Tuesday, November 18, 2008

{To connect or not to connect?}

Within the last couple of weeks I have had a few people try to re-connect with me.
One whom I have some issues with, One whom doesn't know me very well, but thinks she does, One whom I have completely no control over what so ever.
I have decided one of the stinkiest things is being misunderstood. Okay, after saying all of that I need to say in advance this post probably isn't going to make any sense and probably could be down right weird.
Anyways, I am still reading Crazy Love, but in addition I am reading a book about dying in 30 days and I have just allowed myself to get completely overwhelmed with emotion and feelings. Sometimes making things right is hard. Well, I think all the time making things right is hard. Especially when its so much bigger than us. Way bigger than me! Just pray for me. Pray that God with grant me the wisdom I need to complete these three races with grace. I will no doubt need to pull from my reservoir. Find it in me to be Christlike. I know I can because I have the Holy Spirit. Stuff is just bugging me right now, for lack of better words.
Thought for the day from my book:
Most of us, if we knew we only had one month to live, would live differently. We would be more authentic about who we are and more deliberate about how we spent our time. But such a contrast begs the question: what keeps us from living this way now?
Love, Tonia

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Sherry said...

Thanks for sharing. I love the quote. Glad you're back...or, I'm back...couldn't see your blog for a while!