Tuesday, February 17, 2009

{Praying for you S.W.}

This morning it only seems fitting for my post to be about sweet Noah Walker. Noah is such a doll. I will never forget last year at the Spring Fling my kids ran out of tickets and Noah says, "Here, you can have mine." I just teared up at such a gracious and kind spirit in him. It takes some of us years to be so giving and selfless. He has a big head start. God is going to use him in a mighty-mighty way.

My heart is so heavy for them. Each mile they drive they get closer to knowing what is in store for them. They have had some unbelievable hardships to overcome. Some that would or could cause you to question God. . . but they don't. They consider all things a blessing just as the Word says. I don't know alot, but one thing I know for sure is God has a plan and a purpose for the Walkers. I can already see how God is using their hardships to bless others. They handle all that has come their way with grace. They are kind-hearted. Generous. Loving.

Even amongst all the "turmoil" around them there is just some extra special feeling you get when you are around them.

God uses people who can help themselves and still be willing to do ANYTHING for ANYONE at ANYTIME. . . that describes The Walkers.

Pray for a miracle for them today.
Love, Tonia


Mischelle Coston said...

Amen! Well-said! They are a blessing to us all, for sure.

Shannon said...

Okay, now I'm reallllllly crying! We definitely got our answered prayer today!!!! and, we could not be more thrilled! I just cannot thank everyone enough.

And, I don't even know how to respond to your sweet words other than a thank you. I don't feel like that the majority of the time, but, I'm determined to use all of this in a positive way!

Thank you soooooo much!