mind to sell.

About the pillow, have you checked ebay for them? I sold a floral one a while back.

I missed the towel holders...will have to check those out!

I'm speaking at MOPS a week from Wed. regarding selling on ebay. Can you come?

Tonia Hobbs said...

I am still trying to figure out where in the world I am supposed to reply to comments at, but anyways this will do for now! I am not sure what in the world she is wanting to sell! I will find out. She did mention a purse and sunglasses.
I should say tea towel holder for the bathroom or kitchen counter. . . I bet you seen them. I just didnt describe them very well.
I did see two on ebay min. bid $255! Yikes!
That is wonderful you are speaking at MOPS. I never seem to get around to going! I hope it goes well! You are so sweet to read my blog! Talk Later!