Thursday, March 19, 2009

{I am better, but OUCH!}

Hello! Thank you all for you thoughts and prayers while I have been away! I have been so sick. I am feeling much better. I still tire very easily but for the most part I am back in the game. I went yesterday and seen Dr. White for my millionth chest x-ray (more on that later) and it looked real good.

We have moved into the house. Moved. . .not settled. Really though, we don't have alot more to do. Mr. Hobbs has pretty much done everything because I just wasn't able. But that wont hurt him. Right? That sort of thing is good for them.

I discovered yesterday while I was getting ready to go to the doctor that I needed to shave the armpits. . .I have no razors. . .or couldn't find one if I had to, so I was desperate because I knew I would have to raise my arms for the x-ray. Anyways, I decided to use Mr. Hobbs electric razor out of desperation. I TORE MY ARMPITS UP!!! I HAVE BEEN IN THE WORST PAIN FOR TWO DAYS. Oh my goodness! So in lu of housewarming gifts please bring me a Venus.
Love, Tonia

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Erin said...

You are totally cracking me up! I'm so happy you are in your house. And next time you need a razor, just come by, I have a closet full! HA!