Friday, November 7, 2008

{Friday Night Date}

Well, hello sweet computer. Looks like its you and me again. . . .since Mr. Hobbs is at work.
I met A at CiCi's (that place can be really interesting) and swung-in BJ-Maxx (as Buddy says) and then took the trek over to Lavaca to the in-laws. You know, I don't know why I don't go over there more often. They are hilarious. The Mrs. Hobbs has been sewing for Lily. She made some of the sweetest things. I would provide pictures but I have lost yet another memory card. . .

A special thank you to K, M, and S! I found the nicest surprise on my desk from you guys. That was so kind of you all. I will enjoy picking out something from Target. . . what a sweet treat from three sweet friends.

By the way, please don't look at my ROOTS Sunday! Due to all the circumstances in my life lately I have had to cancel 2 hair appts. It is not a pretty site! Just so you wont worry I have yet another appt with A on Wed!
I'll be there with bells on!!!

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