Saturday, November 22, 2008

{Thank you nice people at fabric store}

I just got home from Fayetteville. I decided to leave Friday eve. and we stayed in hotel with indoor pool for kids! Yippee! Fun! Yippee!
Anyways, i am tired.
I've got good news and bad. I am not at all impressed with Fabric Gallery (Sorry). Fabric - nice. Service - not so nice. Because I needed HELP!! But I found just the perfect store with just the perfect samples of the beds! I cant remember name, and its in the car, and its cold outside. So I'll share later! Just think . . . brown velvet with a monogrammed French Script "H". . . .
Love, Tonia

P. S. I will have to try to zip up to Creative Kitchen and check out the book Shannon is talking about! Top 5 fav store!!!

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Sherry said...

Sounds fun and I can't wait to see the headboard style! I have officially started decorating the first of 5-7 indoor trees. I ran out of something so I can't finish it tonight! :0(