Thursday, December 18, 2008

{Travis Robinson}

I would like to say a little more about the Robinson Family. If you go to and go to prayfortravis. I would create the link for you if I knew how. But anyways, If you can read Travis' Dads prayer for today. It made be sob. I couldn't stop crying. A short time after reading it a child threw up here at MDO, and I was GLAD to help clean it up, for I just wanted to do something for a child. I just cant grasp how they must feel. He starts off his prayer, "This is the worst day of my life" and that is something that must be so true. I am rambling trying to put my feelings on this post, but I cant . . . I am just so so sorry for their loss. I hate cancer. I hate what cancer does. I don't even like to use the word "hate" but it just is the best word I can think of.
Focus, Tonia. Focus, on what really matters.
Love, Tonia

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Katie said...

I prayed for Travis and his family a couple years ago and thought of them many times since. From the way your message sounds it sounds like he is dying, or is passing soon. I'm so sorry. Little things in our life don't seem so big when things like this happen to our children. Our story with Drew is nothing when he was a baby but God used it to change a lot of thoughts in my life. May God be praised through this pain.
Katie <><