Thursday, January 15, 2009

{2009 Prayer Challenge}

Rae is all the buzzzzz . . .

As most of you know Rae has been my mentor or accountability partner for several years. At some point were had a discussion about prayer. I think we were talking about being certain we pray for the person we say "I will pray for you" to. Very, very, important thing to follow through.

One of my most favorite thing to do is pray for someone and send them a card to tell them I did so.
Rae, of course, challenged me to do a little better.
She says, "Tonia, why don't you tell them specifically what you prayed for them about?" So instead of "I prayed to for you today" I say what I prayed about. I think it is just another way of being INTENTIONAL (one of my most favorite words).

In 2009, I would love to pray for you specifically about 2 things. Any 2 things at all. Nothing is unimportant. Nothing is trivial. You tell me. I will do it.

Prayer is powerful, especially when it is done together. . . .

Here are my two:

1. I want to lead someone to Christ in 2009.
Are you thinking, only 1, read page 203-One month to Live.
2. More action, less words. Everyday quite time.

Just let me know . . . we can all do this together.

Love, Tonia

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