Friday, December 26, 2008

{61, going on 25}

I caught the end of SS interview with Larry King Live the other night . . . seriously sparked my interest. Didn't think much more about it until I went to the library the very next day and I seen it in the "new book" section and I wasn't even looking for it. So I checked it out and have been trying to process as much as possible. I must confess one of the next two scenarios is true:
1. I am not smart enough to understand anything she is talking about.
2. I seen the book and interview for a reason and I am supposed to walk away with some sort of

It is just very confusing to me. Hormones, injections, toxins, drugs, no drugs, chemicals , etc.

If you have time, get the book (warning: its small print and thick), and skim through it at the least, and see what ya' think. I am more than half way through. . . some of the things she does seem unreachable, but some things seem simple and WAY NECESSARY for our health. But hey, the chic is 61, and looks 25. Obviously she is doing something right.
Good Luck. Report back soon.
Love, Tonia

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