Tuesday, April 21, 2009

{Good-nite Tuesday}

  • I picked up kids.
  • I played referee on the way home (everybody on edge after school . . .).
  • I took sheets out of dryer & put on the bed.
  • Tried to clean trash out of the Jeep before it drove itself off.
  • I fixed snacks.
  • I recycled my pony-tail from this morning. Put hat back on.
  • Loaded up kiddos - off to batting cages.
  • I held my breath the whole time praying my little ones wouldn't walk on covered pool, or kill themselves on tree house.
  • I kicked myself for ordering Clayton's baseball uniform at least 7 times to big. . .I hope we are on the same team with the same number when he is 18.
  • I didn't eat cereal . . . visited a local eatery. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. . .
  • I gave baths.
  • I brushed teeth.
  • I led devotion. Our verse, ". . . set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in faith and purity." 1 Timothy 4:12 (good stuff)
  • I made a few more phone calls.
  • I spoke to Mr. Hobbs (told him I love him & be safe) I tell him to "be safe" alot.
  • I sent a text.
  • I decided I want that silver vase.
  • I repented for saying something ugly & thinking a bad thought (which I may or may not think again tomorrow).
  • I am going to do a little more "nursery work", take a bath, blog-surf, and go to bed.
  • I am tired.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Love, Tonia

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