Tuesday, April 14, 2009

{Dear Friend}

Do ever wonder what people really think of you?

How you are perceived?

A good cook, full of kindness, a gossip, a good mom, a fast talker, trendy, hard to get to know, lazy, smart, funny, Godly, honest, respectful, tough, thoughtful, heartless, ruthless, vain, a pushover, back-stabber, tattle-tell, talented, organized, nice, not so nice, a servant, a good wife, trustworthy, a follower, a snob, a good leader, Christian, lost soul, picky, loving, judgemental, conceited, friendly, pushy, loud, overbearing, opinionated, helpful, dishonest, materialistic, humble, generous, timid, shy, or aggressive.

Even though I am a Christian, and I know all that matters is what God thinks of me. Amen. I still wonder and care about how I am perceived. I get upset with myself when I fall short of what I should be. I confess daily for being any of the above negative adjectives from time to time. I am in constant "training mode" to guard my thoughts and my mouth. . . and low and behold sometimes I lose it. I say a thought that I shouldve kept to myself. Where is my discipline? What am I thinking? The Bible says that I can do all things through Christ, and I am sure that means keeping my mouth shut too.

So friend, please don't give up on me. I really do mean well. I know I wont ever "arrive" until I go to Heaven, but I will strive everyday to be Christlike. I want to be a friend to all, and I know that isn't possible. I really don't think it is even Gods plan. I do know that we are to love one another. To love one another regardless of our differences. I want to be a source of encouragement for the bad days. I don't ever want to be the one who causes someone to feel hurt. Words hurt. I know. I have been on the receiving end . . . recently. And it hurts. Lord, help me to always be helpful and not hurtful.
Lord, help me to be a friend to anyone who needs one.
Lord, I want to be a breath of fresh air. A good listener. A kind spirit.
Thank you, my friend. Thank you for loving me despite my "human feelings".



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